Sam Manson was sitting in her basement, keeping perfectly still and listening to the rain hitting the ground outside.

She was in her black sweatshirt, and dark purple, fleece sweatpants.

Sam had been feeling really depressed recently.

Danny was going out with Valerie, and Sam had resorted to trying to ignore him.

Every once and a while when the pain was too hard to ignore, she would get the razor out of her cabinet and drag it across her wrist, then she would sit in the basement.

Today was one of those days.

It was December 31, New Year's Eve.

Danny had plans to be over at Valerie's house, which meant Danny wouldn't be kicking off the New Year with Sam.

Instead of calling Tucker to come over, Sam got into comfortable clothing, and sat in her basement to watch the ball drop on the big screen.

Sam spent the entire time visualizing Danny kissing Valerie when the clock hit 12 pm.

She shivered at the thought of it and touched her arm where she had cut herself.

Then she shivered for a different reason…

Sam's basement had suddenly dropped at least 10 degrees.

"Danny??" Sam yelled, knowing it could pretty well not be him.

"It's okay Sam, I'm here." Danny replied, materializing in front of her.

"why aren't you with Valerie? You only have 2 minutes until midnight!"

"I dumped her, Sam. I guess I realized she wasn't the girl for me. She doesn't love both sides of me" As Danny said this, he slowly wrapped one cold arm around Sam's waist. Then he whispered in her ear, "But I know someone who does."

Sam, knowing he meant her by now, gapped at Danny.

How did he just realize this!

After everything she's done for him… because of him.

Without thinking, she pulled up her sleeves revealing her few scars.

Now it was Danny's turn to be surprised.

"Sam… why?"

"I wish you had just realized sooner Danny, then I wouldn't have been hurting so much."

Tears started to leave tracks down her face.

"It's okay Sam, I'm here now, and I love you." Danny said this over and over to get her to stop crying.

The two sat there in silence, and soon the only thing you could hear was the count down.




Sam looked up into Danny's eyes, he was staring at her. All the love she had hidden from him came forward as they started to inch together…







closer still… Danny's hand brushed her cheek.




"happy new year Sam," Danny whispered as he closed the gap between them. All emotions came pouring out in that one kiss that both of them… whether they knew it or not… had been waiting so long for. Danny and Sam parted only from the lack of oxygen.

"A very happy New Year, Danny. I think it will be."

The new couple watched the closing ceremonies until Sam fell asleep in Danny's arms, knowing that he was hers, and it would always stay like that.


Hey that wasn't that bad… I didn't think I could do it.

A little depressing, but it had a happy ending at least!