An Unexpected Love
by Vampiric Rose

Rating: M

Pairings: Kaname x Zero

Disclaimer: Vampire Knight and its characters belong to Matsuri Hino not me.


"Kuran-sama, your guests have been given invitations to the ball this weekend," A short blonde haired maid stated as she replaced the lids on top of the pureblood prince's half eaten breakfast. She watched him with pure love as he stood up from the red and gold chair beside his desk and crossed the room to his window. She loved him so much but she was just a level C, no one who could be anything other than a maid to someone like Kaname Kuran, she sighed unconsciously and he turned his head towards her with a questioning look. "Ah… sorry Kuran-sama, I was erm…" she stuttered, a little red colouring her cheeks as she looked down at the tray of food.

"It's okay, you may leave," The pureblood replied in his usual commanding tone that he saved for his staff, he was trying not to smile at her obvious embarrassment at being caught looking at him, but it was not rare, most of his female staff and even a few of the males would stare at him with lust. He waited for her to close the door behind her as she hurried from his room until he turned his head back to the view outside the window to watch his recent guests getting into their car and drive away.

He finally felt like he could relax now, the day… night, was over and the sun would soon rise up and the humans would be up and about, while he slept comfortably in his room at the Kuran mansion. He hadn't been living here that long, he'd only just left Cross Academy, his fellow students had promised to remain there and keep teaching the vampire youngsters how to live in peace with humans. They would keep drinking the blood tablets and continue with their Kaname-sama's pacifism.

To celebrate his return to the Kuran mansion he was holding a dance and inviting the highest class of vampires with a few of the purebloods, the vampire council was attending along with several well known and wealthy families. There were also several families of vampire hunters attending, a further stretch to Kaname's pacifism that had to now include the hunters, some of which were happy to welcome the pureblood into their lives, others not so much. In this circle of hunters was the Kiryuu family, probably the strongest of the hunters in the world, their sons however, Zero and Ichiru were not particularly pleased with their parents new friend.

It was exciting for the pureblood, he was expecting to involve him self in some business deals to expand his holdings and also perhaps meet some of the vampires who hadn't yet attended Cross Academy, if asked by a pureblood personally, their parents would be more likely to send them to the school even if they didn't agree with peace between their races. He was also looking forward to meeting the other of the Kiryuu twins, hunter twins were rare and he knew already that one, Zero, was stronger than the other yet they shared such a strong bond. Zero had also attended the academy as one of the school guardians and had a clear hatred of vampires even though he was one him self, his human life taken away by Hio Shizuka 8 years ago. Kaname had debated whether or not to invite the other pureblood but had decided not to as she'd probably be tempted to bind her slave vampire and possibly turn the other twin too; he didn't want more blood spilt.

He saw the first signs of light over the horizon from his window, his maroon eyes squinting in the light and he quickly drew the curtains plunging the room into darkness. He could see perfectly well though in the darkness so didn't bother turning the lights on. He slid out of his clothes and under the crimson quilt of his bed, his chocolate brown hair spilling over the cushions as he laid his head down. He was soon asleep yet he wasn't deep, he was on the brink of sub consciousness with his senses alert enough to feel any thing approaching that could be dangerous; this was how he slept every day of his life.


"Zero! Ichiru!" An angelic voice called from the bottom of the Kiryuu household stairs; she was waiting for her sons who were stubbornly taking their time getting ready for their training with Toga Yagari. She was more worried about getting Ichiru out of the house than Zero who was always excited about his lessons but wanted to stay with his twin. "I'll send your father up!" She warned just before the silver haired teens showed their faces, they were both 17 now and looked extremely hansom in their gear… well Zero did as Ichiru wasn't wearing his.

"Ichi…" Their mother started when they began down the stairs but she was soon interrupted by Zero.

"Ichiru doesn't feel well 'kaa-san" The boy protested, he was in his usual short sleeved vest top with his chest covered in straps flashing anti-vampire knives and other weapons he would need during his lesson, he could name every single hunter weapon he'd ever used and would be able to tell you exactly what it did. He could also use several charms that would work 100% of the time but he hadn't done much work on that yet, his training had been put on hold during the… vampire stuff.

"Alright Ichiru, would you like to stay here then?" Their mother asked ruffling the boys' hair as they passed. She was so proud of her sons but wished the weaker of the two would do more and make him self stronger instead of skipping classes as often as he could.

"Thanks okaa-san" Ichiru thanked, his voice always a little higher than his brothers, he gave the other a hug then disappeared into the living room of the house while Zero put his trainers on.

"See you later!" The teen called before hurrying out the door into the rain, it had been raining for a few days now and the ground was slippery where the concrete was smooth, he had to concentrate on his footing as he ran to the car waiting for him on the long drive way. The car was black and had black tinted windows for keeping the sunlight out, it was easier for Zero to be comfortable inside, his vampire nature made it harder to focus but not impossible like it was for those born as vampires.

He slammed the door and the car sped off, Toga Yagari sat in the driver's seat, his cowboy hat tilted downwards and the usual cigarette hanging out of his mouth, a thin wave of smoke disappearing into the air upwards as he breathed the nicotine in. His left eye covered permanently with the eye patch, his left eye was gouged out while he was protecting Zero from a level E vampire. "Morning Zero" he greeted inclining his head towards the other.

"Morning Yagari-sensei, where are we going today?" Zero replied, adding the question quickly before the hunter could ask where Ichiru was.

"Well I've got a level E to hunt… well you've got a level E to hunt," Yagari replied turning around in his seat to grin at the younger hunter. He was proud of himself for getting Zero a job from the hunter association, especially because the boy was young and was a vampire too, but he was in the Kiryuu family which probably helped him a lot.

"Wow! Really?!" Zero exclaimed loudly, he beamed happily with a hint of excitement, he'd never killed a vampire before, and it was about time he did though he needed to get to know what it felt like… to kill something, to end its life and not regret it because its your job and the level E's are hazardous to human health when they're loose. He knew killing a level E would be easy, one shot to the heart would finish them in one blow and they wouldn't have the power to heal an anti vampire injury quickly.

Zero day-dreamed about which weapon he was going to use to end the unfortunate vampire's life, he decided on his bloody rose, so many times had he wished to shoot those stupid night class vampires and the gun was desperate to kill something. He held the gun in his right hand, the other hand held a small blade covered in anti-vampire powder that entered the blood stream and destroyed all the vampires natural healing. He was also running a bunch of spells through his head as well that were quite fascinating to watch, but he wanted to end this quickly as possible to eliminate any possibility of a human getting attacked.

The car pulled up into the near by town, it was still quite early and there weren't many people about which would help, the scents of the humans would put him off of his work. As soon as the car stopped Zero was out of the car, as soon as the wind hit him he smelt the vampire, he could sense it somewhere near by. There was also a scent of blood in the air, it had recently fed or it was feeding.

Yagari was about to speak but the younger hunter had already disappeared, using his vampire speed to move quicker. "Zero!" Yagari called urgently, he sighed and let the boy go, the vampire wasn't dangerous to him but if Zero couldn't cope it would get away and become more wary. That wouldn't be a good thing and if Zero failed altogether the hunter's association would not be impressed; he had wanted to remind Zero of that before he went.

Zero was running as fast as he could, that blood was very fresh and the human was more than likely still alive, death of a human was not something Zero could handle. He came to an abandoned building, its wall covered in ivy and bricks hanging off the window ledges, threatening to fall down. The entire building gave off that haunted house look; it was dark inside, the low sun casting long shadows making it look scarier, light came in from the top windows, one of the back walls had fallen inwards allowing the suns rays to pass through it. For Zero though it was a hunting ground, and he entered it without hesitation.

The level E wasn't too deep inside the building, the scent of blood brought Zero to it easily, he'd been right the girl was still alive. She was unconscious and probably close to death with the vast amount of blood she'd lost. The vampire itself would have been so terrifying if Zero hadn't seen a level E before, its long fangs were protruding out of his mouth; the eyes were the most shocking though. They were completely red, glowing red like neon lights and sparkling with excitement at the taste of the girl's blood which was dribbling down the side of his face, his skin was chafed and extremely pale in places as though he'd been out in the sun with ripped clothing covering particular parts of his body.

"Ah you came to take away my prey, I worked hard to bring the child here," The vampire complained, his voice taking on a high pitched, throaty sound.

"No! Vampire I came to end your life, that girl is innocent and doesn't deserve death by some low life scum!" Zero replied dryly, he pointed the bloody rose at the level E who was now cowering behind the girl's body. If he missed the vampire and caught the girl it would do no damage, it may cause a small bruise but it wasn't deadly to a human and the vampire clearly didn't know that.

The vampire seemed to realize this fact after a moments thought, it had not been a level E for long, and was still in control of its thoughts, "Help me please!" It begged, taking on a new way to try and stay alive, "I don't want to do this… but its… it's just so… so delicious!" It continued, his eyebrows furrowing and his eyes looked pained. It was trying to get Zero to sympathize with him, the hunter was a vampire too, and it would have given up already if Zero hadn't been one.

"No!" Zero retorted, annoyed, "Don't try that with me, you make me sick!" He spat emptying the guns contents into the part of the ex-human's body that was not hidden behind the unconscious girl. The flesh turned to dust almost instantly, the girl flopped over now without a support and the wound continued to bleed, she didn't have enough defense left to get it to clot and it would bleed until it was aided into healing. He picked the girl up, using the cloth inside his jean pocket to wrap around her neck to help stop the blood flowing from it.

He sped off as fast as possible back to Yagari who was patiently waiting in the car, his window was open and a hand with a cigarette was resting limply on the side. The low hum of background music could be heard from a distance, it was some 90's pop that Zero had never heard of and didn't intend to find out, music didn't interest him in the slightest and he had other things to occupy his mind with. "Yagari-sensei, we need to go to the hospital or something… she's lost a lot of blood," He said as soon as he was in the car, the girl now spread out on the seat with her head on his knee.

The girl was okay after she'd seen a doctor and had a few painkillers; they'd had to ask a noble vampire to wipe her memory clean of vampires so she wouldn't remember anything. She was sent home with a bandage around her neck, keeping the two fang marks from view she'd be vulnerable to attack again if a vampire saw that she'd been fed on, they were usually picky on the type of blood they liked and if they saw that a vampire had already fed off of the girl they would guess she had delicious blood.

Zero was very happy with himself, after the girl was given the all clear it finally set in that he'd completed his first mission and saved a girls life at the same time. He'd been smiling ever since including when he got home and was still telling his parents about it at half past 10 at night. His parents were both extremely happy and so was Ichiru who found it fascinating and continued to ask his brother questions until they went to bed. They were in joining rooms now so Zero could go and sit with Ichiru without disturbing the rest of the house.

They were just about to go to bed when a loud tap at the door alerted the whole house when they felt the presence of a vampire. The last time a vampire visited their home Zero had ended up with two pureblood fang marks in his neck and nearly two dead parents. He was swiftly down the stairs and beside his parents with his bloody rose he didn't care that he was in his pajamas. He stepped forwards warily to open the door, and froze in surprise at who was stood there. "Aidou-senpai?!" he asked, shocked.

"Hi, hi!" Hanabusa Aidou beamed cheerily when he saw the hunters face peering round the door, his face was a little bit guarded what with being near a house full of vampire hunters, and extremely strong ones at that but he knew he could at least trust Zero enough to not get him killed. "I have a special delivery for your parents, Kiryuu-kun, are they in?" He asked politely, his icy blue eyes twinkling happily.

"Err… yeah, 'kaa-san, 'tou-san," Zero called over his shoulder, "its Hanabusa Aidou." He replied to an unheard question, well the vampire at the door had acute hearing so he probably heard it but to human ears it was almost silent. Zero stepped backwards, pulling the door open wider to reveal the blonde vampire stood on the door step with a very business-man type posture, he was clearly trying not to look a little scared by the over whelming chances of the hunters turning on him.

"Oh! Aidou-san, lovely to meet you, you must be one of Kaname-kun's friends, what can we do for you?" The hunter twins' mother asked, seemingly perfectly happy with talking to her enemy like they were old friends, their father on the other hand was a little more wary and held his wife's hands tightly so he could pull her away if it decided it was thirsty. His lilac eyes were fixed on the vampire, watching it's every movement with the skill of a very experienced hunter, he had relaxed a little when his spouse mentioned the Kuran pureblood but this vampire was unfamiliar.

"Kiryuu-san, Kaname-sama has asked me to deliver you this letter; it is an invitation to his ball this weekend to celebrate his return to the Kuran mansion. He would love it if your family could attend." Aidou explained, his voice showed such respect as he talked about his pureblood leader. He even looked sincere that he hoped the hunter family could attend; it would be an extra friendly face there for him to entertain and talk with.

The Kiryuu female nodded with delight, her eyes glancing towards her husband then back to the blue eyed vampire, "We would love to come, please tell Kaname-kun we shall all be attending," she replied, her voice growing a little louder when she said 'all' so that Ichiru could hear who was sat on the top of the stairs. He was scowling now; he didn't want to go to some bloodsucker's crib and party with leeches all night that was his worst nightmare! He'd fake an illness… in fact he probably didn't even need to fake it, his body was weak enough as it was.

Aidou departed shortly afterwards and promised to tell Kaname that they were all going to be at his ball, he'd be happy with that, he knew that Kaname had been dying to meet both of the hunter twins for a while.


Meanwhile the pureblood prince was just waking up from his day's sleep, ready for an active night of helping the staff to prepare the ball room by throwing his ideas in to help the decorations look more inviting. He was quite picky with the over all look of the room, he wanted particular flowers from a special florist in the nearest city, they would be arriving the following day but some of the roses had already been delivered and the staff were currently bunching them together and adding them to the large ball room.

"Kaname-sama," One of the purebloods main serving staff bowed to his master then stood to deliver news, "Aidou-san has sent a letter of confirmation from the Kiryuu family, they will all be attending this weekend," he stated, one hand still across his middle from the previous bow. He was glad to be delivering good news the vampire, even though Kaname was extremely good at hiding his emotions in front of people he sometimes let his aura go a little if he was mad and it made them all feel sick with fear.

Kaname nodded a thanks and the waiter departed after bowing quickly again, the auburn haired vampire watched him leave with trained eyes before returning to his current job, the females were trying to get his opinion on the music they'd put together for the ball, all of them happy and excited to be hosting a party for their Kaname-sama. One in particular, a redheaded noble who was usually one of the pureblood's body guards was helping out, she was talking animatedly to the chef about the types of food they were going to offer.

"Kuran-sama, we've decided this would be best…" Kaname tuned them out; he knew he really shouldn't but he wasn't too bothered about what music was playing, he trusted his staff enough to get different types to suit his tastes. "…and this one is for…" the women went on explaining while his thoughts were in different places, he was happy that the hunter family was going to be coming. "Kuran-sama?" The girl asked when she realized the man in front of her wasn't listening to a word she was saying.

"Yes it all sounds very good, excuse me," Kaname replied, escaping before they started up again. He crossed the room swiftly, using his natural speed but he was interrupted again by one of his personal messengers, "Sir, you have an unexpected visitor." He said, his voice like an army officer, stating facts with pure confidence while still keeping respect in there so he wouldn't get murdered by the vampire. Kaname's eyes narrowed suspiciously, he wasn't suspicious of the messenger but the fact that someone had come when he had asked for peace until the ball, it could mean only one thing; that the visitor was another pureblood.

"Miya-sama! Kuran-sama has asked for no visitors until the ball!" A voice protested, it was packed with regret for having to explain this to a level A that clearly was not listening and entered the hall boldly.

"Kaname-san! How lovely to finally see you, it's been much too long since we last met." A bell voice announced as soon as the other pureblood came into her range of sight. She appeared in front of the other with a mischievous smirk on her pale face, her long fringe covering her right eye completely. Her hair was beautifully silky and reached down her back, spiraling out in long waves until it reached her hips. The colour was a beautiful brown, just a little lighter than Kaname's but her eyes were much much darker than his, they were hazel but extremely dark and made her face look deadly along with the two fangs dangling in her mouth.

She was wearing a long blue dress; it was frilled in places and trailed in long sweeps behind her as she walked, across her chest was delicate lace and could easily be ripped if not handled carefully. Her feet were strapped in high heeled stilettos but were unseen beneath the canopy of her dress. Kaname was gawking at her without realizing it as many of the men in the room were.

"Seera Miya-san, what are you doing here?" He asked as soon as coherent speech was possible. He still hadn't looked at her face, but when he did, it through him back to where he'd been before, staring at her beauty and almost drooling. He probably would have if it hadn't had the effect of ruining his pride. When he looked properly, he could see her eyes were twinkling with excitement, and she wasn't looking at him she was viewing the room's décor with skepticism.

"I got your invitation and decided to come and help you with your preparations, I was in the neighbourhood. But I shouldn't have bothered, it looks as though some men are as good a organizers as us girls, you've done well but there is something missing…" she paused and began to walk around the floor where the dancing would take place, she stopped when she reached her conclusion, "You need petals sprinkled over the dance floor, rose petals preferably they are soft and the younger children will enjoy collecting them up."

"Seera-san, I can handle the room now please come along," He ushered the other pureblood out of the ball room and along the corridor to his office room where he did all of the business work for his companies. He sat down in the comfortable sofa in the corner beside the window and motioned for her to join him, she did so but not before wandering round the new area gleefully. "Now, Seera-san please tell me what you really came for…" He ordered smoothly, he didn't begin with a normal conversation because she had come to his private homes uninvited and he wasn't in the mood for sweet talking her.

"Now now Kaname-san, you'll scare the staff with that aura," Seera tutted in reply. Because she was the same level of vampire that he was, his aura didn't affect her in the same way it did for other vampires, and her face was still happy and content. Suddenly her whole appearance seemed to shift darker, her eyes went crimson and she looked truly terrifying, Kaname was even leaning away from her. Then it ended quickly and she giggled with that high pitched bell voice of hers, "I'm sure mine will be much more terrifying, so I doubt you'll want to upset me, Ka…na…me…-san." She leaned towards him as she drew out his name.

Her eyes fixed on his, daring him to move away from her and shifted her weight so she was sat right next to him, her torso turned to face him much like his was turned to face her. There was no gap between them now and Kaname's senses filled with her scent, she smelt very floral, and lavender was definitely one of the many flowers in the perfume she used so much of. He also felt extremely uncomfortable with her pressed up against him like that, he knew now what exactly she had come for and he had no intention of humouring her with that.

He abruptly stood up and crossed the room, holding the door open wide and motioning her to leave. "Seera-san I'm a busy man, please excuse my rudeness." He said to her as she stood up stiffly and huffed, she stomped out of the room flicking her head away from him as she went then disappeared out of the other purebloods quarters and back to her pink limo that was waiting for her in the driveway. The car sped away leaving nothing but churned up dust in its wake and Kaname shook his head with disapproval, women were so pushy.

I have things to do, Seera. He thought to himself as he sat down at his desk and began making silent arrangements for himself for the ball, his computer hummed quietly in the background as it slowly turned itself on. Kaname was being surprisingly patient with it today and eventually he had the screens loaded up and was scanning the internet pages for any suitable things. He was on the special vampire network that gave him access to the vampire news and he could order emergency blood tablets as well.

The blood tablets weren't like drinking fresh human blood but they dimmed the thirst in their throats enough for them to control themselves, it was very hard to resist human blood and they had to try especially hard if they were thirsty. Kaname usually drunk twice as much as was necessary because his thirst was worse for him because of his pureblood stats. The lust for fresh blood was stronger for him than any of the other vampires in his area, other than level E's but he had a lot more self control and would never let himself get too excited over it.

The Ball room was miraculously finished before the end of the night, apart from the flowers there was nothing that needed to be done and that left Kaname with the remaining few hours of darkness to relax in his chambers of privacy. He was usually just finishing his classes back at the Academy at this hour and he wandered how the school was doing without his presence, he hoped none of the night class were misbehaving, he would have to go and visit some time after he was a little more settled and had a timetable for his work done. He would have to travel to America for a few weeks in the near future, his businesses over there needed their boss to come and decide what the next step in development would be.

"Kaname-sama! You're lunch is served on the table." One of the chef's helpers announced from outside his bedroom door after knocking once, she then left to go to the dining room wandering… hoping that he would come down. He did and was sat at the table before she even closed the room's door, "Do enjoy, Kaname-sama." She almost pleaded as she hurried to give him his peace. She wasn't one of his long term staff, just someone who'd been hired to take over from one of the staff that was on their leave due to some personal issues that the pureblood didn't really care about.

He didn't really taste the food he was eating, it was some kind of special steak the chef had ordered, it had some kind of spices on top of it and in the sauce that was surrounding it. It was quite delicious actually when he thought about it; he would have to give the chef a pay rise. He finished it quickly then disappeared back to his room, flopping ungracefully onto his bed, one more day – night – and then he'd be able to have something to take his mind off of the annoying work his life now revolved around. It would be a lot easier to just have someone do it for him but he'd loose all the respect he'd gained from the vampire world.

He wandered if his beloved sister was doing anything useful in the United Kingdom. She'd promised her brother she'd keep the workers there in check, that country was a hard one to handle; the workers were all moody about the pay they got even though it was quite generous. And to thank Yuuki who seemed to be quieting them down quite nicely, she'd become very well respected since Kaname had brought her back to her pureblood body and the siblings were keeping their family businesses in tact quite well. Although Yuuki was more enthusiastic than her brother, but then again she was happily married to one of the purebloods in England who she'd met and fallen for. Her brother had happily blessed their marriage then gone into depression, he was now alone… and he didn't like it.

"Kaname onii-sama you need to find yourself someone," She'd said to him when she'd visited the other pureblood, "Miya-san seems to have taken quite a liking to you," She'd been given a glare after that, yes Seera Miya was a beautiful, wealthy and very powerful pureblood but she was so annoying at times. Kaname would not be able to cope with that, no way. Yuuki had been moaning at him for always looking so lonely, what was he supposed to do though? When she'd told him she would rather be just a sister to him instead of his lover, he'd broken down. He loved the girl and she wouldn't return that love, but he was slowly getting over it, she was right he needed to find someone.


"Zero! Ichiru! Hurry up we'll miss the plane!" Came the usual annoyed call of the Kiryuu twins' mother. She'd told the pair to be at the bottom of the stairs by half 10, it was now 10:45 and she was just a little bit annoyed with them. She knew they didn't want to go to the ball at the Kuran Mansion, but she was making them go because she'd promised the pureblood. Ichiru was going whether he liked it or not, she'd force him into the place if she had to, Zero was a little more easy to persuade what with all the vampire controlling charms his parents knew… he was going of his own free will because he hated those charms.

The two finally came down after another few yells and threats from their mother; Zero was pulling Ichiru by the wrist because the other twin was being stubborn as usual. "But, I…!" He began to protest before the stronger twins hand fell over his mouth which effectively stopped his speech. He sighed and frowned at his brother with an intense glare, showing his complete disapproval of this whole ordeal, this didn't do anything though; Zero merely yanked his twin down the stairs and out the door faster than the boy could blink.

"Zero don't do that to your brother, but well done." The twins' father called from the door as his sons were now in the car waiting to take them to the airport. He and his wife had already had the luggage packed and they were now just checking the house was safe to leave for the few days they were to be away. Eventually though, the family managed to get out of the gates peacefully… kind of, Ichiru was still kicking up a fuss about really not wanting to go to a house of vampires. "Do it for us please Ichiru, we want to keep peace with the vampires, and Kaname-kun is the perfect way to do that, besides he's a lovely person… right Zero?"

Zero had been reading a book on hunter spells when he heard his name, "Oh… err I don't know him that well, but I suppose," He replied after catching the look his father was giving him, in truth he thought the pureblood was an arrogant prince who needed a reality check, he knew Kaname had had a hard time after Yuuki had rejected him for that other pureblood in Europe but he needed to get over it. She wasn't going back to them… neither of them and Zero missed her too even though he saw her as a sister not a lover, then again Kaname thought of her as both of those things.

Several long and boring hours later, the hunter family arrived at their destination. The hotel they were staying in was quite posh; the entire three day trip was being paid for by Kaname because he'd asked them to come from another country. Most of the other vampires and hunters, apart from the purebloods were from Japan and were able to stay in their own houses and only come for the ball then return home after wards. Ichiru was fast asleep by the time they got up the stairs and into their rooms, the twins were sharing a room and their parents were in a room further down the hall.

After stuffing his luggage under the bed, Zero flopped down on his bed and yawned loudly, looking at his watch he realized they'd been traveling almost the entire day, it was now 6 pm and the dark night began here… the vampires would be out and about, and in 4 more hours they would have to travel to the Kuran Mansion and be entertained by the pureblood. He sighed and pulled the covers over his head, he'd have 3 hours sleep, it wouldn't take him long to get ready. And so – slowly – he drifted off to sleep, dreaming a very peaceful but very strange dream that would probably wake him up if he got too into it.

"Zero!" A female voice called, "Zero!" she called again, louder, it woke him up from his sleep and he sat up to find himself in a beautiful meadow, how odd, meadows weren't usually in his dreams. "Yuuki?" he asked, his voice a little slurred after having just woke up, "What are you doing here? You should be in Europe" he asked confused as to why his childhood friend was back in Japan. "Did you come to visit your bro…? Kuran!?" he began and finished quickly when he found that the pureblood was also in the meadow. He was wearing his night class uniform, the white and black striped blazer hanging loosely over his shoulders. He was stood under the shade of a tree, out of the sunlight.

"Zero, you and Kaname onii-sama came to visit me in Europe… are you okay? Zero!" She waved a hand in front of the now dazed vampire in front of her, he really did worry her, his eyes were a very vibrant crimson colour and that had brought her brother out of the shade and he was now kneeling beside the silver haired boy. His long pale fingers pulling his collar out of the way, "Onii-sama he's not going to…" she trailed off while she watched fangs penetrate her brother's neck and draw out the blood.

And then she disappeared, and the two boys were alone.

They weren't in the meadow now, they were in a dark room, and the curtains had been drawn to keep the sunlight out. Zero could see alright in the darkness but it made him feel uneasy, he was no longer latched onto the other vampire's neck and he was sprawled out on the floor at the foot of the bed, heaving heavily to get air into his lungs. He was extremely sweaty as though he'd just run several kilometers without stopping or drinking anything. A voice interrupted his thoughts, the pureblood's. It was commanding and just a little bit harsh.

"Zero! Zero! ZERO!" He opened his eyes and blinked a few times while the voice yelled at him again and again, "Get your lazy ass out of bed right this minute!" It was a female voice, not Kuran's and it was in reality not his dream. His mother was cursing the heavens with that voice of hers, and he rolled over to come face to face with a clock that said, 9:15. He had 15 minutes left to get ready before they had to leave… woops. "Get up get up now!" His mother continued, "Don't make me use a hunter charm."

"Sorry 'kaa-san, I'm up, I'm up." He said quickly as he hurried to push the covers off of himself and cross the room to get a very quick shower. When he returned his brother was sat on the end of his bed in a tuxedo, it was black and he had a red rose in the pocket on his chest, "Very smart." He commented and grinned as he him self got dressed, dressing up was not a favourite of his past times and he reluctantly put his tux on, straightened his hair with the help of Ichiru and was soon out of the hotel room door with several minutes to spare. "Who needs half an hour to get dressed when you're a vampire?" he asked grinning as the twins got into the black limo that was to drive them to the mansion.

His happy expression was exchanged for the usual glower that he reserved for people he didn't like which was… well, every body except his family and Yagari. He knew his parents would tell him to cheer up all evening but this was his usual self at school and when ever they weren't around. Besides he'd lean against the first wall he found and stay there the entire time and hope to be ignored by everyone, he had his bloody rose in his chest pocket just in case… he couldn't be expected to go to a vampire's lair unarmed, that was basically suicide, even if he was with his parents.

It didn't take the car as long as expected to reach the Kuran Mansion, the traffic was surprisingly less. So the limo was able to drive at a constant speed the whole way there leaving them with 15 minutes before the pureblood would be out of his home to welcome the visitors. So the hunter family stayed in the car outside the household, and watched as other cars arrived early with vampires inside of them and some hunters. One parked next to the Kiryuu limo and rolled down the window, inside was a rather happy man he was smiling excitedly and beamed when he saw who was in the car beside him.

"Kiryuu-kun and family, how wonderful to see you here" He said flashing a brilliant smile, his eyes wide with his excitement. This man was Cross Kaien, the Chairman of the Academy which Kaname and Zero attended and the adoptive parent of Yuuki.

"Cross-san, how lovely to see you too. It's been too long." The twins' mother exclaimed loudly as she wound her own window down to return her old friends smile. The adults talked most of the time while they waited for the ball to begin, the pair sat in the back with sulking expressions and stared out of the windows at the arriving cars, all of which were fancy and looked expensive. He saw the Aidou car and the Souen car, both of which held members who attended Cross Academy, Zero wondered if the other members of the night class would be there, such as Shiki and Rima.

The time passed slowly but eventually the doors at the front of the house opened wide, the light from inside lighting the path to the doors and even from this distance the Kiryuu family could see that the house was beautifully decorated. Vampires began to get out of their cars, all of them looked stunning, the girls had their hair in complicated looking styles and wore silky dresses and the men all had tuxedoes on, of black, white, grey and other colours. Kaien got out of his car and headed up the steps towards the waiting pureblood, he was also wearing a tuxedo and looked very hansom.

Kaname welcomed his guests and they all bowed down to him as they should to a pureblood, only the other level A vampires waltzed up to him and either took his hand without an offer or hugged him like Seera did… she took any opportunity to get close to him, this was a perfect chance, even though he didn't hug her back. She'd have to work on him a little more. His business like expression remained the entire time he welcomed the vampires into his new home but it faulted a little when he saw the Kiryuu twins and their parents.

"Welcome, Kiryuu's" He said as he shook hands with the adults and reluctantly Zero's but he had a very warm smile as he shook Ichiru's, probably sensing the hunter's discomfort and trying to make it less awkward for him. "Do come in," He held his hand out away from him towards the door, beckoning them to follow as they made their way up the steps and through the door, "Kiryuu-san I must say you look beautiful tonight." He commented as the twins' mother blushed. It was true though, she was wearing a very sleek velvet dress that was cut down one side from her waist and golden in colour, matching her curled hair which was spiraling along her shoulders.

The pureblood turned his attention back to the twins as soon as they were inside and he'd managed to get rid of the vampires that wanted to talk to him about their daughters and other meaningless things like that. He strolled subtly but with a hint of boldness across the room towards the two silver hair siblings who were doing Zero's usual behaviour of leaning against the nearest wall and staying there for as long as was possible. "Ichiru how nice to finally meet you, hunter twins are a rarity," he stated as though he was proud to be in the presence of these two even though his hate for one of them was obvious as he had not yet acknowledged the other vampire.

"Thanks, excuse me I need a drink," Ichiru replied quickly and took his leave, hurrying over to the waitress who was furthest away from the pureblood and taking a drink off of the tray she was carrying, he didn't know what it was and he didn't care as long as it was alcohol… he'd probably have to get drunk if he had any hope of staying the tiniest bit sane throughout the evening. "What is this?" he demanded of the girl as he took a sip. She jumped in surprise at his sudden demand and cowered away from him while she answered timidly. "A very old wine from the 19th century." She replied before hurrying away before he could ask anything else.

Kaname and Zero had been left together by Ichiru which wasn't a good thing, they began to glare at each other as they spoke, and even though their conversation was civilized it was layered in a thick hatred. "So, you've been continuing your hunter training, how pleasant." Kaname said changing the subject of their conversation again, he didn't dwell on subjects for long he got bored of them, "It doesn't appear that your brother cares much about his studies, he won't even attend Cross Academy." He continued before Zero glared at him again, it was easy to tell that the boy cared for his brother.

"That's none of your business, Kuran" Zero replied, suddenly a little more hostile due to the length of time he'd had to talk to this vampire. Even though it could only have been 5 minutes, he was very impatient. He pushed away from the wall and departed after being shot several angry glares from surrounding people for being rude to their pureblood prince, they muttered insults at him as he left for the terrace… he needed some air.

"Kiryuu-kun, I didn't think you would come." The voice belonged to Hanabusa Aidou, one of the more annoying of the night class, his blonde hair in its usual style but his eyes were not as bright… he looked almost stressed, how strange. "Don't look at me like that, I'm fretting." He ordered quickly as he took in the others expression, "Kaname-sama has been very withdrawn lately… like he's… almost… kind of…" it was obvious the blonde was having trouble communicating so Zero decided to help him a little.

"Is he brooding over his now-married sister?" He asked, knowing he was right before he said it as the answer was clear on Aidou's face. He rolled his eyes and leaned on one of the railings around the terrace, "He should get over it, he's not the only one who misses her… jeez he's such a twat," he rambled on for a few minutes about Kaname being unable to let go, all the while completely oblivious to the switch in people who were listening to him. "…and he expected her to just fall in love with him, is he that bigheaded?"

"Bigheaded? I didn't know you thought of me that way Zero, I must say I'm a little hurt." Kaname Kuran answered the rhetorical question. And smirked when the silver haired hunter spun round with a shocked expression on his face, "Zero you…"

"Whatever! It's all true anyway, I'm not sorry." Zero replied, rearranging his face so it was deathly, his eyebrows knitted together and his eyes narrowing to lilac coloured slits. His hands were balled into fists at his sides and his knuckles were turning white as though he were trying to control him self, not that he'd care if he attacked the pureblood, he'd probably feel better. He turned away and lunged himself over the fence around the terrace and disappeared into the trees behind the house. Stupid pureblood. He was missing Yuuki too but the stupid vampire didn't get it! She'd moved on it was time he did too!

Kaname turned around and went back inside he could not be seen following the younger away, especially because the boy was an ex-human, people would grow suspicious. But throughout the night he kept an eye out for the silver haired teen, he never returned to the ball but the pureblood had more important things to worry about, such as the business deals he needed to make. He'd already spoken to several of the investors that had come but there was one person in particular he wanted to speak with about her holdings, and as reluctant as he was to get involved in her business it would all be for the best.

"Seera-san, you look stunning," He complimented as he tapped her on the shoulder and she turned to face him with a bit of an annoyed look, she was mad at him for their previous meeting. "Would you like to dance?" he asked gesturing towards the dance floor where several couples were gliding along gracefully to the music playing in the background. That worked, she instantly cheered up and took his hand as he led her to the centre of the floor, he hadn't danced with anyone yet and all eyes turned to the two purebloods, some of the females looked a little jealous though.

The couples already dancing moved out of their way as the pair danced, Kaname's hand lightly touching Seera's hip which was distracting her a lot and she stumbled a few times making their audience laugh. She was known for her comical displays even though most were done on purpose, this however was accidental and it was embarrassing her. "Are you okay Seera-san?" Kaname asked in a hushed voice as he guided her around and tried to keep her upright.

"Ah yes, sorry," Seera replied quickly, blushing. Her eyes were on the floor and she clearly wasn't paying attention to anything but the person dancing with her. She was just like the fan girls at the academy when the one she liked got close to her of his own free will. Others had now joined them on the dance floor, including Akatsuki Kain, and Souen Ruka, two of the nobles from the night class. They respectfully bowed their heads to the two purebloods as they waltzed past. Once the dance had finished Kaname led the female pureblood to one of the empty tables at the back of the room and sat down with her after ordering one of his staff to get them some drinks.

"We didn't get to speak much last time we met. I would like to talk to you about some business related items, that I think you may be interested in." Kaname started as soon as they'd sat down and gotten their drinks, Kaname's was water with several blood tablets dissolved in it, he still didn't drink fresh blood. As soon as he'd explained what he wanted from her business she perked up and began to return to the usual personality she emitted around him instead of the nervous girl she had been earlier. It was true, she was interested in these business proposals and before the hour was over they'd agreed to some extremely profitable deals.

"Well I must be getting back to the party; I look forward to working with you Seera-san." Kaname said as he excused himself and returned to the ball. He subconsciously glanced around the room and found that Zero was stood talking to his father and his twin who was also glancing nervously around. Kaname took this opportunity to dance with the twins' mother who was watching the dancers on their stage, "Would you like to dance?" he asked coming to stand beside her. She smiled and stepped onto the floor with him, that caught the rest of the Kiryuu family's attention, they all turned to stare at their mother/wife with wide eyes… one of the best vampire hunters in the world, dancing with a pureblooded vampire… now that's something you don't see everyday.

The two danced for a while, enjoying themselves for two whole songs before Kaname was waved away by her husband. He handed her to him happily and backed off the dance floor. "Kuwan-sama? Will you pwease dwance with me?" A small child asked. She could only have been about 8 or 9 years old, she had long silky blonde hair which was perfectly straight and wide, bright green eyes. It could only be one of the Ichijou children.

"I'd love to," He replied, he loved children, it reminded him of his younger years when he had to take care of Yuuki, children were so full of life. He took hold of the girl's hand gently and she pulled him on to the dance floor, he held both her hands and had to bend over a little because she was so small. They twirled around on the spot in circles until the song ended, the child let go of his hands, bowed respectfully to him then ran off the dance floor and into her brothers arms. "Takuma, your sister is beautiful." Kaname told the blonde vampire as he went to stand beside his childhood friend.

"She is… the ball is wonderful Kaname, I haven't seen more than one pureblood together in a long time." Takuma Ichijou replied as he picked his sister up.

"Seera Miya is… just a business partner." Kaname replied looking away, there was only one other pureblood he was interested in and she was in Europe with another guy.

"The night is young my friend." The blonde told his friend before his sister demanded he went and fetch her a drink, "See you later." He called as he put his sister down and was dragged towards the drinks area.

The rest of the night went smoothly, Kaname danced with a few more girls, humouring their fathers. He got a call from the hotel the Kiryuu's were staying at saying there had been a fire on the floor the family were staying on and that there were no spare rooms. Kaname had not been all too pleased about that but had offered to let the family stay the night in his spare rooms in his home, an offer neither of the twins had been happy with but were unable to decline because Kaname was a pureblood and they'd been surrounded by vampires at the time. So they were staying in the Kuran Mansion for their three day trip… it was sure to be disastrous.