Hi! Well lots of people do fanfictions on Edward being a player so I though it'd be funny to try one out myself. Just so you know Bella and Emmett are brother and sister, Edward and Alice are brother and sister and then Rosalie and Jasper are both only children. This fanfiction is dedicated to my amazing and wonderful sister Sophi who co wrote it with me :D
Bella, Alice, Rosalie: 15
Emmett: 17
Edward and Jasper: 16

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Summer Romance

Chapter One: Follow The Leader

"You're sending me to summer camp? Why?! What did I do?! What did I do to deserve this?!" I protested.

Charlie shook his head at me pitifully, "I thought you'd like Summer Camp! You'll meet lots of new friends, and besides, Alice is going too."

Alice is my best friend, Charlie thinks the world of her, 'cause she's little, cute and loud and fun to be around.

"Yeah, you know Alice is going to make a massive fuss about this, a whole month without shopping, it's going to be like hell to her!" I argued, failing miserably.

"I've spoken to Mr and Mrs Cullen and they both agree it's a good idea, it's final, you're going, tomorrow," Charlie put his hand down on the table as if to show he meant it.

I stared at him unbelievably. "Tomorrow. You only told me today when it's tomorrow?!"

"I.. I.. I'll be r..right back, 'kay?" I freaked out and ran out of the room and knew I had to speak to Alice immediately, I dialled her number quickly, hearing it only ring once.

Alice picked up and didn't even say hello, just started screaming down my ear. "Have you heard what our parents are planning? No shopping for a month! I'm going to die! This season's Jimmy Choo's come out next week, and I can't get them because they are packing me out to frickin Summer Camp! URGH! And there's going to be some right skanks there, I saw them on the website, all happy and smiley and woodsy and they wear these dirty tra-tracksuit things! Bella, you need to save me!"

"I don't know what to do! We're going together at least, it could be fun if we like tried?" I tried to calm her down, not like it work, when Alice gets like this it's hard to stop her.

"Oh and I have I told you the best news?" Alice asked sarcastically.

"What? What is it?"

"Guess who's coming?" She smirked down the phone.

"Who? Aw c'mon Alice, tell me," I started to panic, we'd been best friends for ages and now she was telling me someone else was coming. On our vacation.

"The playboy master himself, Edward Cullen," she stated matter of factly.

"Your brother, oh crap, I've never met him, what's he like?" I asked curiously, "I mean you told me he's a playboy jock but I mean what is he really like in person?"

"Well he has hair, eyes, a face, two feet, he's pretty lucky he still has that much, the number of girlfriends he's broken up with," she muttered under her breath.

"So I'm guessing for a month the plan is avoid Edward Cullen like the plague?" I asked chuckling softly.

"You got it girlfriend, but he is my brother so I guess we do have to talk to him sometime, but don't worry he won't be scouting, he's bringing his current girl with him, and boy is she a slut!"

"So… what do we do about the slut?" I asked.

"Just ignore her; she's a bitch and slut in one, technically a mega whore, so-"

"Alice Cullen! Don't use that language!" I heard Esme shout at Alice over the phone.

"Okay, okay, whatever Mom, stating the truth though," she mumbled and I giggled quietly.

"I think I get it, anyway I better go, got to pack you know?" I sighed and screwed up my face.

"Hmm, well that doesn't matter – much, I can do that quickly, and then I'll come over and help you so don't start yet okay?" She offered.

"Sure, thanks Alice," I smiled, even though I knew she couldn't see.

"Anytime, seeya in about an hour! Bye!" The phone disconnected and I pressed the end call button on my mobile.

I walked back into the kitchen glumly, looking up at Charlie, "Fine, I'll go, but only," I saw a big smile light up his face and he opened his mouth about to talk but I put a finger up to quiet him, "but only 'cause Alice is going and I don't want to leave her on her own, okay?"

"Okay Bells, you going to go pack?" He asked me, as he picked up the newspaper.

"Alice is coming over later to help me pack," I told him, "I'm going up to my room, seeya Dad," I smiled and ran up the stairs to my room and flopped myself onto my bed.


I heard the doorbell ring and shoved the book I'd been reading on the shelf, Wuthering Heights; I flew down the stairs towards the front door and opened it to see Alice tapping her foot impatiently with two huge suitcases in tow and two shopping bags.

"Here you are!" She pushed the two shopping bags into my hand.

"What's this?" I asked her as I shut the front door and we started walking up to my room.

She stared at me angelically, "Okay I know you hate it when I buy you stuff but I couldn't resist!" She grinned dazzlingly at me as we walked into my room, "There's two pairs of short shorts and some sunnies,"

"Alice!" I moaned.

"What? We're going to camp for a whole month and I'm not allowed to buy you a present for the hell hole so we look at least the most amazing there!" She protested, pouting her bottom lip at me.

"Whatever," I shook her off, "help me pack?!" I changed the subject onto a more serious matter.

She smiled at me, "Go fetch your suitcase while I start getting stuff," she ordered and I ran off to go get it, one of the good things about having Alice as a friend is that she is always helpful in your time of need, especially if it's to do with clothes.

I came back with the biggest suitcase I could find, not because I wanted it, because I knew Alice would complain otherwise. As I dragged it into the room Alice's eyes lit up.

"I'm proud of you Bella! I never thought you'd own such a big suitcase," she squealed as I glanced down at the clothes she'd put out on the bed.

"Hmm, well… yeah…" I shrugged it off and then Alice saw the shock on my face when I caught sight of the clothes she'd prepared to pack.

"What? They're nice! I don't want you to look a mess do I? Trust me, when have I ever gotten anything to do with clothes wrong?" She asked teasingly.

With that I had to agree, Alice was an expert with anything to do with clothes, shopping, makeup and hair.

By half nine we had finished packing and were completely shattered, we flopped down onto my bed sighing.

"Okay, we're leaving at eight tomorrow morning, so that means we have to get up at least an hour and a half earlier so I can organise our wardrobe and hair, I mean we have to look decent when we arrive! First impressions are always important!" She chimed.

So it was settled, Alice was organised for the both of us, all I had to do was follow her lead.

We drifted off to sleep pretty early but it didn't seem long until the alarm clock I set was ringing in our ears. Alice jumped out of bed eagerly.

"It's makeover time Bella! Are you excited or what?" She squealed.

I groaned pulling my pillow over my head trying to block out the noise she was issuing.

"Aw c'mon Bella," she whined, "You want to make a good impression, right? Like I said, first impressions count," she stated matter of factly.

"Fine," I grumbled and heaved myself off the bed, to see Alice running around the room grabbing clothes, hairbrushes and to my horror: makeup.

I walked towards the bathroom to brush my teeth and face but decided to take a shower to calm myself down. It worked, and the flow of the warm water unknotted the tension in my back.

"Bellaaaa! I've layed out your clothes for today, you're going to look perfect. Now hurry you are wasting valuable make-over time!" I heard Alice beckon.

I sighed and turned off the shower, reaching for a towel to wrap around myself. As I walked into my room, Alice thrusted some clothes into my arms and forced me back out of the room.

"Change. NOW!" She ordered and slammed the door in my face.

I chuckled slightly as I returned to the bathroom. It was then I realised what clothes Alice had forced upon me. Short shorts and a tank top. And that was it. She expected me to wear this? This was so not me. But seeing as Alice gave it to me and she knew best, I reluctantly slipped them on.

As I walked out of the bathroom, Alice gasped, "Bella, you look so cute! You should totally let me dress you more often."

I blushed and looked down like every time Alice complimented me.

"Bella? Now, sit down. It's time." I always dreaded Alice's make-over's even though she never made me look completely awful…

I groaned and sat down. Alice was bringing over tonnes of makeup and professional brushes. I was starting to get scared.

Alice angled the chair so that the mirror wasn't in view. "This is going to be a surprise, Bella. You're going to look awesome!"

I sat there patiently until 45 minutes later, Alice warned me she was almost done…

"You're ready now Bella." Alice stood back to admire her handiwork, "You look amazing, if I do say so myself."

"You can look now!" Alice trilled as I slowly got up and glanced at myself in the mirror.

The girl I saw looking back at me was unknown. She looked like a stranger at first glance but then I saw my features underneath.

"Wow. Alice," was all I managed to say, "Thanks!"

"No problem girlfriend," she grinned.

"Girls!" We heard Charlie yell up the stairs, "It's time to go."

We hauled our suitcases down the stairs, in a way we were kind of looking forward to this trip and on the plus side – at least we were going together, we could've easily been going on our own!

Charlie helped put our bags in the boot as we climbed into the backseat of the car. He chatted to us now and again but most of the ride we sat in companionable silence.

"We're about a minute away girls," Charlie told us as he drove us deeply into the countryside.

"What am I going to do? How am I going to use my phone when there's absolutely no signal here? How can I call my therapist?!" Alice wailed to me as we drove into the long drive of Summer Camp. So this was it, our home for a month.

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