A/N: Welcome to the Chimera Project! This is one of my pride and joys, alongside Red and Paved in Blood. It's based on a Roleplay on a forum I frequent, but with most of the characters changed, as they weren't mine, but the main plot is the same.

I was inspired to turn it into a fanfiction when, after search after search, I couldn't find a single serious Full Metal Alchemist and Pokemon crossover. So I decided to write one. I hope you enjoy this story, drop me a review with what you liked and/or improvements, and come back again!

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Edward's golden eyes flickered open, and he found himself staring at a grey ceiling. A drop of water landed on his check, and he grunted, wiping at the wet spot with his gloved right hand.

My head hurts… What's going on…? Is the dorm's roof leaking? I'll have to yell at Mustang to fix it then… He mused to himself, still slightly dazed and tired.

He started to sit up, and then stopped. Something was around his ankle. And this was definitely not the dorm he shared with Al, now that he could see more than the ceiling. There was a pile of what looked like crates to his left – a tall pile too. The teen sat up fully, rubbing his temple with his right hand. A glance at his leg verified it – yep. He was in fact chained up.

Great. Just what I needed.

Now where was Al to get him out of this mess? …And tell him how he got into it. This was troublesome… He looked around some more – A cell, perfect. He sighed, testing the chain around his ankle. It wasn't all that strong; he could break it, or get Al to… Where was Al? Usually when Edward got into a mess, Al was right next to him. He glanced at the crate pile – it went to the ceiling almost, and had just enough room for someone to crouch at the top. The door was one of the usual prison-style ones. Boring.

It was then he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. His head whipped to the right, and he bristled, ready to strike if the movement was a foe. Edward's eyes widened when he was what had moved.

There was a person there. But not quite entirely a person. It was a girl, and she was chained up like him… But she had long – really long – pointed ears that were yellow. And the rest of her was yellow too! She even had a tail!

One word floated to the top of Edward's mind, and he quite agreed with it.


She had noticed him awaking, it seemed, as she waked half-heartedly at him, and gave a sad smile. Edward realized he was staring and looked away, eyes now focused of the stack of crates, feeling rather embarrassed. What was going one here? Why am I in a cell with a Chimera? …And that bloody dripping sound is getting rather infuriating. It's loud, damnit!

Edward made an annoyed face at the crates, his face all scrunched up and lips drawn into a pout. His ear twitched.


Edward's ears didn't really… do that. He reached up with his flesh hand and patted the side of his head, where his ear was.

Or, rather, should be. His eyes widened in panic, and he kept patting at his head, before his fingertips grazed something near the top of his head. He grabbed it, then winced in pain.

Why are my ears on top of my head?

They didn't feel like ears should, either. They felt more like… Cat ears! So that probably meant…

He looked behind himself and spotted a cream-coloured tail sprouting from the base of his spine, poking out of a hole in his pants. Damn. It was definitely a cat's tail, even if it curled at the end in a funny way.

Wait a second. This can only mean one thing…

"I'm a chimera!" Edward yelped, pulling franticly at the chain.

"Join the club." A voice said quietly from behind him.

He turned his head and looked at the speaker – the yellow girl. She was still watching him, hr head tilted to the side. He gave her a wary look.

"All of us are chimera." She continued "So you aren't alone. What's your name?"

"Edward…" He said, quite confused. This was all very strange, he had to get out of here and find Al now!

He looked away from the yellow girl, a bit unnerved. What did she mean, 'All of us'? Were there more chimera here?

Sure enough, there were several others in the room. He could only see the yellow-girl and a tall man clearly. This guy was looking at him as well, and he also had freakishly long ears, even if they were blue this time. His face looked like a dog's muzzle, and he had a spike poking out of his chest, through a torn shirt. He was very dog-like, and that made Edward uneasy… Must be the cat that I've been fused with…

The canine man smiled at him in a creepy way. Edward inched back a few inches, and then turned back to the yellow-girl. She was chuckling a bit, long black hair falling over one eye. She had red spots on her face, one on each cheek… He hadn't noticed before.

"My name's Roni." She told him when she was done laughing, offering him a hand. He shook it, still in a bit of a daze. "You've been out of it for quite a while, so we haven't been able to get to know you. This is Fang." She pointed at the dog-man. "And over there are Mary, Buck, and Anthony. Ariel is hiding on the crates or something." She motioned to a different part of the room each time she said a name.

Edward turned to look at each spot she had pointed at. First was a shortish bulky girl covered with what looked like fine orange fur. She had blue fins sprouting from her wrists, and a pair of twin tails, one wrapped around her leg, the other waving lazily behind her. She looked annoyed, and was shooting him a nasty look. Moving on, then!

To that girl's left was a massive male, looking about in his late twenties. He had… antlers? And they had a black ball attached. What kind of animals had they been fused with? This guy was staring at the bars, like he wanted to bend them…

Edward sighed. He couldn't take much more of this… what the hell was going on? Why was he a chimera? And what kind of animals were they mixed with? He could tell he was some kind of cat, and that guy was a deer of some kind… but the others…?

He glared down at the shackle around his leg as it clanked, and grabbed it with his right hand, yanking. It shattered in his grip. He stood up and walked over to the bars, slipping into a more comfortable state of mind – What can I learn that can get us out of here?

He tested the bars – they were pretty strong, so he probably couldn't bend them. He studied them closely. Obviously metal, but what kind… After studying them, he came to a conclusion. Probably steel, high grade… around 2% carbon then? Not to hard.

With a clap and a flash of light, the bars were gone, and Edward turned back to the yellow-girl –Roni, rather – and smirked.

"Let's go."