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Taylor grudgingly pushed her head up off the pillow and looked at the clock beside her bed.

3:39 AM glared back at her

That, not being the source of the ringing that had yanked her from sleep, caused her to drag herself out of bed and over to the wall where her phone charger was plugged in.

"'ello" she managed, through the sleep induced fog.

"I want them." The voice on the other end of the phone said

"wha?" surely she was dreaming

"The boys, I want them." Oh, he had to be joking.

"Tony?" she was something approaching awake now.

"Yeah, I want them. I want them to come live with me. How do I get them?" he sounded like he was on a Red Bull IV drip.

"Tony" she said calmly "Do you know what time it is?" she sat on the luggage bench beside her suitcase.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. I know it's early-" he started to apologize.

"No, Tony! Early doesn't start until five. It's late. It's very, very late. Now, while I am thrilled by your decision, we will discuss it when it is not three thirty in the morning!" She yelled the last part.

"Right, sorry. Well, can I meet you for breakfast somewhere?" she heard noise in the background but didn't ask because it could only prolong this ridicules call.

"Fine, there's an IHOP across the street form my hotel, I'll meet you there at eight. Goodnight Tony." She hung up before he could respond.

Taylor stood up to go back to bed, tripped on her phone's charger cord and fell flat on her face. "Tony" she growled.


His apartment was a mess; he was in the process of packing everything. His dishes, his books (there weren't that many of those), his movies (those, there were a lot of), everything.

The real estate agent he found on the internet hadn't listed her home number (lucky for her) so he just left a message to call him back as soon as possible. Because he had to get a bigger place. His apartment only had one bedroom. That was all he needed but it wasn't about him anymore, it was about them now. He had to have a place big enough for his sons, in a good school district, with low crime rate and a nice playground and no pollution (those four cups of black "Gibbs Style" coffee he drank earlier to sober up were having an obvious effect).

And he to do all this before heā€¦lost his nerve.

He could do it. There had always been a part of him that saw being a parent in his future. It was just coming a little sooner than he expected. That wasn't bad.

Well, it was bad because the boys had too lose their mother for him to be a parent but what was done was done and now was the time to deal with the outcome of those events.

To say that "everything will be alright" would be silly because clearly everything wouldn't be alright. There would be problems and things would go wrong but they would cross those bridges as they came to them. Most things would be alright.

Tony shoved his toaster and roasting pan and sandwich press into one box and decided to pack the rest of the kitchen later (he still had to live there for a while after all).

He had been thinking about Kayla a lot, what she had been like when he'd known her. How the boys might be.

If someone had asked Tony to describe Kayla in one word he would have said "compassionate" but it wasn't really fair to only use one word because there was a lot more to her than that; but her quiet, kind attitude was what you saw first and clearer anything else. She could be fervent if she was inspired and she could be formidable of she had a reason but her self sacrificing warmth was always present and welcomed by most who knew her.

Tony knew that four year olds were still developing their personalities but their mother's empathy must have rubbed off on them.


He couldn't remember why they had broken up. They had been arguing more and it just seemed to phase out like they had mutually agreed to end it without ever saying so.

The thing that bothered Tony most was that he didn't know what he would have done if he had known about Kayla's pregnancy five years ago.

Well, now he could fix it.

But first, he was going to need more boxes.


There wasn't much business in the IHOP that morning so Taylor sat nursing a cup of black coffee watching the door for Tony. There was a small, carnal, part of her that was considering throwing it on him when he walked in "call me at three in the morning will you?" but she was fighting it. After all, she would just have to get more coffee.

When he did finally appear (late) she opened her briefcase and started pulling forms out. She almost hadn't bothered to bring them to Washington; she didn't even expect to find the twin's father. Let alone have him accept custody of them before he ever met them.

But Tony was, on all accounts, not what she had been expecting.

"Hey" he greeted her, sitting across from her in the booth.

"Good Morning, Tony" her voice on edge but she was very glad to able to end this case so well. She didn't get that kind of opportunity very often.

"Look, I'm sorry about last night. I don't know what I was thinking I guess I just got excited" he opened his menu.

"It's ok" she smiled "now, do you want to talk details and paperwork before, during or after breakfast?" after, she hoped. Pancakes and estate arrangements didn't really mix.

"Seeing as I've been given all the time I need to sort this out after is good with me. But can I ask a few questions?" stuffed French toast, he decided.

"such as?" Taylor prompted.


The twins are coming, I promise. I'm just having some college application issues at the moment (as I would like too transfer back in state) but I'm getting around to it.