Title: Fever

Author: Taisa Prongsie

Pairing: Abby / Gibbs

Rating: NC-17.

Synopsis: He gives me fever with his kisses, fever when he holds me tight…

Warning(s): Total smut and lacking a plot.

Disclaimer: Abby & Gibbs (as with the rest of the NCIS team) are not mine. Believe me, if they were, I wouldn't be writing this. :-P


Black nails scratched up and down a pale back, leaving sporadic trails of light pink behind. His back was broad and well-built; his muscles danced beneath her hands. His strong arms wrapped around her narrow waist, pulling her fair skin closer to him. Beads of sweat built up between them. It was pure, unadulterated passion.

She licked her crimson lips, messy from the passion with which the lovers kissed. He licked along her neck, watching her intensely. Her every reaction turned him on more, and more. Her supple lips met the rougher skin of his shoulder as she kissed along his bare skin. The fervor was growing; lips, and skin, and sighs, and hoarse moans of Oh God, right there were all that was between them.

She shuddered with desire, writhing beneath his body; the tension in her body was rising to a spine-tingling peak. He pulled her dainty wrists above her head and pressed them against the wall with a lusty growl. He licked his lips like an animal about to devour his prey, a look that sent shivers throughout her body. His hips stalled, encouraging a whimpered plea out of her pouting mouth. Her eyes begged Oh please, please, don't stop. He slowly pulled himself out, and a smirk – ignited by some primal, wild desire – once again sparked a sudden chain reaction of chills down the base of her spine, and causing every bit of exposed skin to rise in delicious goose bumps.

Finally, he leaned over on top of her, pressing himself against her and thrusting every last inch of him back into her wetness. At the same time, he bit down at her fair white breast, tipped with crimson, coaxing a lecherous moan out of her. She threaded her long, thin fingers through his soft, silky hair and pulled down as she simultaneously arched up against him.

His tongue swirled around the pink buds, watching her squirm delightfully, before sucking one gently into his mouth. She was his, he had made his mark. Both were coming close to their bliss; her whole body was blushing beneath his ministrations, her muscles tensed around him; a cry, a whimper of his name in such raw passion, the waves of pleasure rolled over her, and soon sent him following immediately after her.

He stroked her hair gently, kissing her on her forehead, as she nuzzled beneath his chin.

"That's my girl, Abs."