Narumi P.O.V

I looked around my empty dorm room and sighed I guess it's unusually quiet after Puffy head had left for America, and I can say I miss her, I can also say I feel lonely because besides yelling at Kei isn't enough anymore. We all missed her it was kind of weird doing a S.P. show without her there. I remember my promise I made her the day she left and I have to keep my promise and become better at my skills. So I be able to see her again I can't break this promise; I will brush up my skills and I will be able to see her again I got up off my bed and walked to the window.

I looked out of my dorm window and looked at the beautiful spring scenery and the students leaving. I didn't want to go home because I just don't want to see my dad's face at all because of the crap he put me through when I was in high school. Also it's really quiet when no one else is here I guess I can finally practice in peace. My phone ringed and ruined the quiet I just got settled into and I groaned I let it keep on ringing so the person might think I'm sleeping and or hang up, but that didn't happen the phone just kept on ringing and ringing and ringing some more until I got annoyed with it . I went to it and picked it up and pressed talk. It was my rival/friend on the phone Kazuhiko Ochiai:

"Yes Kazuhiko?" I asked him in a bored tone

"Narumi, I was just seeing how you are doing you could of came home with me if there is problems in your family?"

"Problems?" I asked in the receiver "What problems I don't have a problem with my family...Is it wrong to stay at the dorms alone?" I asked him

"Not really...but…" He stopped talking I guess he is thinking about what to ask next this is a first for the four eye genius.

"But what…never mind I don't want to know… listen I just want to be able to think a little without frustration or yelling at someone okay." I sighed regretting of the attitude I was giving him "I'm fine I really don't need anyone to check on me okay Kazuhiko. " I answered to him calmly.

"I understand sorry for bothering you." At that time he hung up the phone and I also did the same. I put my phone on silent and threw it right in my draw not wanting unnecessary phone calls like the one just now.

Then I walked to my bed and sat on it looking at the floor then I fell backwards laying on my back looking at the ceiling after a while I turned my body around and laid on my right side looking at the plain white walls. I closed my eyes and when everything was dark a picture came in my mind and I groaned reopen my eyes and turned on my left side looking at my wall. I can't stop thinking about her I love her…I love Kiri Koshiba. My chest hurts…why does it hurt?…I sighed this was so strange I have never fallen for a girl in my life until I met Kiri. I wasn't interested in girls that my mom had asked about my sexuality many times I smirked at that thought. I sat up in my bed and walked to the dresser where I threw my phone in and I went to the closet to pull out an all nighter bag, and started to put in shirts, pants , deodorant , and underwear I then went in the bathroom and got my face rag, my soap bottle, toothpaste, tooth brush and put all of that in my bag. I then picked my bag up with my items in it and grabbed my keys for my car, opening the door, and walking out the door. I forgotten to lock it so I ran back to the door and locked it and walked down a lot of stairs and out of the door I go. I put my bag in the backseat of my car and put my car in ignition and backed out of the dorms driveway and out of the driveway.

It was a long drive but finally I got there when I got there it was in mid-afternoon and I saw Chisami sitting on the front porch talking to someone. I pulled up and got out of my car grabbing my bag with me Chisami finally saw me and smirked why did she smirk? I have no clue until I walked up the walk path and saw a familiar face.

(Normal P.O.V)

Narumi stood there unmoving and he couldn't do anything, all he could do was stare at the person sitting near his demon of a sister and the person Narumi was staring at looked at him and smiled.

"What happen on coming to see me in L.A. Naru-Naru?" The person spoke in a monotone voice.

Narumi was still in shock and he couldn't understand why Kiri was here at his house sitting on the front porch with his sister talking to her. Narumi brain registered Keri's comment and his mouth was moving but words weren't coming out.

"Sorry Naru-Naru I failed sign language so you might need to speak up." At that Kiri smirked.

"What are you doing here… at my house talking to my demon of a sister aren't you supposed to be in L.A. right now." Narumi wanted answers

"It's Spring Break." Kiri answered the question

"Oh, welcome back then…Where is everybody?" Narumi said not looking at Kiri walking up the steps and stood in front of the two women.

Narumi P.O.V

I still didn't get why she was at my house, but I'm not gonna push the subject with Chisami sitting right there. When we are alone I'll ask that question and the whole it's spring break doesn't answer why she was at my house.

"Mom is in the kitchen making tea, and Dad is trying to contact you to see why you aren't coming, and Kei, Ochiai-sempai, Aoyama-chan, Iori, and Kenichiro are in the living room waiting until Prince-sama comes." Chisami answered all my questions.

I looked at Kiri in a confused state because I didn't know why she was out here when everybody was inside waiting for her Chisami got up and smiled at me creepily.

"I guess you two have a lot to talk about so I'll leave you two alone." Chisami said walking to the front door and was about to open the door and stopped and turned towards us. "I won't tell anybody you're here just yet because they will have to find out themselves, and so I don't want to ruin the surprise faces of seeing there best friend coming back to Japan.( Also I might tell them I saw you two though together.)" Chisami smirked and walked in the house.

I looked at Chisami's smirk and I knew that girl was planning something stupid. I walked fully on the porch and took Chisami seat that she was just sitting in and sat down and put my bag on the side of me and looked at Kiri.

"You still didn't answer my first question." She said slouching in her chair looking at me.

"You still didn't answer my first question..." I said smiling at her "What are you doing here?" I said looking at her she looks like she was bored, and didn't want to answer any of my questions. There was a long pause until she broke it.

"I heard that everyone wanted to see me so I came." She said playing with a key chain on her keys.

"Then why aren't you inside." I said pointing to the door I'm confused everybody came to see her why is she still outside.

"Not everybody was here." She said looking at something. I'm guessing she was hinting that I wasn't here, but thank god I changed my mind or she would of left by now, and everybody would of been mad at me because I wasn't here. God I really didn't need Kazuhiko and Kei getting on my nerves when I'm supposed to be relaxed if I wanted to get stress I would of stayed at school.

"Why didn't you come see me in L.A?" She asked still not looking at me.

"I don't think I improved at all, I didn't want to break our promise." I said looking at the back of her head.

"…" She didn't want to reply I guess. I hope she wasn't waiting for me if she was I would of felt pretty bad

"Do you still like me?" She asked finally turning to me/

"What!?" I blushed now standing up not looking at her anymore I didn't understand why she would bring that up now. When I still need to think and come up with a reasonable answer to why we can't date. I couldn't think of any but I still need the damn time, but then I would have to take in an account that I'm not the only one who likes puffy head. I have to remember that Kazuhiko also likes her and we been friends since Junior High a girl never came between are friendship, but now it is totally different. Why won't he see that I love puffy head and I'm not gonna give her up. I guess that's what he's thinking also but she would never want to date him, and lets just throw this out there he didn't even confess to her yet and I did. I feel I should give her a answer so she can stop looking at me.

"I don't know what your talking about Puffy head." I said trying to push it off for a little while longer and like a pro I treated it like it was nothing I then smiled at myself because I haven't used that name in a while I feel happy using it now.

"Naru-Naru?" She said and I looked at her and she shook her head. I can't believe that she remembered that confession in the hospital. First of all she was supposed to be sleeping not awake, then we stopped talking again and I was kind of getting annoyed with these pauses in are conversations they are like long lasting. I looked at her and stood up and grabbing my bag with me.

"Do you feel like going inside now since it's is getting a little chilly out here?" I asked "Also you don't have a jacket on which I'm going to ignore." I said waiting for her answer

"No" she said and I looked at her still in my confused state. I didn't understand why she didn't want to go in yet now that I'm here.

"Everyone now is here so why don't you want to go in?" I asked to this peculiar girl that has somehow captured my heart.

"Not everyone missed me." She said looking up at me I sighed and averted my eyes to the ground.

"That's a huge lie but let me give you a peace of mind when I say that there is one person that I know thought of you everyday and night." I said feeling a little embarrassed because I was talking about myself saying that 'I couldn't get you off my mind' but rewording it making it someone else it could of been Kazuhiko or Kei not me. I hope she didn't think it was me then my whole life would be over because then I don't know how long I'll last if she knew.

"Like who?" Why was she still continuing with this I don't get it people missed her, I missed her why can't she get it through her mind that I'm not going to tell her straight out that I missed her.

"Can we talk about this later please." I said and I guess when she stood up that was a yes.

"Later..." She said in her regular bored tone and picked her bag up. I smiled because I wanted to hear her for a long time that lovely monotone voice and then my smile disappeared when I realized that she wasn't going to drop this conversation. I looked at her back walking to the door and she turned around and watched if I was coming to. So I started to walk to the door also and opened it and I let her in first because that's what a gentleman do right I really don't know I never did this before. I really didn't want anything to do with girls because of my 'condition'. I went in after closing the door and locking it behind me. I dropped my bag near the door and Kiri did the same we walked through the foyer and started to hear noise we continued to walk to the living room where most of the noise was coming from. We got closer and it wasn't hard to hear what the guest in my house was saying anymore and we walked in the view of everybody, and then somebody saw that we were there and than everybody else looked the way that person who does not need to be named and looked and the whole room went quiet looking at me and Puffy Head.

"I thought you weren't coming." Kazuhiko said looking at me.

"Well I thought so too then I didn't want to hurt my dear mother." I said looking at him.

" Mama Sho-chan." A light hair blond lady said behind me and I turned towards her.

"What?" I asked my mom.

"Mama, call me Mama." She said putting her arms on her hip. My mom looked beautiful one question that lingers in my mind is why she picked dad to marry I bet there was better men then him. Why did she marry him I will never know and I don't want to know. My mom had light long blond hair that reached to her calves and she had hazel eyes, and she was very short like she didn't even reach the height to be considered average height.

"Mama, I'm home." I said and smiled opening my arms to my mom who accepted it and hugged me back I also gave her a kiss on her cheek.

"Welcome back home Sho-chan." When she says my nickname it sounds good but when my dad says it…it is weird like how many fathers do you see running around calling their sons 'chan' none right well I hope you don't see that or you might need help.

"Sho-chan who's this?" She says looking at Puffy Head

"This is Puff…Kiri Koshiba" I felt weird saying her name like I'm not supposed to say kind of feeling.

"Oh Koshiba-chan is what to Sho-chan" My mom said with an angry tone while sitting down near my sister who was sitting near the edge of the couch.

"What are you talking about?" Was my mom drinking again I thought she stop when she was pregnant with me and what was with that anger tone.

"Who is this girl to you Shogo?" She said eying me like I done something wrong.

"She is what you think she is." I told her before when I lived here that I had a girl on the S.P team she should remember it was not that long ago I lived here. When I said that comment she looked taken back then she had a big smile on her face and she hugged me.

"Aw~ my baby got a girlfriend." My mom said about to cry. "Finally now I fully believed that your not gay." She said happily

"Wait What!?" I asked shocked. "You still thought I was gay even when I told you I'm not and that I have two girls on the S.P. Team!" I yelled

"Sweetheart honestly I thought you were making people up." My mom said sweetly. "At the time I was going to give you the I will always love you no matter your preference." My mom said nodding to herself.

"I knew this day would finally come what took so long." Kei said happily with a lollipop in her voice.

"Shut up Kei!" I screamed "You still thought I was gay."I said trying to make sense of this.

"No Kiri-tii is not going out with Narurin she is not me won't except it." Iori said looking like a model that just came out off a magazine.

"Oh honey why did you think your father called you chan so many times." My mom said and I looked at her flabbergasted.

"No that's not it Narumi probably meant Koshiba- san somewhere and they came together it is probably a coincidence." Kazuhiko said.

Everybody was making a big commotion over this. I really didn't need to hear Kazuhiko assumptions at the moment. I needed my required rest because I didn't have a peaceful sleep last night. I kept tossing and turning and then I stayed up the rest of the night. I needed sleep and I'm going to get it I wriggled out of my mom's hug, and ran upstairs to my room and onto my bed. I really didn't need this right now. I close my eyes and started to think of things that are peaceful and quiet then Kiri popped in my head, and I opened my eyes then I closed them again. I just needed sleep right now and maybe if I think about her I get to sleep peacefully. So I started to think back when we were in school and I was almost to sleep, but something was stopping me like I forgot to do something but what. I really didn't care now I went right under my blanket and letting sleep take over me.

(Normal P.O.V)

Narumi didn't notice that he left his door opened as he slept peacefully in his bed but back downstairs after Narumi had left the group everyone started to talk to Kiri until she was starting to get sleepy.

"Oh Koshiba-chan are you sleepy come here let me help take you upstairs. Don't worry about your clothes I'll get them for you tomorrow 'kay." Narumi's mom said helping Kiri up the stairs. Kiri was nodding in and out of consciousness and Narumi's mom saw a opened door and smirked.

"Kiri I found a room can you make it." She said trying to sound sympathetic Kiri nodded her head and followed Narumi's mom into a room and she then laid Kiri down on the bed and put the covers over her and left. After that everyone else went to sleep also.

(Next Morning)

Narumi Pov

I blinked at the rays of the sun coming from my window. I sat up in bed and noticed I slept in my clothes that I had on last night. I stretched and put my hand down and I felt hair I looked down to see my hand was touching hair. Who was in my bed? The person in my bed turned around and kept on sleeping. I would not be in shock if there was somebody else in my bed, but did it have to be puffy head. She then opened her eyes and rubbed them letting them adjust to the light. She then looked at me and closed her eyes again going back to sleep. I knew that after what happen this morning my spring break would get worse then this. I laid back down wishing that I never came here and falling back to sleep.

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