Sam was worried, beyond worried to the point of panic. Where the Hell was Dean? He had been gone for minutes, mere minutes and their entire vacation was down the drain. Great, just great. Sam wasn't too worried about that at the moment though. He was concerned about his food-poisoned, missing older brother. Racing inside of the store he had just been in, he came to the counter where the pretty female clerk was.

"Miss, my brother is gone," he said in a rush, "He was out in the car, now he's not and he's sick. Throwing up and everything. I think somebody took him since he's not answering his cellphone. Can I look on your security tapes?"

The clerk eyed him, eyebrows raising as his explanation and studied the panic on Sam's face. He seemed desperate enough to just be telling the truth. There wasn't any harm in showing him the tapes either.

"Okay," the clerk waved him behind the counter to the room back there. She sat down at the computer and backed up the tapes to the point where Sam told her to stop.

"Here you go."

Sam peered at it and his blood ran cold for the second time that day. He recognized the being pulling Dean away from the car.


Dean yelped in pain as his head was slammed against the ground for the fourth time. He was definitely out of practice with fighting. The old instincts had kept him from passing out again as he was slammed around the room. The chains had been lowered once the vampire bastard had temporarily caught him stunned. Then the punishment began. Dean was being swung to and fro via the chains hanging from the bars on the ceiling. Nausea was sweeping over the Winchester as blood was flowing from multiple cuts on his face.

"Had enough now, Dean?" bellowed Gene, the vampire who had captured him, "Going to try to escape again? You aren't getting away this time!"

Dean grunted as Gene picked him up from the floor and punched him in the gut, as Dean hung inches from the floor due to doubling over, Dean whipped out a leg and caught Gene in the back of the knees. The vampire fell and Dean scrambled to sucker-punch Gene. Obviously the vampire was more sensitive than the ones he had met since he automatically passed out. With satisfaction, Dean grabbed the keys off of Gene's belt. After unlocking himself, Dean stood up and stretched his muscles. Moving past the downed figure on the floor, Dean rolled his eyes.