Half an hour later Wilson was diagnosed with bacterial tonsillitis. Quite rare for adults, but, of course, curable, so he got his antibiotics and after House's insistence, he was also released to home-care.

"Here, take this," Cameron stopped them between the door and handed Wilson a pack of throat lozenges and a small bottle of gargle.

"It should help with the pain." She smiled reassuringly. Wilson tried to smile back in a polite gesture, but in his present state, he wasn't very good at it. House just scowled again and dragged Wilson out of the hospital, leaving Cameron behind.

Once at home, House settled him back into the bed, because the trip exhausted Wilson pretty much. The first dose of antibiotics in his system worked in a placebo effect and he felt slightly better, at least mentally.

"Open," ordered House and Wilson complied, feeling like a small child.

"Not so red anymore. It should be better tomorrow. Congrats, your childish disease seems to be leaving you."

Wilson nodded, enjoying the touch of House's hands on his neck. God, this man could be so gentle when he wanted!

"You should use some of the crap Cameron gave you. It's supposed to help you, you know."

"Okay, will you help me to the bathroom?" Wilson's voice sounded more normal as well, but still, there was some harshness.

House prepared him a cup of water with added mouthwash and watched him use the medication. The lidocaine in it helped with the pain in Wilson's throat.

"It's better. Thanks," Wilson peeped when he was being tucked back in their bed. The antibiotics made him better and he fell asleep quickly, so House could go call Cuddy that they won't be coming to the work for a few days.

It comes in handy when your boyfriend is sick and you don't have to go to work because of it.

Wilson slept the whole afternoon, which House spent with watching TV, playing games on his PS2 and surfing on the Internet. In the evening the alarm went off, reminding that Wilson should take a next dose of his meds.

House prepared a cup of tea - a very tough job for him - and went into the bedroom to wake up the sleeping beauty. He leaned down and kissed Wilson on the forehead, which also told him that the temperature was still pretty high. His friend shifted in the sleep and smiled slightly.

"Come on, wake up. Time for pills," House announced.

Wilson slowly opened his eyes. "What time?" He had learned already to shorten his sentences as much as possible.

"Evening. Sit up."

Wilson managed to sit upright, although his body had a different idea about comfortable positions. He obediently swallowed the offered pills and coughed. It only made the throat sting more and forced the tears into his eyes.

House put the glass on the bedside table and sat down on the bed next to Wilson, pulling him to himself. Wilson got the message and sagged towards House, leaning onto his side.

They stayed this way for a few minutes until Wilson's head started to fall.

"Make sure to be better tomorrow, because I suck at caring, okay?" House said, but Wilson was already snoring slightly beside him. House lowered him down and covered him with the blanket. Then he went to the bathroom only to come back in a few minutes. He undressed himself and lay down next to his lover. Carefully he wrapped his body around Wilson like the previous night and within few minutes, he fell asleep.

House was woken up by Wilson who was moving restlessly in the bed and half coughing, half wheezing and tugging at Houses arm.

"What's...wrong?" House asked sleepily. In a second he realized how stupid the question was, when Wilson could hardly talk. "Sorry, hang on." House felt for the lamp switch in the dark. When the dim light flooded the room, it was obvious that Wilson was in some kind of distress, but House was too sleepy to process the information right away.

He sat up and looked down at Wilson solicitously. "Hey! What's up?" He felt for his pulse. It was racing.

"Can't...breathe..!" Wilson wheezed and sobbed, panic visible in his eyes. He started to shiver.

House was quickly on his feet, hovering over him. "Wilson!" But Wilson seemed to be lost in his mixture of panic attack and the lack of oxygen.

"Wilson!!" House tried louder and surprisingly got through. He felt his own heart racing uncontrollably. Wilson stilled his eyes for a moment and focused on him, still wheezing.

"Can you get at least a little bit of air?" House asked and realized how stupidly he sounded. What the hell was wrong with him lately?

But Wilson seemed to consider the question and tried to suck in some air. Then he nodded.

House left him for a while and went to switch on the ceiling light and to grab his cell phone, calling 911. Then he turned back to his lover.

"Open your mouth!"

And Wilson did. His tonsils were so swollen that only a tiny opening remained between them to get the air in. Damn it, House thought, why Wilson has to do everything so thoroughly!

"It's okay, you're doing fine, try to breathe with me." He instinctively grabbed Wilson's hand. "Don't worry, it'll be good, they'll come soon."

It seemed to calm Wilson down but his lips were turning purple and House prayed to a God he didn't believe in to make the ambulance come fast.

"I'll get you some cold compress. It might help with the swelling." He wanted to stand up but Wilson's grip on his hand increased, so he stayed where he was with a concerned gaze on his face – something very unusual.

"S'rry...t' worry...u." Wilson managed to get out.

"Stop talking, you need to concentrate on breathing." House checked his pulse again. This time it was even faster.

When House started to think about doing an emergency tracheotomy, there was a pounding on the door.

The EMTs were quick and competent, which calmed House at least a little. Fortunately, the swelling wasn't as severe as House feared and the EMTs quickly intubated Wilson and started forcing air into his lungs with an Ambu bag.

The fever was still very high and almost dangerous, so he was given also the cold compresses and an IV with normal saline to get him hydrated.

When the nice, cold air flooded his lungs, Wilson started to feel a little bit better. The crisis was obviously over and it was visible even on House that he calmed himself down.

"Sir, will you ride with us?" The EMT asked when they were finished and had Wilson loaded on the gurney.

House nodded and left the apartment behind them, grabbing his jacket and not caring about anything else. All that mattered at the moment was being with Wilson.

The ride was quick, and soon after arriving at the hospital, Wilson was lying comfortably in the bed in the private room that Cuddy managed to find for him.

It turned out that the bacteria didn't react to the antibiotic Wilson was getting. It was no one's fault, so House couldn't blame even Cameron, but still he did.

They got him stronger antibiotics and he also got some painkillers for his sore throat. Wilson fell asleep almost immediately when the crisis was over. House meanwhile consulted the next steps in his recovery with the hospital's best ENT specialist. Dr. Jacobs was good and he tolerated House enough to talk with him, which was good, because the rest of the hospital probably wouldn't.

After that, House went back to sit with Wilson. No one noticed their interlaced fingers.

In the morning Wilson woke up still with the annoying tube in his throat. He smiled around it when he saw House sitting next to him, sleeping and with the hand still next to Wilson's.

Slowly he moved his own hand and touched House's fingers slightly, waiting for some sort of response from the other man. House stirred and opened his eyes slowly and lazily.

"Hey," he smiled at Wilson and brushed away some stray hair from his forehead.

"I've got some bad news for you," House said as he made the bad-diagnosis-face he knew from General Hospital. Wilson blinked and looked at him curiously at first.

House was checking his file now and taking a good amount of time to do so. "First of all, this thing in your throat can't come out yet, because the swelling refuses to go away. And second, Jacobs think they should remove your tonsils."

Now, Wilson's eyes portrayed a bit discomfort and the beeping of the EKG increased.

House smirked, but inside he felt a little bit uneasy. Even if it was a routine procedure, adult's throat heals more slowly and the whole surgery has a greater risk of complications. Nevertheless, he continued in his characteristic, rude manner. He was sure that Wilson would be more pleased to hear some witty comment than a concerned speech.

"Hey, just because you have a kid's disease, it doesn't mean that you have to act like one about this!"

The attempt at humor fell flat, and Wilson looked hurt as he tried to turn his head away from House. It wasn't easy though, with the strap holding the tube in his mouth. His heart was still beating a little bit quicker than usual.

"Come on, it's the best we can do for you to avoid this happening in the future. You have a long history of tonsillitis attacks, and they should have removed them ages ago." The words seemed to flow around Wilson with no benefit, so House continued.

"It's routine surgery and you'll get the full anesthesia, so you won't feel anything. As for bonus I might add me trying to be caring for extra couple of days and a lot of ice cream."

At this Wilson actually smiled and held out his hand for House, who caught it and squeezed.

"The surgery is scheduled on tomorrow morning," House pointed to the tube. "This should be probably out by that time."

Wilson nodded and closed his eyes. Exhaustion was taking its toll on him and even though he still a little bit dreaded having to undergo the surgery, now when House was with him and the painkillers in his system, he felt almost good.

House waited until Wilson felt asleep and then sat back down. A shiver ran through his spine when he realized how close Wilson was from suffocating yesterday night. He closed his eyes as well and sucked in a deep breath to calm himself. There was no point of both of them being worried.

Wilson was quiet the next morning, even though the swelling in his neck subsided and the tube was out.

"Time for your surgery," House announced and let a young nurse inside with the pre-op medication.

Wilson rewarded him with sigh and furrowed his brows around his, too apprehensive eyes for House's liking. "I know," he answered in a tight voice and held his hand out for the nurse to administer the medication into his IV.

House got the message and went nearer to grab his friend's hand. It was cold and clammy.

"Wilson, listen to me, everything is gonna be fine, don't worry, okay?" He got only a small nod as an answer, but Wilson didn't seem to believe him.

"I'll come for you in a few minutes when the team is ready," the nurse said and left the room.

Wilson shivered and House shook his head. "Stop acting like a big baby! It's not pretty and I like you much better when you smile." This earned one tiny grin on Wilson's lips.

In a while the nurse came back. "Ready?" She asked encouragingly.

Wilson nodded but squeezed House's hand tighter as if he didn't want to let go. House leaned down and whispered something into his ear. It made Wilson relax and release his hand. The nurse only raised her eyebrows but otherwise didn't say anything.

When she wheeled Wilson out of the room, his eyes were already closed.

House wouldn't admit it, but it wasn't very pleasant experience to sit in the observing room and watch Jacobs how he worked in Wilson's mouth.

The surgery was no longer than 40 minutes and everything went fine.

"There should be minimal bleeding, but he needs to be careful with a coarse food for a while. I'd suggest only fluids for the first 36 hours," Jacobs told House in the corridor. The good thing about this man was that he didn't mince words to say important things and got right to the point. House couldn't choose a better person to talk with.

He went slowly into Wilson's room and waited there till they brought his friend from the recovery ward.

Wilson looked peaceful and almost happy in his sleep. His lips were dry and parched from the surgery, but otherwise he looked fine and with the great deal of opiates in his body, he surely also felt fine. More likely he didn't feel anything.

The nurse set up the machines and left the room politely, which was a good thing, because House didn't have to yell at her.

He scooted closer to his sleeping friend and took his hand. "Hey, darling, wake up!" he joked.

House smirked when Wilson smiled and shifted his head.

"Come on, Wilson!"

It didn't take long for the sleeping beauty to open her eyes. Wilson looked at House lazily.

"Hey." He said quietly.

Instead of an answer, House kissed him passionately on the dry lips, wetting them a little by the process. Wilson's fever was down due to the antibiotics and his head was calm. However, his throat screamed for attention even with the dose of analgesic in his body.

"I hope you are not contagious any more!" House warned.

Wilson rolled his eyes, but didn't answer. The kiss felt wonderful and he was as happy as he could be at the moment.


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