Washed Ashore: Pokémon Are Real
~Chapter Two – Legendary Lapras~

How someone could fall asleep while it stormed, Kaitlin did not know. But as the rain pelted and prickled her skin and while the waves came crashing down upon her head, she had somehow fallen asleep. She credited it to the calm she felt around Nessi to tell the truth.

It was a soft melody that woke her up, so melodious and harmonic, she thought… well, what it reminded her of she could not tell, for words could not describe it, but it's effect was a peaceful tranquility.

She opened her eyes and found herself staring at the sun setting over the ocean. It set upon the oceans, dancing waves casting a fiery glow that also danced, not to mention shimmered in a delightful manner.

The sound had bee coming from Nessie, which made this creature sound even more like some magical, mystical beast. Even though she didn't believe in such things, she felt safe with the creature, but for how long she did not know. One could not drink ocean water and she would also need food.

She reached into her pants pocket, unsnapping it and pulling out her electronic journal. She switched the power on, but was disappointed when the screen remained blank. She tried a few times more, but was unsuccessful, the clicks the only sound the small device made.

"So… Nessie, where are we? Scotland is way to far away for you to come and get me, or are you the Lock Ness monster of New York?" the girl murmured. "I think though I would have heard about you, unless you're a mutation of one of those alligator or crocodiles from urban legend."

Nessie gave out a sound that was pretty, but obviously protested what Kaitlin had said. "Sorry girl… your right… your obviously nice to be around, so your not a mutation of one of those things."

Nessie began to hum and the girl rubbed her soft textured skin on the neck. "I just wish I knew what happened to the other girls and the adults on the boat. And my life jacket too."

Nessie suddenly changed direction, but the amount changed was only a bit. It was soon that Kaitlin figured out why. Bobbing in the water with a rather lack of gusto was Leslie.

Leslie heard them approaching and glanced up, her eyes going wide. "Is that what I think it is?"

"I you mean a… I am not sure what you think it is," Kaitlin gave the girl a puzzled look. "I thought you would have complained about wanting to go home?"

"I think usually I would," the other girl sighed as Kaitlin helped her onto the Lapras. "I came on this trip to lose weight, however… this isn't fun."

"So… what exactly do you think Nessie is?" the girl inquired, reaching out to give Nessie a pat on the neck.

"You don't know? Well, I guess not everyone knows. However, Rebecca is so going to be jealous of you. Why shouldn't she be? And she'll deserve it too. She's always going on at school about how pretty she is and how she always gets her way… and, the teachers and principle really do just let her get her way."

"But what is Nessie?" Kaitlin asked. "She looks like a Lock Ness monster from Scotland."

"Except she has a shell and funny ears," Leslie smiled, happy that she could be of some sort of knowledgeable capacity for people. "Seeing her kind of makes up for all the problems. The reason that Rachel is going to be jealous is that you're the first one to see a Lapras and Pokémon aren't supposed to be real."

"You mean to say, I mean it could be what the person who created Pokémon based Lapras off of… where exactly are we?" Kaitlin asked. It was getting dark, but she saw lights twinkling in the distance that were not stars, but a sign of land and civilization. They were steadily getting increasingly closer.

"I have to say, we're in the world of Pokémon… though we might be dreaming… or dead."

"No… dream states aren't this accurately detailed… and remember, I know nothing about Pokémon, so why would I be imagining it too in my dream," the girl suddenly asked.

"You don't know about Pikachu?" the other girl suddenly asked.

"Nope, sorry… but I don't," the girl shook her head. "And it isn't as if this is the actual world of Pokémon… it's almost like something from Gulliver's Travels, or Journey to the Center of the Earth."

"Huh… books I guess… I hate reading," the other gild stated. "Well, you've verified for yourself that you aren't dreaming, but how am I to know I am not dreaming you and that you aren't a figment of my imagination trying to convince me I'm not dreaming." Leslie went and pinched herself. "Oh… I'm not dreaming…"

"Ssh… not so loud… you're upsetting Nessie," Kaitlin rubbed the long neck.

"Ohh… sorry," tears of joy were streaming down Leslie's cheeks. "It's just one of those fantasy dreams come true."

"You mean the ones where that if real, the dragon eats the princess?"

"Oh… not that kind… I mean, what could be harmful about Pokémon and training them?"

"They can kill you," Kaitlin murmured.

"No they won't. Pokémon are our friends. Oak even says so in the game," the girl smiled.

"Nessie is… but there are going to be ones that aren't," Kaitlin shook her head.

"Still… the ultimate adventure and ultimate travel," Leslie commented. "And there's no one here to make fun of me if I mess up… you just don't seem the type."

"Well, Nessie's taking us to where there's land. We should be able to get some help,"

"Maybe Oak will be nice and give me a starter Pokémon," Leslie was still lost in her dream world.

"Haven't a clue what you are talking about,"