'I am never going to get this', Dean growled to himself mentally.

He looked longingly out the window at the beautiful day. The sky was a gorgeous shade of azure blue and the sun was high in the sky. It was the perfect day to get outside and work on his baby. Dean wistfully thought about his 1967 Impala. When was the last time he had taken her out for a spin? Three weeks, maybe a month? Dean supposed that was the result of everything being in walking distance of absolutely everything. He was even not drinking beer much.

Damn college.

Yes, he was in college. Even this being his third year, Dean himself still couldn't fathom the idea.

Sighing and rubbing his unfocused eyes, Dean attempted the longest calculus equation on his homework once more. Dammit, he had been working the same one for a full hour with no avail whatsoever. Finally, Dean resorted to guessing with the answer he had been coming up with the most. He only did that on papers he knew he was going to get a decent grade on anyway. Good grades meant more school and a better education meant a better job.

Fuck, he was beginning to sound like Sammy.

By the way, where was his brother? Dean hadn't seen him since breakfast and Dean knew his brother didn't have class on Tuesdays. The older Winchester resolved to not worry about it.

'Lay off of Sammy a bit,' Dean told himself, 'He can take care of himself. He's probably at work.'

That didn't help much.

Dean still held the protectiveness toward Sam inside. There was no way in Hell he could let that go. It was a trait so deeply ingrained in his personality that he wouldn't be the same big brother if he lost his obsession with Sammy's welfare. Anyway, he wouldn't give it up by choice. Dean liked his continuous job. No matter how annoying it got hearing Sammy whine about something, Dean would still sacrifice himself for his brother. Even if it was as small as his moments of relative sanity or as large as his life.

Standing, from what seemed to be hours of sitting in one still position, was a chore. He submitted his homework and carried the laptop, the one that he and Sammy had scraped up enough to buy, outside. He checked to see if his extension cord was still trailing behind him, before sitting down on the front stone steps of the Winchesters' dorm. The sun immediately rejuvenated Dean's sore body. He looked around the neighborhood of the dorm town on campus. Guys were walking their girlfriends to class. Other people were lounging outside on their front lawn if they had one. All the Winchesters had was their space inside that consisted of two bedrooms with two beds apiece, a bathroom, a kitchenette, a living room, and an office.

The brothers had been living there for nearly four years now while they were going to Stanford. Sammy was working on his full law degree and Dean...well, he was going to do something. He didn't know what specifically yet, but it was going to be good. That, he knew.

A fiery red 1972 Corvette pulled up beside Dean's Impala and parked. Dean looked up from his half-finished English paper that was due on Thursday to see his little brother.

"Hey, where've you been all day?" asked Dean curiously.

"I have a surprise for you," Sammy grinned as if it was the best day ever.

"What do you mean by 'surprise'?" Dean shot back suspiciously.

Usually, he hated any kind of surprises. But it couldn't possibly be bad if it came from Sammy, right? Those past few years, Sammy had been taking care of Dean. He was working a job to pay for Dean's college since he already had a free ride. Dean supposed that it was Sammy's thank you for raising him. Dean had never complained and he knew that made Sammy feel worthy of his heroic brother.

"I'm taking you out," grinned Sammy.

Dean bit his lip as he looked back down at his paper on the laptop. Then he saw the eagerness on his brother's face. Hell, the paper could wait. He shut the laptop and put it inside the dorm on his desk in the office.

"Sure, let's go," Dean said.

Sammy's reaction melted his heart. He hadn't seen his brother so excited since...he couldn't even remember.

The brothers piled into Sam's Corvette and his brother started the engine. Dean smiled when he heard the engine roar to life. The Corvette was Dean's gift to Sammy when his little brother completed the remainder of his pre-law schooling. Dean had slaved over the car for hours in secret. That was before starting college and during his civilian job. Man, had things changed since their hunting days.

Their last hunt was destroying a whole coven of vampires. It was nearly a fatal job, but they had made it out intact. During that time, Dean had considered having a normal life. Or at least an education, for all's sake. Then he could have job and hunt at the same time. He and Sammy had agreed to that. Anyway, Dean knew Sammy wasn't intent on hunting for the rest of his life and forgo having a family and other semi-normal things.

Dean didn't blame him.

"So where are we going?" asked Dean after they had made it out of the campus. From what Dean could tell, they were heading for the highway.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise," pouted Sam. Dean knew that Sammy was as stubborn as a person could possibly be, so he chose not to argue. Anything to make his little brother happy was great.

"Okay then, cool with me," Dean told him honestly.

Sammy was the only person he trusted to drag him off into oblivion.

Dean saw dark clouds gathering behind them as they pulled onto the highway heading away from Palo Pinto. He settled into his seat and dismissed his initial thoughts.

'They are probably just rain clouds,' Dean assured himself, 'not all clouds come with something paranormal.' But in the back of his mind, his hunting senses told him he was most likely wrong.


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