Drabble in response to the prompt 'misunderstanding' by ChaosandMayhem over at the Broken Compass.


An Unexpected Visit ~*~


Jack stood with his hand on the cabin door- his mouth and said door hanging open as he stared in horror at the comely blonde who stood on the other side.

"G...Giselle...what are you doing here?" he asked with an uneasy smile as he stepped through the door and closed it behind him quickly.

Giselle frowned. "You said eight o'clock, Jack," she pouted.

"That I did, love," Jack said, escorting her quickly to the gangplank. "Eight o' clock Wednesday night."

"It is Wednesday night," she insisted, confused.

"No, it's Tue..." Jack started as the red head appeared from the cabin before he could ditch the blonde,"....too late."