Summary: ExB Princess Isabella was returning home on a ship after visting relatives across the sea when the ship she is on is attacked by pirates. After losing everything, she is taken aboard the pirate ship, where she befriends the Captain and some of his happens when she is forced to chose between her old life and her new one, with the one she has learned to love?

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" Princess Bella?"

I turned around at the sound of my name to see my friend, Eric. Eric was the only person, besides my father, that I allowed to address me as Bella, instead of Isabella.

"Yes, Eric?" I said.

"The weather is getting worse, and the Captain has ordered me to ask you to go below decks," he said, slightly raising his voice above the wind, which was steadily getting stronger.

I was slightly annoyed that Captain Blake was trying to take care of me (no doubt to get on my father's good side), but I knew that my father would have made me, also, if he were here.

"Of course, Eric," I said with a forced smile. I stood up straight, leaning away from the railing of the ship, just as a wave tossed itself on to the ship's deck. I, being me, naturally slipped, almost throwing myself over board. Eric, knowing me very well, grabbed my wrist and pulled me away from the railings.

We walked to the door that led down to the sleeping quarters of the crew. Of course I had my own cabin, but since that was on the deck, I came down here whenever there were storms.

After Eric nodded respectfully before returning to his post, I sunk on to a lumpy cot. It was hot down here, so I flipped my brown hair so that it was fanned out around my head. I was already bored, so I tried to sleep. I soon found that that was impossible with the noise of the ever-growing storm coming from above, so I just lay there in silence, thinking.

I had left my home to visit relatives, who lived on a whole other continent, across the sea from my royal home. My father was the King, and was not able to join me on the voyage, if you could call it that. After visiting the relatives, I got back on this ship for the journey back. It took three weeks, and the only people I knew on the Gold Night (the ship) were Eric and the Captain, who I despised. He kept trying to get on my father's good side so that he could one day ask him for my hand in marriage, but I absolutely loathed him.

My thoughts were interrupted with screams from above. I raced up the steps and listened through the closed door. My blood ran cold at what I heard.

There were screams from both familiar voices, and unfamiliar, that were mingled and cut short with the clanging of swords meeting. My mind raced. Damn it came to my mind quickly. What was I supposed to do?! I raced back down the stairs quietly.

"Bella!" I felt my heart skip a beat. I turned around quickly, breathing out a sigh of relief when I saw Eric racing down the stairs toward me, after shutting the door behind him.

"Eric, what's going on up there!?" I asked with a note of hysteric in my voice.

"We've been attacked! I have to get you out of here! Come on, I'll get you to the dingy," he said, grabbing my wrist and tugging me towards the stairs.

When his wrist hand touched the door knob, we both froze at the sound of raised voices.

"Alright crew! Search the ship for survivors. Don't harm them yet, just bring them to me," the voice said. I guessed that it was the Captain of the attacking ship. I looked at Eric, who had a look of panic on his face.

We heard yells of agreements from the opposing crew, and turned to race down the stairs once more. Before we had even reached the bottom step, however, the door to the deck was yanked open and light filled the room.

"Freeze!" At that voice, Eric threw me quickly into a pile of old rags. Though disgusted, I tried to blend in as the heavy footsteps came down the stairs.

"Come on, the Captain wants all survivors on deck." I glanced up quickly to see a dirty man (pirate, obviously) grab Eric's sword from him and rest it at Eric's throat. Eric, without giving me away, put his hands up and reluctantly went up the stairs. With another glance around, the pirate followed my friend up the stairs.

I stayed silent until I heard the door to the deck close, and then I raced up the stairs, trying not to make a sound, and stuck my ear to the keyhole.

"Is he the only one below decks?" I heard the rough voice of the Captain ask.

"Yes Cap'n," came the voice of the pirate who had taken Eric.

"In that case, keep all of the survivors here while I decide their fate. If they are going to die because of injury or are ill anyway, throw them over."

I gasped when I heard this and sprinted back down the stairs. Without a second thought, I threw off my dress and dug through the cots. When I found a shirt and some trousers, I threw them on, tying a belt around my waist and putting a dagger and sword into it. I pulled on a pair of boots, though they were far to large for me, and tied my hair back into a loose ponytail. After making a quick decision, I then drew the dagger and cut off my hair so that it was shoulder length. For the last touch, I wrapped a brown bandanna around my head and tied it. Hoping that I looked like a male now, I snuck back up the stairs and listened at the door.

"Hurry up cleaning the Captain's cabin out. When you're finished, I want the lower levels searched for goods." I knew that I only had a few minutes before they would come down to where I was and I would be discovered. Quickly, I made a plan.

I went back down the stairs and hid under the stairs. When the door above me opened, I held my breathe. I saw about six men race down the stairs. While they were searching the cots, I joined them, hoping that none of them would notice. I dug through the cots with them, and when one of them concluded the search, I ran up the stairs with them, praying as I came out on to the deck that I would not be discovered.

I wasn't. I saw eyes looking at us as we came on to the deck, and followed the other pirates to where the rest of their crew was standing. One of the men approached who I took to be the pirate Captain, and exchanged a few quick words with him.

I then looked over to where Eric and about seven others from my ship were being guarded by a huge man with brown hair. Eric looked at my and our eyes met. A look of surprise flashed over his face before he looked away. I knew he wouldn't give me away. I did notice that the Gold Night's Captain, Blake, was not among the survivors. Though I didn't like him, I still felt a pang of pity for him. He had always been kind to me, and now he was dead.

My attention was brought back to the Pirate Captain when he spoke.

"I have decided what to do with the survivors. Since we only lost a couple men in this raid, we are not in need of more crew members. They shall be executed."

My heart plummeted and I looked away as the large man guarding the so called survivors brought his knife to the first man's throat with a frown. I winced as there was a cut off yelp and a splash. Two more followed that before I looked up to see the man take a step toward Eric. My eyes widened and when the knife was brought to my friends throat, without a second thought I ran forward and yelled:


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