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From the hall, the one they hadn't come from, a cream, blue, and gold blur darted towards the truck, followed a metre or two behind by a small group of armed guards. It screeched to a halt just after taking a flying leap into the cargo hold and turned to face outwards again.

"Fight them off, or just hightail it, move, move, move!" the once-blur yelled, a thin wisp of smoke curling from the cigarette clenched in his jaws.

Edward gaped at the newcomer, and everyone else was more wary. Roni examined him.

He was tall and thin, with a long, thin, almost boneless looking body covered in cream and brown fur. His body was low-slung, like a ferret's, from the waist down, and he wasn't wearing anything but a military issue coat with nothing under it. He had a mop of golden-blond hair with two brown ears poking from it. He had a large, very fluffy tail as well.

A few more bullets bounced off the truck doors, and the newcomer yelled again.

"Fight back, come on! If the rest of you are the way you should be, you can fight back!"

A second after he spoke, the man removed the cigarette from his mouth and sprayed a stream of tiny star-shaped lights from his mouth at the guards. Roni joined Edward in staring gaping-faced at the chimera, until a voice chimed in her head, soft, sweet, and motherly.

We can help. Let me show you.

She felt something warm and tingly arc from the sides of her face and up her ears, a loud cracking accompanying it as it went. Finally there was a loud crackling roar as a blue-white bolt of electricity raced from the tips of her ears, striking the wall just over the heads of their attackers. How did she…?

Edward had turned his head to follow the bolt in shock, an a second after the impact, that voice from before, the one who had told him to protect the kits, bubbled up into his mind.

Us too. We can help.

His forehead was warm, and it felt as if a great pressure was building up there. He hissed at the odd feeling, shaking his head slightly. It was then that a bright red beam of light burst forth, making impact with a wall and shattering the spot it hit, rocks flying.

They were quickly racing away from the scene, Fang pressing the gas pedal to the floor. The sudden lurch of the truck taking off almost sent Edward flying, but he was caught by a deft grab from the newcomer, who had replaced the cigarette in his mouth seconds before. He found himself staring up into an all-too familiar face. He shouldn't be here. Didn't Mustang go to the ends of the earth to make sure his subordinates were safe? This didn't make sense to the teen, and he frowned, mulling this over in his head. The fuzzy man spoke.

"You ok, Boss? You look worried."