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Washed Ashore: Pokémon Are Real
~Prolog – Field Trip~

Dear Journal –

I am glad that I received this electronic journal for my birthday. It will come in real handy on this school trip out to one of the New York City wildlife parks for some hands on study with real scientists. However, I don't think that is why the other kids came for that… all they talk about are these fake animals called Pokémon, at least I gather they are animals.

I don't understand what fascinates them more about these fake animals then the real kind. Though one Rebecca Canton has said that she is planning on actually finding them there, so I guess her motive for coming on this trip is rather clear in comparison to the other students. I fully believe that out of all of them, she believes they are actually real.

I am still trying to figure out the others reasons for coming on this trip as we take the long way around everything to get to the place. The teacher says this will make it more like an adventure for us and seem more like an expedition. However… even I know that we won't find anything but creatures we would see in the main body of New York states' parks.

From what they have been saying though… perhaps if these things were real, they would be interesting to study, but as they are not, I'll stick to studying normal animals on this trip. Anyways… storm clouds have suddenly appeared and are starting to brew… I am signing off now. The only thing we have in common is that we all had our tenth birthday within the last month.

Kaitlin Shaw – Amateur Biologist

Kaitlin clicked off her little electronic diary that her parents had given her as she leaned over the railing of the ship. Looking out at the sea where the storm of clouds was forming, she then turned back to the argument that had started just five minutes ago from the other girls on the boat.

The fact that the teacher had decided to make it look like an expedition was a laugh, as this was a bunch of ten year olds who had little interest in getting stuck on a boat doing nothing, so they had found a way to keep themselves occupied while the boat took a longer route to their destination.

"I don't see any reason I can't cheat on the games, I mean, it gives me the best time scores possible," Brandy Conner's parents had allowed her to dye her hair black for her birthday, not to mention get her ears pierced with a double piercing in her right ear.

"There is no way I am going to ever play against you and your Pokémon that you cheated to get… it just isn't fare at all," Deborah Saundry snapped at the other girl, tugging on the band that kept her hair into a ponytail.

"What about… what if… what if we're not good at video games," came from a very quite Leslie Darins.

"Leslie! It's one of the easiest games to play!" Deborah removed her hair from her ponytail and then put it back that way.

"Oh…" the girl sighed sadly.

Deborah then shook her head at the girl. "Look… just try it without the cheats first. Keeping in mind, it will take a while to get through the game… and patience."

"I once wrote a fanfic where I caught a flying Lapras for a Pokémon. People said I wasn't old enough to be on the site in the first place and that was a Water/Ice type and so not built for flying. They have no imagination… I mean… I can write anything I want to write, it was my story… and I don't get why there can't be one," Rebecca added in quite randomly.

"I only play the trading cards, but even I know Lapras can't fly," Tricksie Colbert rolled her eyes at the girl who had bleacher her hair. She adjusted her ball cap from backwards to forwards so that her eyes would be covered, for the clouds were still far away and the sun shining bright where they were.

"They can too! They're legendaries! And it will be my first Pokémon when we get to the island, just you wait, the rest of you will be stuck with Pidgey's!" the girl laughed.

"Lapras is a Legendary," Leslie asked, raising an eyebrow. She was the type who could be easily confused if given multiple ideas.

"No!" Deborah snapped. "It isn't!"

"Yes it is… they haven't come across it in the show yet, so it has to be one," Rebecca stuck her tongue out at the other girl.

"Just because… never mind," Deborah had become distracted by something else and didn't wish to argue with the girl.

"Why never… mind," Brittney had then noticed the clouds that were much closer. "Batten down the hatches…"

It then became quite dark and clouds were all around them. Thunder went off in the sky and lightning flashed. A few seconds later, the thunder came, piercing through the darkness loudly and causing Rebecca and Leslie to scream. All the girls were terrified… why shouldn't they have been, they were ten. Then… the big wave came.

Author's note – I have the feeling someone has already done this, but I haven't found any… so I decided to do my own. Each girl is supposed to represent a stereotype that one finds among the players of Pokémon. If you have any more, feel free to volunteer, because I will be adding more characters later on. The reason that I picked a wildlife place near NY City is because the big Pokémon store is there… there were tons of wildlife places… but… I had a hard time finding one for just the right location… on the outside coastline. If anyone has suggestions, it works. Obviously, I've never been to NY. Oh... and thanks to an Anon. reviewer... I found I posted a chapter for another story instead of the real chapter. Appologies! :)