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A winter in the Village Hidden in the Leaves wasn't too bad, not as bad as the blizzards in the Village of Snow, anyway. There were a few snow flakes here and there, but they hadn't stuck to the ground so far.

Inside, Hinata Hyuuga was gazing out of her bedroom window, praying that it would snow on her upcoming birthday. She wanted to catch snow flakes on her tongue, build snowmen, make snow angels… All of this hadn't happened since she was little, before her sister was born. The records for all of the past winters in the village stated that it was supposed to snow a good amount about 8 years afterward. It had been 10 years since then.

Hinata started to daydream about the snow from when she was four years old. She remembered laughing at her mother, who had thrown a snowball at her father. Now, she would expect her father to become angry if she even thought about throwing a snowball, let alone throwing one at him, but back then he had laughed along with them. She missed her mother. She had always accomplished the impossible and made her father fun to be around. Without her he was as stern as ever. He always wanted her to be training or studying her school work.

She sighed and stepped into the middle of her room. She closed her eyes, conjured up that memory, which was her happiest memory by far, and concentrated on it. She felt a wave of warmth come over her as her angelic wings sprouted from her back.

She stood, looking into her dresser mirror. The beautiful wings amazed her every time they appeared, even though she had seen them since she was eight years old. She examined her beautiful white wings in the mirror, thinking of her mother.

"Hinata," her father popped his head into her room. "You should be studying. Save your energy and get to it. I don't want to see any grades drop."

"Yes, Father."

He left her alone again. Hinata looked out of the window again, stroking her soft wings as she looked up at the full moon. She wished he would call her his little angel… like he used to…

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