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Jack walked slowly down the street toward Trinity High School, Will and Ellen beside him. He was slightly off to the side from his two best friends, kicking the same rock every few feet and thinking as he blocked out the two bantering.

Becka had welcomed Hastings with open arms the morning he had arrived, she had always had a soft spot for him after he had saved Jack's life last year. He got himself invited to dinner a few times and had spent a considerable amount of time with Ellen. And despite Aunt Linda's threat, Hastings continued to send him questioning looks, many times trying to corner him in hopes of discussing his offer in more detail.

But to Aunt Linda's benefit Hastings had left abruptly that morning, a week after his arrival. No one knew why.

"Jack," Will said, slinging his arm around the boy's neck and startling him out of his thoughts, "are you ready for your second-to-last first day of school?" He said this with a huge grin on his face.

This made Jack laugh, stepping onto the sidewalk entry way he replied, "So ready."

Like every year, classes on the first day were boring and unproductive. The teachers assigned seats, passed out books, and made threats that their class would be the hardest yet. Having already gone through the warning words for the past two years, it fell on deaf ears.

During lunch Jack found himself sitting at a table with Ellen, Will, and Fitch. He slowly ate his sandwich as he watched Will devour the two school lunches he had bought not five minutes ago.

"Don't choke." Ellen said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes.

Ignoring the comment, Will swallowed a large bite of chicken patty and turned to Jack, "I know you guys are probably busy and all, but do you think Hastings would work on my defense with me? I want to have a one-on-one match with someone not so predictable."

Jack put down the water bottle he had just drained and answered his friend. " First off, the only reason I'm so predictable is because we've played with each other since we were five. Plus, I don't remember that being the case when I kicked your ass last week. ..And secondly, Hastings is gone. He left this morning." As Jack said this he wondered if he should have left with him.

"He left?" Ellen asked surprisingly, "He didn't say anything to me about it."

Jack shrugged, "He's gone. That's all I know."

That night Jack sat on his bed, back propped against his head board and a calculus book resting on his bent knees. He was now in Calculus II, and his teacher had assigned the class a few problems to see what they remembered from last year.

As he started on his third question Jack couldn't believe how surreal school homework felt. Just last month he was fearing for his life, while also planning to take one at sword point, and now he was working out math problems! Who was he, Peter Parker?

He couldn't help but let his mind wander to the conversation he had with Hastings when they were in Cumbria.

"Will I be able to go home again? Afterward?"

"I don't know, Jack. That's probably a question for you to answer. You are already quite different from the boy who went to Coal Grove."

Jack sighed, shutting his math book with his loose leaf paper, half filled with problems, still inside. Maybe he should live solely in the Weir world, being some kind of run-away rebel with Hastings. That idea seemed like a good one…. until he thought about what life would be like living with the dark haired wizard. Unpleasant, to say the least.

Giving up on homework for the time being, Jack left his room and descended the stairs. As he entered the kitchen he saw his Aunt flipping through papers in that manila folder again.

"What're looking at?" The boy asked as he opened the freezer and pulled out a cartoon of ice cream.

He continued over to the utensil drawer when he heard Linda answer, "Nothing important."

Having his back still turned, he rolled his eyes as he heard the papers ruffle, returning to their rightful place in the shut folder. 'Because we all look at unimportant papers in secret.' he thought.

"How did school go today?" Linda asked, a master at steering the conversation away from herself.

"Honestly?" her nephew replied, eating a spoon full of chocolate right out of its container.

"Honestly." She confirmed.

Jack stared into his dessert, stabbing his spoon into it as he contemplated what to say. After a long pause he asked, "Would it be weird if I said being a normal kid feels strange?...I mean, I am glad everything's back to normal. It just doesn't feel quite normal anymore." He looked up at his Aunt as he finished, his eyes half squinted in confusion.

She gave him a partial smile, "It's gana' take some time, but you'll fall back into the routine. Just hang in there."

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