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I'll Do My Best

Tony dropped his backpack beside his desk, quickly booting his computer to search for the dead petty officer's recent credit card activity. Of course, normally this would be a Probie task but considering the sheer breadth of knowledge that Gibbs wanted before lunch, he was willing to do some of his "old fashioned police work" to help McGeek out.

Gibbs stormed past Tony and Ziva's desks dropping a massive folder on his own.

"What do we have?" he asked.

Tim stumbled with his mouse "Uhh-no hits on the BOLO yet, Boss"

"and no recent credit card activity either" Tony added

"Don't tell me what we don't have! Tell me what we do have!" Jethro Gibbs addressed his team loudly.

"No credit card activity but there was a two hundred dollar withdrawal from Justin Shawnee's bank account at an ATM in… Busch Gardens, yesterday." Ziva face turned to confusion.

"The theme park?" Tim asked

"I suppose" Ziva answered him.

"We need to know who made that withdrawal because it obviously wasn't Justin Shawnee. We need the surveillance tape from that ATM." Gibbs concluded

"On it Boss" Tim said picking up his phone.


Because they were a little occupied, no one noticed her come in or stand watching them. When it seemed as though the majority of the shouting had come to a stop she decided to make her presence known.

"Excuse me" she said.

Suddenly all eyes were on her "who are you?" the one that they all referred to as Boss demanded.

"Umm-Hello, I'm Taylor Warren. I'm looking for a-" she looked down at the folder she was holding "Anthony Dienozzieo, Denozio" she tried and failed to pronounce Tony's last name.

"It's Dinozzo and what can I do for you Ms. Warren?" a young man in the corner desk spoke up. Taylor eyed him for a moment, her suspicions most likely confirmed.

"Mr. Dinozzo" she started, the "Boss" looked at her with increasing impatience "I need to speak with you" she glanced over at the rest of the group "privately" she added.

The dark haired woman and the young man both sitting at desks exchanged glances.


Tony gave Gibbs a smile he was sure he would be made too regret later and hurriedly escorted Taylor Warren, whoever she was, out of the Bullpen.

Leading her into an empty conference room, Tony shut the door behind them and smiled at her expectantly. He had no idea what this was about but the lady looked most "official" and for Tony, official usually meant trouble.

"Mr. Dinozzo do you know a Kayla Penn?" she asked, carefully pronouncing the name.

Tony smiled and blushed just little. "Umm, yes. Yes, I do. We-uhh, we dated a few years ago. Why do you need to know about Kayla?" he finished with some concern in his voice.

Taylor stopped. She had done this before and it was never easy. "Mr. Dinozzo, I'm sorry to have to inform you but Kayla Penn is dead. She was killed in an elevator accident at her office six days ago. I'm very sorry." She gave that a moment to sink in.

He just stood there unsure what to say or feel. He hadn't seen or spoken to Kayla for years. Still, there was a time when he would've said that he loved her. So, finding out she was gone like this was confusing for him. He didn't handle loss well, anyway.

"Umm-I'm sorry, Ms. Warren. Where did you say you were from and not to sound cold but why am I being informed about the death of a woman I only dated for a few months five years ago?" Tony asked, confusion clearly coming through his voice.

"I understand Mr. Dinozzo. I should have said something before now. I'm a social worker with the department of children and families in Tennessee. You see, Ms. Penn had two children at the time of her death, twins, and before she died she gave a note to one of her nurses saying that the father of her children was an Anthony Dinozzo. She failed to mention in her note that you were not living in Tennessee. You're actually not a very easy man to find, especially when one is looking in the wrong state." She smiled slightly though there was nothing humorous about the situation.

Tony's jaw dropped. He went numb up to his ears and stood not really comprehending what had just been said to him.

"That's- that's impossib… no. I-I- can't be." He sat down clumsily. "I don't understand" he finally said a bit more clearly. "I haven't seen her in years."

Taylor tried to make her voice a little more reassuring.

"Mr. Dinozzo, I've done this kind of thing more than once. I'm sure she had her reasons for not contacting you, maybe she didn't know how to find you or-"

"No!" Tony said loudly. "I am not the father of anyone." The idea alone was crazy. No one even wanted his sperm. "I'm sorry you came all the way here Ms. Warren but you've got the wrong guy." Tony stood up on firmer but still slightly unsteady legs.

Taylor looked at him. "While you're under no legal obligation, it would simplify my investigation if you would take a paternity test." There wasn't much hope in her voice.


He didn't respond.

She doubted very highly, that she was going to get anything out of this James Bond wanna be. All men were the same, at least all the men she had to deal with were.

Taylor sighed and started to put her things away and excuse herself when…

"Ok, I'll do that. I'll take a paternity test. Today, I wanna do it today." He rubbed the back of his neck.

She was more than a little surprised but managed to say "That can be arranged, I know a lab that can have the results in three hours or so, if we can go right now. Is there any way that you could take a few hours off?" This was a new one. He refused the idea that he could be the father but wanted a paternity test done immediately at his own inconvenience. Well, take what you can get.

"Fine, that's fine. Lets go now." Definitely, weird.

He quickly lead her out of the room and back to where she found him with the others and the "Boss" who was absent at the moment. He grabbed some stuff out of his desk drawer and turned to the dark haired woman.

"Ziva please tell Gibbs I had an emergency and I need the rest of the day off." The look in his eyes must have meant something to her because she nodded understandingly.

"Tony, what's going on?" the other man asked

He glanced behind him briefly "don't worry about it, Tim." Then he turned back to Taylor.

Tim looked very surprised by something. It was obvious that this group had been working together for some time now; they cared about each other very much. Taylor could see that, or maybe they all just cowered in fear of the "Boss" together.

Either way, Tony led her to the elevators, with a worried look on his face. Taylor stared to say something when the elevator opened, revealing an older gentleman with round glasses. "Tony!" he said brightly "I've found something in my autopsy that I'm sure that Jethro will find interesting. It reminds of my days in-"

"Sorry Ducky, I gotta go." They stepped into the elevator past…did he call that man Ducky?...who suddenly had a surprised look on his face. The doors closed and they were alone. Taylor's head was spinning, so she could only imagine how Tony felt.

"Mr. Dinozzo" he looked at her "are you ok?" of course she was asking more than that, which Tony seemed to pick up on.


Was he ok? Was she kidding? No, he wasn't ok! What if...what if? No! That was not something he was ready to consider. Even though the math worked and it made sense, if knew Kayla. She wouldn't have told him. No! Not going there. No. So, no, he wasn't ok.

"I don't know yet." He said, that seemed to have multiple meanings.

They were outside and Tony realized he had idea where he was going.

"Can I give you a ride? I don't know Washington all that well. I might be hard to follow." He didn't feel like driving anyway.

"Yeah I'd appreciate that" he followed her to her car, then he noticed what he was about to get into. Mercedes CLS550, jade green.

"On a social worker's salary?" he asked, feeling a little more like himself.

"It's a rental" she answered him.

"On a social worker's salary?" he repeated

"I used my expense stipend" Taylor smiled "I've always believed that everyone should have some fun at the expense of the government at least once in their life." She unlocked the door for him and started the car.

"Mr. Dinozzo, I know that you're upset but I think you need to be prepared for the results of the test, whatever they may be." She spoke carefully, not wanting to upset him anymore.

He nodded "you can call me Tony if you want" he smiled "or just Dinozzo" then, as though something occurred to him, he turned his phone off.



The test didn't take long, so Taylor waited for him. He came out into the waiting room looking more concerned than when he had gone in.

"Their a little busy but they said they'll have the results before they close today. They don't close until six." Taylor felt for him, she looked at her watch. 12:04.

She was not supposed to get too involved in her cases. That just made it harder when things didn't work out but she was already in this one so deep, may as well have at it.

"Look, Tony, we're both gonna find out either way so how about if I wait with you? I'll buy you lunch." She was a little hungry anyway. The so called "free hot breakfast" at her hotel had looked less than appealing.

He considered it for a moment "I'd like that. I know just the place"

Taylor was expecting a nice little deli or a café but instead he took her to an Italian bar and grill (a very loud one) named-what else?- Tony's

He must have been more nervous than she realized because while she had a cup of minestrone soup and some pecan ice cream, he had a steak, pizza, lasagna and cheesecake and if he hadn't insisted in paying then she might have had something to say.

As they sat waiting for the check to come, Tony looked at his watch "1:12, five hours" what am I gonna do for five hours?" he looked better now than he had before; of course a nine hundred calorie meal has that effect anyone.

"Five hours or less" she corrected him. He shot her an annoyed glance.

"Well, I do have an idea… if you're interested."


"This wasn't exactly what I had in mind" he said as he tried to knot the string.

"What? Haven't you ever seen Marry Poppins? Just Go Fly a Kite."

"It's Let's Go Fly a Kite actually-" he started.

"Well, I'm glad you agree. Now, get running" she handed him the new kite and took hold of the spool.

If distraction was her goal, then it succeeded because Tony was most definitely distracted. People were looking. Still, he had to admit that some part of him was having fun.

Tony ran and tossed the kite up into the air and it promptly fell back down again. Well, try, try again.

He picked it back up and this time he caught the wind. The kite rose up and he looked at Taylor who looked like a ten year old making the cheap kite dance and dip in the air.

"You're good at this, hobby?" he was actually looking at her now. The social worker was staring to fade and a person was coming out.

She laughed "yeah, ever since I was eight and my grandpa and me found an old kite one day when we were cleaning out the garage. He took me outside and taught me fly it right there. We never did finish the garage, Grandma was angry but its still one of the happiest memories I have. After he died, I kept on flying kites and even went to competitions. I always felt like he was there with me." Tony listened to her carefully, a little surprised that she would share something so personal with him.

Some teenagers walked by, giving them weird looks. "I feel kind of silly" Tony said.

"Why? We're just two full grown adults in work attire flying a kite in the middle of Washington DC at two in the afternoon. Nothing odd about that is there?" he really did laugh this time.


Later they sat on a bench, drinking icees. "Do you know their names?" Tony asked.

"What?" Taylor asked him.

He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees "The twins, do you know what their names are?" his color changed.

"Yes, their names are Eric Ryan and Joshua… it could just be a coincidence but Joshua Anthony." He looked at her, his eyes wide.

"What do they look like? What color is their hair, their eyes? Are they identical?" his voice held just a slight hint of hysterics but he quickly controlled himself. Taylor understood that this was getting harder for him. She debated weather to give it to him or not. If seeing it might push him over the edge. Even so, he had a right to see it, she decided.

"I have a picture of them, when I saw you… I was pretty sure but I'll let you decide for yourself." She handed him the photo.


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