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Tawny paced in the Living Room of her mother's Victorian home, gathering up some of the more important belongings, such as pictures of her family. The Happy faces in the frames reminded her of a time before the hospital visits, and bad news. Ciaran, her baby brother, was balanced on her hip.

Sarah Williams, her mother, had died of leukemia, and earlier that day, they had laid her to rest next to Toby, and Grandma and Grandpa, who had died in a car accident earlier in the year. Social Services had found that they had no living relatives willing to take them. Tawny was Seventeen, and Ciaran was Two (and a half) years old.

"Well Ciaran, I guess this is it...all packed"She said.

Tawny's mom had known that if her children ended up in state custody, they would be split up, and moved around. She gave Tawny very specific instructions as to how to handle her death, and gave the young woman a letter for a very old friend.

Tawny climbed the stairs, brother in hand,to her room. She had the turret as her space, the top of the tower that all Victorian's seem to have, but that no one seems to inhabit. She had her bag on her bed, with both of their belongings in the rucksack. She hoisted her bag onto her shoulder, grabbed her brother and sat down.

"I wish the goblins would come and take us away right now!"