Title: This Is How You Remind Me

Chapter 3: Untitled

Author: AminalLuv (Lauren)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the BtVS characters nor do I own the memories of the characters in the non-alternative reality, it all belongs to Joss Whedon et al. The title of the story comes from the Nickelback song of the same name.

Summary: A post Gift fic. Xander, Anya and Willow travel to an alternate dimension where demons do not exist. They plan to bring the AU Buffy back to their reality so that she can prevent the end of days. Will the thrall of this universe pull them in? Meanwhile Giles, Tara and Spike try to protect their world and Dawn who is once again the target of attacks.

Spoilers: Through The Gift (the season finale of season 5)

Rating: This fic is presently rated PG-13. If there are any parts I consider to be for more mature audiences I will label them accordingly.

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This Is How You Remind Me

Chapter 3: Untitled

She couldn't believe it.  She knew she never should have trusted that little tramp.  Buffy was in love with Xander.  They were engaged.  Buffy was going to steal Xander from her.

Anya glared vengefully at her lover.  "You're engaged?!   To Buffy?  I should  have known, you two were always way too close."

Xander rolled his eyes and then cocked his head to the side so that his mouth was close to Anya's ear. "I'm not engaged to Buffy, the…other me is.  You have nothing to worry about, I love you," he whispered.

Willow's mind was still racing.  Oz was still around.  Of course, he never would have left if it hadn't been for the werewolfiness.  And Xander!  With Buffy!  Engaged to Buffy.  But Willow pushed those thoughts as far back as she possibly could, which wasn't very far.  They'd been here for only a few seconds and they had already gotten themselves into massive amounts of deep water.  How could they explain this to Jesse?  What were they going to say?  Unless….that was it.  What did Jesse enjoy more than a good practical joke?

Willow forced herself to giggle and swatted the air in front of her as though she was brushing away all the words that had just been spoken.  "I can't believe you would think that we would cheat on Oz and Buffy.  I told Xander that you would never fall for it but I guess I was wrong."

Xander glared confusedly at Willow for a moment before he was hit with an epiphany.  Of course Willow was playing it off as a joke.  Why hadn't he thought of that?  Well it didn't matter now; all that mattered was that he play along.

Xander approached his bud and raised his right arm into the air.  Jesse automatically followed Xander's lead and did the same.  "Yeah, thanks man," the two men's hands made contact and their high five turned quickly into their boyhood secret hand shake.  "I knew I could count on the gullibleness of you.  But really, the reason we came was cause of Anya here.  We just thought the two of you would hit it off."  Xander gave Anya a slight shove towards Jesse.

"Umm, hi."  Anya extended her arm for a handshake before looking back over her shoulder to scowl at her fiancé.

"He-llo nurse!"  Jesse eyed Anya up and down.  "Thanks dudes."  He nodded to his two best friends.  "Now why don't you leave me and, Anya here, to get better aquainted, if ya know what I mean."

"An irrational monkey would know what you mean."  Anya mumbled.

"Huh?"  Did you say something?"  Jesse asked.

"It was nothing.  Would you excuse me for just…one moment."  Anya held up her index finger.  She turned around and walked towards the other two.

"You're not really going to leave me here.  Alone.  With him."  Anya growled after she had huddled her companions together.

"We have to.  We can't change our story again and since Doofus here decided to tell Jesse that we were setting the two of you up we have to go with it."  Willow threw an ice cold look Xander's way.

"Hey!  I am not a doofus.  Anyway, Jesse's a good guy and you'll be safe here with him until we figure something out."

"But he's all greasy and kind of…ookie." Anya whined.

"I promise Anya, he's a nice guy.  How about we meet you at the place where the magic shop should be in an hour.  Alright?"

"Fine!"  Anya grumbled and then turned back around to Jesse.


The sun dipped below the horizon taking the last of its rays with it.  All that was left of the light was a thin band of orange topped by an endless expanse of gray.  It wasn't enough to turn Spike into the dusty way of being and so the vampire emerged from his crypt.  He had been there for the past few hours since he had left the shop and he was getting antsy.  Now he could finally get out of those stone walls that had held him prisoner during the daylight hours.  He could do something, fight something, make himself useful. 

But he wasn't useful, that was the problem.  He was just supposed to sit around and wait for the others to bring Buffy back.  Well he would find something to kill, one less evil thing of the night walking around would at least make him a little useful.  Of course the irony of him being one of those evil things was never lost on him, but that didn't matter now.  What mattered now was whatever was walking behind those bushes.  His senses perked up and he stealthily followed the culprit.

He could see a vague outline of his stalkee.  It was fairly short, human looking.  He got a little closer, female.  A few more steps,  "Niblet?"

Dawn jumped and her hand went immediately around to the back waistband if her jeans.  She pulled a wooden stake out and charged her stalker.  She plunged the piece of wood at her the faceless shape but her arm stopped in mid thrust. 

"Well aren't we just a bitty-Buffy."  This time Dawn recognized the voice.  "Spike?  Oh my god Spike!  I'm so sorry, I could have killed you."  She hugged her friend.

"Yes, you were very intimidating too.  I was massively afraid for my unlife."  Spike rolled his eyes but it was lost in the darkness that had now completely taken over the sky.

"You're mocking me!  Don't mock me!"  Dawn released her grip on the vampire and put her hands on her hips.

"Yeah well you could have made yourself a tasty morsel for some unchipped undead thing.  What if I hadn't been me?  Does that stupid git of a watcher know that you're out here?"

Dawn relaxed her arms and smiled up at Spike.  "Giles?  Puh-lease.  He doesn't even let me go out in the day light."

"Then what are you doing out and about in this graveyard where evil things lurk?"

"The only thing lurking tonight is you and you're far from evil."

"Well you have one thing in common with big sis, you both know how to hit a vampire where it hurts.  I'm not all soft you know.  I'm also not all stupid so there will be no more dodging of the question."

"Fine, whatever, I'm just going over to Stacey's house." 

"Through the cemetery?"

"Shortcuts aren't supposed to be easy, if they were it'd just be the way.  Besides, if you're so worried about me, you can walk with me."  Dawn resumed striding through the necropolis.

"And you don't think Giles will notice that you're missing?"  Spike walked with her.

"Nah!  Willow usually checks up on me and since she's gone to LA, Giles'll probably not even think of it."


"Yeah, to shop for wedding stuff with Anya and Xander.  They are in LA aren't they?"

"If that's what the old man told you."

"Spike!"  Dawn said sternly.

"Better sit down little bit."  Spike motioned to a large boulder.

The two scoobies sat on the large rock.  The vampire began talking.  Revealing what he knew to the slayer's sister.  Sweet glorious information.  From its position behind a large oak tree the demon soaked up all of the bleached blondes words.


"Have you brought me anything useful?"  The elderly, white haired gentleman asked when his "associate" had entered the room.  It was the same room the man had occupied earlier with the telepath.  The psychic had been of no help but he had other minions working for him and if something had happened to any of the scoobies he hoped one of them would be able to tell him what.

"I have."

"Good, let me see."  At the elder's prompting the younger man approached the desk where his master sat.

"This was lying open on the table when I got there."  The man squeezed his eyes shut for a moment.  When he opened them a bright yellow light flashed and then dulled.  On the desk an image of pages from an ancient text were projected.

"Imanga.  Yes, Imanga is a very nice dimension indeed.  It would be a wonderful vacation getaway for them, though I very much doubt that is what they have planned.  Yes, this is interesting, very interesting indeed."  The old man pushed his chair away from his desk and stood up.  The younger man took that as his cue.  He blinked and the image went away.  

"Do you believe that is where they are going?"  The disciple asked eagerly stepping around the side of the desk.

"They are already gone."  The older man began pacing around the tiny cluttered room, behind him, his tale swung slightly back and forth.