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Zim cleared his throat nervously, darting his eyes back and forth between Dib and the door, reluctant to move. He didn't want to go first either (or at all for that matter).

Watching Zim for a moment longer as he seemed reluctant to move until the rain stopped, Dib just sighed a bit. He doubted any bit of threatening or bribing would get the Irken moving. But what could he do about it? He had a feeling that even an umbrella would prove useless in this kind of weather.

When the alien settled his gaze back on Dib for what seemed like the millionth time in the last minute, Dib couldn't help but roll his eyes a bit. "What do you want me to do about it? Let you ride on my back?" he said just to inform the other that there was nothing he could do to control the weather or keep him from getting at least a little bit wet. It was in that moment that he seemed to have realized his mistake and groaned. He knew for a fact that the Irken wouldn't be moving on his own. He would have to be carried if he had any plans of making it back to his dorm room for the night. And Dib did NOT want to end up camping out in the campus library until morning if the rain even stopped by then.

So sighing in defeat, Dib handed back the original homework papers to Zim before kneeling down a bit. "Listen, Zim. If you want to make it back to your dorm room for the night then I suggest you climb onto my back and just hang on. Otherwise, I'm leaving you behind here. I refuse to sleep here in the library until morning just because it's raining." he said before turning back to face the door, offering the Irken one chance to climb onto his back before he left.

Zim still wasn't so sure how riding on Dib's back would help shelter him from the dreaded clouds above. However, Dib had longer legs, and could at least reach the dorm room faster than if he was lagging behind him. He didn't like the idea of going out alone anyway so it really didn't take that much persuading before the Irken was climbing up on his back.

Arms, now suited with that thick black leather coat, wrapped around Dib's neck tight, but not to the point he was choking him. Zim's legs wrapped around Dib's waist; Dib had to admit the alien was incredibly light. It might have been something to do with his Irken bone structure - but then again, he didn't look that heavy to begin with - at least Dib would have an easy load to carry.

At the back of his mind, Zim groaned at the thought: what if the human was just going to dump him onto the ground (or worse, in a puddle!) after they got outside? ...He'll just have to make sure he doesn't let go, if he tries!

"Kay." He grunted, indicating he was ready in an uncharacteristically small voice.

Wrapping his own arms around Zim's legs piggyback style, Dib took a moment to balance himself out. He wasn't used to carrying anybody on his back so it took him a moment adjust to having the Irken clinging so close to him.

Finally ready to go, Dib glanced behind himself at the alien. "Hang on tight and don't let those homework papers get wet. So long as you keep your head down under my trench coat, you should stay fairly dry." he said before turning his attention back towards the rain. With Zim pressed so close to him, he figured his own body would work as a shield against the rain hitting the front of Zim's body while his trench coat covered the aliens' back.

So waiting for what seemed to be just the right moment, Dib took a chance and darted out into the rain, running as fast as he could to reach their dorm building before he got too horrible soaked. Unfortunately, by the time he reached the entrance to said building, he found that nearly everything except his back was completely wet already.

Running inside, Dib tried to drop the Irken on the floor in the lobby, but Zim was hanging on tight. Feeling his weight shifting, Dib hardly had time to respond before crashing down underneath the alien. He was completely exhausted as he couldn't remember ever having run so fast in his life and with extra weight on his back no less. Sure, Zim wasn't heavy but Dib wasn't exactly the strongest person on campus either. He couldn't say that had been as easy as he had been hoping. The wind had been fighting against him the entire time and had, for the most part, been winning.

Panting heavily in an attempt to catch his breath, Dib looked up to see if the Irken had come out of it dry. "You alright?" Other than the crash landing he had endured from Dib trying to drop him as soon as they had gotten inside, the alien seemed to be fine. He didn't look anywhere near as drenched as Dib was.

Zim almost forgot about the papers he had in his hand due to the distraction of his own personal phobia. He'd had a great idea to keep the homework safe and sound. He simply reached back with one hand to tuck them away into a side storage port in his PAK.

Once he was finished, he'd tried to duck his head under the coat as much as possible, his cheek pressing against Dib's upper back. The sleeves were long enough to act as gloves too in order to cover his hands. It seemed as though he might get through this okay after all.

The second they had gone outside, Zim's heart sped up double its original speed. He was scared, and immediately cold. If he thought it was chilly before, the strong winds blowing against them was like invisible ice. At least that's how it felt to him and he still had a trench coat on!

He could feel the water pound against his back and near his head, beginning to dampen the leather and soak through. By the time they had made it back, Zim had gotten a little wet, but not nearly as much if he had tried to run back to the dorms on his own.

Still stricken with fear, even after Dib fell, he didn't seem to notice. He kept holding on, only realizing they weren't out in that bad weather when Dib spoke up.

Zim was shivering and breathing hard, dazed by the whole ordeal. He slowly started to peek his head out from under Dib's coat, and his arms and legs loosened off his body. He plopped down on the floor next to Dib, sitting up, and shedding the drenched coat.

"Yeah, I think so." Zim answered uncertainly, feeling a bit of an uncomfortable sting here and there, but nothing he couldn't handle.

To help distract himself, he reached back again, fishing into his PAK to pull out the homework. Sorting through it, he handed the original work back to Dib.

"There!" He strained to keep his voice steady, and confident as always, "You can change it so the teacher won't notice." He casually added, a knowing grin twitching at his lips despite how shaken up he remained.

Eyes widening at the Irken's words, Dib quickly reached out to take hold of Zim's wrist when he tried to make a bolt for the elevator. "Oh no you don't!" he yanked Zim back which just had the alien falling back down on top of him. Holding tightly to the Irken's wrist, Dib sent him another warning glare. "I'm not making any changes to anything! You are!" he said in a low voice before realizing the position they were both in now and blushing. Pushing Zim off of him rather forcefully, Dib sat up in place to have a good look around. At least nobody else was around. That would have been embarrassing had anybody caught them in that position.

When Dib had thrown them into such a precarious position, more or less suggestive really, Zim was far more concerned with the moisture on Dib's skin and clothes. From where he grabbed him, his green skin sizzled and he immediately squirmed like crazy to get off. It wasn't hard since Dib let him go, obviously something else bothering the Earthenoid in the process.

Zim climbed to his feet, looking resentfully at the human as he stuffed his copies into his PAK and tried to ignore the horrific burning up his stomach and arms. His PJ's were too wet for him to wear comfortably and he was determined to go change despite losing the argument; fine, he'd change the work. That wouldn't be hard, anyway.

Gripping his arms tightly, Dib did his best to warm himself back up as he was freezing cold now. That did little to help however as his clothes were dripping with water despite his best efforts to stay dry. It looked like he'd have change out of his pajamas and into something dry once he got back to his room. Even his trench coat had soaked almost all the way through as he reached out to pick it up before getting back to his feet, the Irken following him with a rather stubborn look on his face. At least he could head to bed as soon as he made it back to his room.

Entering the elevator with Zim at his side, Dib pressed the button for the floor they were on. Zim was crossing his arms and rubbing them soothingly. It didn't seem to help at all, if not make his tender skin worsen. He stopped, but unfortunately it seemed like he was going to be enduring his wretched attire even longer than he thought. As the elevator began its ascent up the first eight stories of the building, Zim and Dib could hear the storm outside still raging. Another loud thunder clap had Zim jumping again, his muscles tense. Dib paid him little mind however as the storm outside no longer bothered him due to the fact that they were inside the correct building now. That is, until like many things in his life, something went wrong.

The elevator they were in shuddered and came to a halt almost instantly, throwing them both off balance before everything went dark. "What the-?! What just happened?!" Dib asked frantically as he searched for the emergency call button in the dark. This wasn't happening. There was absolutely no way this was happening! They had only gone up about six stories when their elevator stopped and cast them into darkness. It was at that point that Dib concluded his life must be cursed or something.

"Ugh." Zim scowled, glaring in the dark at the obvious power outage. No doubt the fault of that horrific storm outside.

With his temper rising as well as frustration (and fear of the random cracks of thunder) he glared where he heard Dib's voice last; deciding then to take it out on him, as well as redirect the blame. "This is your fault!"

"What?! My fault?! How the fuck is this MY fault?! YOU'RE the one who was too lazy to do your own homework! If you had just done it on your own rather than insisting on making copies of mine then none of this would be happening!" Dib snapped back at him, his own temper rising even more. When he was having no luck of finding the emergency call button in the elevator, Dib couldn't help but let out a frustrated noise as he leaned back against a wall before sliding down to a sitting position. It didn't seem they'd be going anywhere any time soon. He could tell just by the sound of the storm outside.

Huffing out a tired breath, Dib scowled into the darkness at the spot he had last heard Zim's own voice coming from. "Great. Looks like we'll be stuck here for a while. Nice going, Zim." he said as he wrapped his arms tighter around himself. He was already freezing cold and the fact that the power was out wasn't helping their situation. Body shaking a bit, Dib did his best to huddle in on himself. It had to be one of the most uncomfortable moments he had ever experienced in his life. He couldn't believe he was trapped in an elevator with his worst enemy. Why did things like this always have to happen to him? Thunder sounded again only this time louder and Dib couldn't help but shiver a bit at the sound it made. While he didn't mind storms all that much, he did have a slight phobia of heights and given their situation, now would be the perfect time to panic.

When Dib mentioned, 'Nice going, Zim' it was Zim's turn to yell. "You know, you're one to talk, sniveling shit worm! If you wouldn't have made such a big deal about me taking your homework, or doing it FOR Zim, none of this would have happened either!" As if the human would ever actually do his homework for him -- not willingly, anyway. He had to be sneaky about it. But it seemed like a good reason to bark at Dib for anyway.

Zim sat down too, arms crossing over his thin chest before he hissed and unfolded them. His skin was still really sensitive and raw, sore from the damp weather and Dib's earlier actions.

"Thanks to you, I'm more wet now too." He huffed angrily in a pout; only able to hope the electricity would come back soon.

Pulling his knees up to his chest, Dib looked off to his side, not that he could see much else other than darkness. "I knew I shouldn't have helped you. I should have just left you back in the library to find your own way back to the dorm rooms! It just isn't worth it to do anything nice for you. Once a jerk, always a jerk." Dib rested his chin down on his arms. He knew he shouldn't have expected the Irken to be even the least bit grateful for letting him copy his homework or use his trench coat, but it still pissed Dib off that the other could continue to complain even after everything Dib had tried to do for him despite not being happy about it. But that was Zim for you. Never happy, even when he won.

Shifting his head so that now his cheek was resting comfortably against his arms, Dib blinked tiredly into the darkness. All he had wanted to do that night was take a warm shower and go to bed but instead all he had gotten was two cold showers in one night and absolutely no chance for escape from that horrid elevator.

Zim growled in his throat, annoyed by Dib's response. Why couldn't he just accept that he was wrong? The human was too stubborn for his own good, yet he was blind to these same traits inside of him.

"Yeah? Well you're--" Before he could finish, he ended abruptly with a yelp that had him pressing into one of the corners of the elevator. An ear shattering boom had nearly shaken the elevator but was quite enough to have the alien shivering where he sat.

He bit his bottom lip, cursing the weather inside his head, and shutting his eyes tight. He almost wished he would have done the homework now.

Jolting up a bit at the Irken's sudden yelp, Dib was quick to look around as though he'd actually see something in the darkness. "Wh...What happened?! Are you alright?!" he asked before he realized the reason for the other's loud cry. When he got no answer, however, he suddenly felt a shiver run all the way up his spine. It made him feel as though the other had just disappeared into thin air like people often did in horror movies.

Pulling his knees in tighter to his chest, Dib tried to make out the Irken's body in the darkness. But of course, nothing was visible to him at this point. "Z...Zim?" he asked in a shaky voice, hoping the alien would respond this time. It wasn't until he heard teeth chattering that he realized Zim was indeed still in the elevator with him. A bit too shaken to respond at first but there nonetheless.

Zim took his time answering Dib despite how physically, and mentally, he was shaken up. He just couldn't handle staying cooped up in this elevator like this, jumping every time it thundered outside. The stress it put him under made him think illogically as he followed Dib's voice, crawling swiftly across the elevator's floor.

Within a second later of him saying his name, arms were around Dib, bearing with how wet he felt, making his skin tingle unpleasantly. Contrary to his actions, he was swift to back himself up: "Stop being such a baby, sniveling worm! Zim's right here!" And he wasn't letting go anytime soon.

Jumping a bit at the Irken's sudden closeness and the sound of his voice right in his ear, Dib tried to muffle the slightly startled noise that had escaped from him the second he felt Zim wrapping his arms around him. Taking in a shaky breath and letting it out slowly, he soon began to relax again, leaning back against the wall of the elevator once again. And then, realizing how they must look right now, Dib blushed at the image he got in his head, only thankful of the fact that Zim couldn't see his face in the dark. He felt stupid for being so jumpy as he tried to regain back what little of his pride he had left with an answer to Zim's last words. "I...I just thought you were...Oh! N...Never mind..." he cursed himself in his mind when words failed to form sentences for him.

Letting out a slightly frustrated huff at the shakiness still in his voice, Dib decided to just remain quiet from then on. It wasn't until he felt the other shivering against his body that Dib finally spoke up again. "You...You're really cold..." he blurted out to Zim in a quiet voice.

"You're wet." He countered as though Dib had just insulted him. He didn't, but it was a clue as to why he was shivering, besides the fact he was cold.

Still, those stubborn arms kept coiled around the human, making sure he wouldn't disappear and leave him in the dark anytime soon. Though it wasn't the dark he was scared of.

Another crack and roar of thunder, his arms tightened around him and the Irken cowardly hid his face behind his shoulder between it and the elevator wall.

Not that he was frightened -- it just took him by surprise again!

When Zim tightened his hold on him, Dib's own hands tightened around the fabric of his trench coat, which was resting comfortably in his lap. He knew he shouldn't care about the Irken after the hell the other had put him through that night, but something inside of him couldn't ignore how cold the alien was in that moment. So picking up the now mostly dry trench coat from his lap, Dib sighed and wrapped it around the shaking Irken from behind. Then, before the other could protest, he brought his arms up wrap around him as well, pulling Zim just that much closer to him. When he heard a hiss of pain from the Irken, however, he instantly loosened his arms a bit so Zim wasn't pressed so close to him. "S...Sorry. I'm just trying you keep us both warm while we're stuck in here." he apologized quickly before letting his arms drop back down a bit, feeling that he was just making things worse now.

The Irken was surprised Dib seemed to have made the effort to make him more comfortable. Not counting the small incident when the human squeezed too tight.

He smirked knowingly, not so convinced by his sorry excuse. In an attempt to distract himself from his embarrassing fears, he turned his attention solely on Dib.

To get more warmth, he tempted to steal more body heat first, by getting on Dib's lap and curling against his chest.

"Cause I'm so hot?" Zim beamed arrogantly, shifting his weight a little against his human cushion. "Ya know, you're lucky, it's not often someone gets to spend so much time with Zim."

Dib's face lit up a bright red when the Irken shifted to his lap. Why was Zim doing this to him?! To say the very least, Dib wasn't used to so much contact, from anybody really. The fact that Zim was the one using his body as his own personal pillow, however, just made things ten times worse.

Looking away to his side, as if to distract himself from Zim's new position, Dib let his eyelids fall half lidded. "I'm not feeling very lucky right now..." he mumbled in a quiet voice before just sighing and looking back up towards the ceiling, praying that the power would come back on line soon so they wouldn't have to be in this position too much longer. When nothing happened after a minute or two of staring up at the ceiling, he merely sighed again as another thunder clap went off outside.

"Ungrateful!" Zim hissed in a most venomous, low-keyed tone, though was half hearted despite how convincing he sounded. He was cut off from saying anything more at the repetitive display happening outside.

The Irken jerked against his lap, pressing himself a little more against Dib's chest as the thunder rung through nonexistent ears. He had to take a second to get over that before he could go back to picking on a certain someone. A someone that was at least making this a little bit more bearable by simply being there for him to distract himself with.

"You're warm despite being all wet and miserable." Zim dumbly noted, realizing he had little else to pick on him for. That wasn't exactly picking on him either. Just an observation until he had something better to contribute to their awkward conversations.

Dib's blush grew as he hoped the other wouldn't realize that was the only reason his body was even giving off any heat at all. He didn't want the alien to know how much this entire situation was affecting him. "Y...Yeah, well...It's your fault..." he whispered under his breath to himself, pretty sure the Irken wouldn't be able to hear him.

Another crash of thunder outside had Dib jumping this time as he wasn't expecting it so soon. The storm must have been getting closer. He could hear the wind outside whistling as it lashed up against the side of the building. Were the elevator they were in not inside the building, he would have sworn he'd felt the elevator swaying slightly. Of course, it had to be just his imagination. But still, he felt paranoid as he unconsciously gripped the bottom of Zim's shirt tightly before squeezing his eyes shut.

Zim tensed though didn't seem to react as fast or as much as Dib this particular time. His heart (or the equivalent of) was still pounding rapidly against his chest from the last explosion.

"You're such a smeet." The Irken remarked mockingly despite his own behavior. He huffed even, trying to seem arrogant and unamused, as if he was fooling anyone.

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