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I spent the night in Edwards room, which was fortunately next to Gabriel's, talking to him about things we remembered about our human life, what we would have done if things went differently. I had already said that I would have settled down and had kids.

"So what would you have done?" I asked.

"Well, I would have done exactly the same, only with one little difference. I would have proposed to you" I blinked at his last statement. He would have proposed? We could have been engaged? I instantly felt a flicker of rage at the way things had turned out.

"Bella" he said, putting one finger under my chin, forcing me to look at him. "I will never forgive myself for not proposing when we were human, but I don't regret being where we are today. We wouldn't have Carlisle or Esme, who –let's face it- are the best people we know. I love you and we wouldn't have each other if we weren't what we are. Please cheer up" I nodded my head and pressed my lips against his. Edward began to nuzzle my neck, kissing my collar bone. I instantly felt myself relax. I couldn't be human again, but I could have Edward. Our conversation was interrupted by Rosalie coming through the door with a pout on her face.

"We're having a family meeting before Gabriel wakes up"

I looked at Edward who nodded and took my hand to lead me downstairs. We placed ourselves next to Alice and Jasper on the couch and curled up to listen to what everybody had to say. Rosalie began.

"Okay. First off, we need to discuss hunting. Jasper and Bella you're both new to this, you should go hunting at least three times a week, and the rest of us every week. If you're not happy then speak now or don't say anything." Jasper put his hand up like a little kid in school. Rosalie nodded her head towards him.

"Can't we just hunt when we feel we need to hunt?"

"That's the whole point. If you feel you need to hunt you're more likely to lose control. Okay we done? Now, secondly we need to sort out what we tell him. I-WE don't want him freaking out."

"Well when he wakes up we'll introduce him, let him settle in and then after a few days we'll tell him. If he wants to know more about us then we'll answer his questions." I told them. Rosalie nodded and smiled at me.

"Okay, that's sorted. Oh we have food, toiletries and clothes sorted for him. Emmett and Jasper went and picked them up, obviously Alice picked out clothes." She told me. Waving a hand to whomever she was talking about. Group vote decided that I should go to him when he wakes up so that we don't overwhelm him.

"Bella, you have been wearing that outfit for two days straight, you are changing. Now" Alice chirped sharply. She grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to her room where she grabbed a door to the right to unveil a huge walk-in wardrobe almost as big as the room itself. She went rooting through bags and hangers and drawers and found a pair of black skinny jeans, a lilac blouse and a pair of deep purple flats, and amazingly the outfit fit and flattered my figure.

"Thanks Alice" I said as I put them on. I went to walk out of the room when I was forced to freeze mid-step when Alice screeched to me.

"Stop right there. Where do you think you are going?"

"Downstairs?" she gasped in shock. "What did I say?"

"We haven't even begun to do your hair and makeup! Let alone sort out what kind of products will work best" before I could even ask why I needed those Alice had dragged me into her bathroom.

"Now, your hair I can sort out pretty quickly, I'll make a crown of braids. Then makeup I can sort because of what you're wearing…" I sat in a chair in her bathroom trying to be patient while she gave me a makeover. She had made a braid all around my head then left the rest the wave down my back. Then for my makeup she had managed to get the exact same shades of purple as my blouse and shoes. After half an hour of 'pampering' I was done and was allowed to go back downstairs.

Edward gasped when I appeared by his side and smiled.

"Thanks Alice" I said, knowing she would hear me.

"It's okay. I knew he would like it" I heard her voice from upstairs. Before I could say anything back to Alice my lips were stopped by his soft lips on mine. I kissed him back, not wanting to let go. But Edward broke our embrace to speak.

"Rosalie wants to talk to you. She wants to officially meet you"

"Okay, sure, she seems nice enough"

We both walked into the kitchen to meet with Rosalie and Emmett. Edward and Emmett almost immediately began joking at the other's expense. Rosalie and I watched the guys for a sec but got bored.

"Hi, I'm Bella" I said, holding out my hand which she took with a smile.

"Rosalie. It's nice to finally meet you. I realised that you've been living in this house for more than 14 days and I haven't actually gotten to know you"

"I feel exactly the same. So, what do you want to know?"

We talked for a couple hours about what kind of people we were. Rosalie was very maternal, so I'm not surprised she was so eager to keep Gabriel protected. We discussed our school story and decided it made sense for me to become a Hale, a younger sister of Rosalie and Jasper's so that Edward and I could be together at school.

I heard a mumble and grunt coming from Gabe's room and I immediately ran to his room to see if he was okay. I popped my head around the door to see him looking around the room confused.

"Hey sleepy head" I greeted him with a smile. "How do you like your new room?"

"Wait, this is mine? Wow" was all he stated as his eyes scanned the room. I came and sat on his bed.

"Shall we go meet everyone?" I asked, he nodded his head in reply and I left the room for him to get dressed. After a few minutes he opened the door and I took his good hand to lead him to the lounge. He caught his breath when he walked into the big open room. I smiled down at him. He would fit in very well here.

"This is Emmett, you've already met him. He's Edward's brother" I said as Emmett came bustling in from the kitchen. Emmett knelt down and smiled at him.

"You're the big guy!" he said pointing to him wide eyed.

"Yup that's me. How's your wrist?"

"Alright" he replied, cradling his arm. Just then Esme and Rosalie came bouncing into the room.

"Hello Gabriel I'm Esme. It's nice to meet you" she beamed and shook his little hand.

"Hey. You're Edward's mom right?" he asked. Esme replied with a nod. I looked at Rosalie, who looked sad that Gabe wasn't paying any attention to her.

"And this is my sister Rosalie, and Emmett's girlfriend" I said, Rosalie smiled at me gratefully before bending down to greet Gabriel.

"You're very pretty" he said shaking her hand. Rosalie laughed and ruffled his hair.

"Why thank you. You're not so bad looking yourself sweetness" she replied with a wink.

Edward came and joined us but he didn't need any greetings, he just came and wrapped his arms around me while Gabe smiled at him and said "Hey Edward" After that there were only three people left for Gabriel to meet.

Alice came dancing in first, shortly followed by Jasper, then Carlisle.

"Hello Gabriel. I'm Alice, Edward's sister" she chimed.

"Hey. You were with Edward in the forest when Bella found me."

"Yes I was" she laughed. "And this is my hus-boyfriend Jasper, he's Rosalie's twin brother and Bella's brother" she said before darting to Esme's side. Jasper looked a little scared, but he seemed in control. He shook Gabe's hand and smiled slightly before going to Alice's side.

"Dr. Cullen!" Gabe exclaimed.

"Hello Gabriel" Carlisle smiled warmly at the little boy.

"You're Edward's dad?" he asked, a little confused.

"Yes I am" Gabe nodded and waved at him before Carlisle went to the other side of Esme and held her hand.

"Gabriel, are you hungry?" Edward asked. Now he mentioned hunger, the burn in the back of my throat was becoming unbearable.

"Speaking of hunger" I mumbled so low only the vampires would hear. Then I looked at Jasper and smiled. "Jasper would you like to go visit the police station with me? We can sort out things with Gabriel's father?" Jasper nodded and followed me out the front door.

"Okay first, we hunt, then we sort out school, we haven't been for two weeks. Then we go to the police. If we want to keep Gabriel we need to sort everything."

"We need a story that will link to the police and school. We only found him two days ago, we can't tell them different stories or we'll mess up" I thought long and hard for a few seconds.

"Hmm, your right" then I had an idea, I clicked my fingers "Edward told you our original story right?" Jasper nodded "Well maybe we can use that, only make it slightly different. There weren't four of us playing tennis; there were seven of us hiking for a couple weeks. Then Emmett and I heard a crying on the way back home and went to investigate. We found him and Edward, Emmett, Alice and I bought him straight to Carlisle while Esme, you and Rosalie stayed home in case someone came to look for him."

"Sound's valid, it works for both too." I breathed a sigh of relief as we jumped over the river. I managed to find a few deer and a mountain lion, which decreased the burn in my throat. We were about to go back when three silhouettes appeared a few hundred yards away. Jasper snarled and crouched defensively towards the shadows.

"Bella, get down" he growled, I did what he asked and stooped defensively. The silhouettes then became three huge bear-size wolves. My eyes widened at the size of them. Jasper straightened.

"You broke the treaty!" he growled to the wolves who in return growled back. What the heck was going on?

"Bella, go get Edward"

"What are they?"

"Just go get Edward!"

"Can they hurt us?"

"YES! Go get Edward"

"That's three against one, I'm not leaving you Jazz"

Jasper closed his eyes, sending a wave calm that made me feel real sleepy. The wolves growled but then yawned collapsed in a giant heap of sleeping wolves. I decided Jasper would be safe for a minute or so, so I ran to house as fast as I could, trying to keep my calm.

As soon as I got to the door I burst through. "Edward!" I yelled, he came running down the stairs with Gabriel in his hands.

"What's up?"

I decided not to freak the eleven year old in Edward's hands, so I projected my thoughts to him.

I don't exactly know for sure, I just saw wolves, BIG wolves and Jasper said something about a treaty? He said to go get you. He made the wolves feel sleepy but I don't know how long it will hold. He needs you.

Edward frowned and nodded. He handed Gabriel to Rosalie, who looked worried, but as soon she held Gabe her face softened.

"We'll be back soon, we've just got to sort something out don't worry. Carlisle! Emmett! Alice! We have to go!" Emmett came down the stairs looking confused, as did Alice and Carlisle. "I'll explain outside." He grabbed my hand and the five of us got to the drive before Alice shrilled.

"Where's Jasper! What's happening?"

"Alice calm down. Werewolves broke the treaty. We don't know why they're here, and Jasper has made them tired so they won't attack him, he told Bella to come fetch us. Bella lead the way." I nodded resolutely before running in Jasper's direction. After a few seconds we were over the river and facing three sleepy wolves with Jasper.

"What's happening?" Edward said quietly.

Alice answered, only she didn't talk to Edward, she spoke to the wolves. "My husband Jasper has a special ability, he can control your emotions, right now he's making you feel calm and tired" I was still confused. My face must have shown that because Emmett smiled and walked over to me.

"Don't worry, Edwards just reading their thoughts and voicing them. Kind of like an interpreter"

"What are they?" I asked, pointing to the huge wolves.

"Well. They're werewolves. We came across an elder pack before we met you, Alice and Jasper. They kill our kind to protect humans and others in the pack. We were hunting when they saw us, but we managed to convince them we were different and we wouldn't hurt anyone. They said they still didn't trust us enough, so they made a treaty, they wouldn't attack or expose us if we stayed off their land and vice versa, and if we killed or turned someone then the treaty would also be broken that way."

"You broke the treaty!" Jasper hissed again.

"No we didn't, you did! You turned the girl, and then you had the boy too. Jared saw it from the border." Edward accused for the wolves. A big black wolf managed to stand up. "I am the alpha, Sam. You broke the treaty, we have every right to be here" Jasper, Alice, Emmett and I laughed, and once Edward was finished interpreting so did he, but Carlisle was still very much serious.

"The boy is still human and very much alive, he tried to commit suicide but Bella found him. His father abused him so we decided to take him in" he promised. Edward began to translate again.

"What about the girl?"

"I was turned about, oh, one hundred years ago by a vampire called Kristi. I came here for their help. I want to stop drinking human blood" I answered for myself.

"You do know that once you are a Cullen you belong under the treaty" a huge russet wolf stood and looked directly at me, his big brown eyes filled with hate and disgust. "I am Jacob, I'm second in command. If you take this haze away we can go back to our side of the border, we apologise, but you must realise what it looked like to us."

Alice answered this time "Yes, we do. We also apologise for bringing you to believe the treaty was broken, but there was no foul play here." She chirped from next to Jasper. She turned and nodded to Jazz.

"Thank you, we will return to our homes now" Edward answered. This time I was unsure who was speaking out of the wolves. They all turned and ran back to where they presumably lived. Edward turned to the five of us with a slight smirk before coming to my side to peck me on the cheek.

"We should go back home. Let Esme and Rose know we're safe" Carlisle suggested. We all nodded our heads. It was only morning but we'd already had enough of today. When we came through the door we were greeted by three happy faces. Esme walked over with Gabriel, who slung his arms around my waist. Then Rosalie and Emmett came together.

Thirty minutes later it was like nothing happened. Esme was busy cooking breakfast for Gabriel, while Carlisle was in his study reading and Edward and I were in the kitchen sat next to our newly adopted member of the family. I dreaded having to tell this boy I was a monster. Maybe he wouldn't see it like that; maybe he would accept us as vampires. I hoped so.

It was Sunday afternoon so Edward and I decided to go to the station and sort out a school for Gabriel to go to. He had told us during breakfast that he didn't like his school. But with Forks being such a small town, it was difficult to find a close school that wasn't the one he already went to.

We went to the police station first so that we could officially have him become a member of our family. Carlisle and Esme were with us. Jasper and Alice had gone to visit a Mr. J. Jenks. Rosalie and Emmett were with Gabriel, and I trusted them.

We got to the door of the station and entered quietly. Carlisle went to the counter and after a few minutes the police took all four of us through a door with a couch, a coffee table and a few chairs. The blinds were a mouldy yellow colour and the walls were an off green.

"Okay, so, Dr. Cullen, you said you found a boy trying to commit suicide?"

"Yes. I didn't find him myself. Bella, Edward, Esme and my four other adopted children were hiking. They were on their way back when they heard a crying out, Bella and Emmett went and found Gabriel, the child, and Edward, Alice, Emmett, and Bella brought him to me. I treated him and was going to send him home, but he begged me not to take him back, and Bella offered him our spare bedroom"

"Okay, hmm, did he say why he tried to commit suicide? Why he didn't want to go home?"

I decided to take over then. Carlisle knew a little, but I had been there.

"Yes, he confided a little in me. He told me when we found him that his father had always told him that he'd rather see his son's grave than look at Gabriel. He told him he was the devil's child, and that he didn't deserve to live. Then when we were in the hospital he told me his father would make him repeat those words, he would beat him if he didn't, and he told me his father knew what he was. A bad boy, devil child, he should live on the streets like his mother. He's eleven!"

The officer looked a little taken aback by my outburst, or maybe it was the story of this child. He looked down to his laptop and typed notes. I then saw him type Carlisle's name.


I placed my hand in Jaspers as we drove to Mr. Jenks' office. He knew we were coming, Jasper had rang ahead and told him what we were coming for.

"Are you sure he can get them ready. What if the police look into their records before we change them Jazz?" I felt a wave of calm hit me and fight with my panic. The panic was winning over the small piece of tranquillity, so Jasper sent me a stronger emotion; love. Almost immediately my thoughts were over taken by my love for my mate. I smiled gratefully at him for distracting me and squeezed his hand tighter. He was the light in my life a lot of the time. He was quiet around the family most of the time, but when we were alone in our own little bubble he was the sweetest guy I ever met.

We pulled up outside the building that held Jenks' office and Jasper let calm take over the love I felt, and I began to smile dopily. I held Jaspers hand and walked by his side.

"Why can't we all just get along? I mean Gabriel and his dad, they fought a lot right? Why can't they be happy together?"

"What are you talking about Alice? His father beat him"

"Oh, right, yep, we should get them together to talk about it."

"Alice, what happened?"

"I think you gave me too much calm" I said frowning slightly at how I felt. My mind knew what was happening, and it wanted me to stop, but I couldn't. "It's okay though, I'm not mad. I think you should take it away before I start singing cum bi ya." I said a little too calmly. I felt the wave of calm and love slowly flow away, and panic again began to ebb back into my mind.

"Sorry love, I didn't realise"

"It's okay. We just need to get those records sorted, now" and with that we went to see the scared looking office man and told him the names of the people we were planning to bring into our family. He signed a couple of sheets and handed them to me. I smiled and put them in my bag. Jasper had never brought me to see Mr. Jenks, but I moaned at him and he agreed to let me come with him this time. He wasn't very happy about it because he hadn't even brought a photo of any of us here let only us personally. He seemed shocked at my kindness then I saw how Jasper was with him and understood. I looked at Jasper and then to the scared man apologetically. He seemed to see what I wasn't saying as he smiled slightly before seeing us out of the door. I thanked him before following Jasper out of the door. He had said the records would come online within five minutes of scanning and processing. I secretly hoped that the others wouldn't be in trouble.


I watched, frozen as he typed Carlisle's name into the register. He had told the police I was his adoptive daughter, but legally that wasn't true. He frowned.

"Dr. Cullen, I think everything is in order. We will of course have to talk to Gabriel, we will come speak to him tomorrow. Will he be home?"

"Yes, he will be with my wife. He wants to stay with us, and I am willing to adopt him if he has no other family, I just do not feel it will be safe for him to go to his father" the policeman nodded in agreement. He got onto the phone to a woman named Roz. "Hey Roz, can you come by and visit a house with some adoption papers. There's a witness to an abusive attack who has adopted before, he will need a check obviously but I feel he's safe." He asked.

"Umm, Charlie, I don't think that's possible in one day, even if he has adopted before, if he's not related then the child can't stay there until they're approved."

"I know this man, and the kid wants to stay there too. Just do what you can." He put the phone down. I smiled thankfully at him. I could still have my little family.