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He glanced brusquely at his surroundings as the wormhole dissipated behind him. Almost immediately he began moving away from the desolate clearing around the gate. The open area left him feeling vulnerable; shelter must be found, quickly. He'd left three wraith dead on a planet with a purple sky and a white, cold sun. He skipped past three other lifeless planets, hoping to confuse any witnesses. Not that he was worried that the wraith weren't dead. If he killed something, it sure as hell stayed killed. He might have missed something, though. One couldn't be too careful. This planet, though, would be home for a short while. First he'd find shelter, a place where he could watch the gate, and then he'd rest. Food could wait.

As he moved, he continued to survey his surroundings, taking in more detail this time. The gate, in all its silvery splendor was located in a large, open plain. Soft rolling hills stretched behind it, fading into the distant twilight. A light wind tickled the reedy grasses and rattled through the leaves of the nearby forest. The trees the gate faced were impressive, even to him, who had seen scores of such worlds. The shortest tree couldn't be less than eighteen ercos – ten large men stacked atop each other couldn't reach the top. Yes, he could hide in the forest.

Upon reaching the fringe, he noted that the undergrowth wasn't nearly as thick as expected. He moved into the dark, canopied space. After only a few denonds of walking, he paused and crouched warily. Cocking his head, he listened intently to the silence. Where were the creatures of this planet? Night was slowly closing in and, as on any planet he'd been to, there should be a quiet, frantic bustle of activity. Nocturnal animals waking, preparing to hunt and calling to their mates, usual made a great deal of noise. He'd been quiet, too quiet to disturb any but those he directly stumbled upon. Something else was here. Something big.

It couldn't be the wraith hunting him. They had no way of knowing he would come here, he'd never come here before. In the distance he heard rustling. Something was not-so-quietly yabbering away, but the sound was too distant to distinguish. As it grew closer, the sound resolved itself into a voice- a whiny voice. Someone – he could tell now that there was a group of three or four of them, humans – responded irritably. Well, humans or not, he couldn't let them find him. Wraith worshippers, maybe. Unlucky ones.

Pulling out his weapon, a stolen wraith stunner, he stalked silently toward the oncoming group. Slowly, slowly, until he gained a visual. The lack of undergrowth made moving quietly easier, but made it more difficult to conceal his presence. He managed though. He always managed, that's why he was still alive.

There were four of them; three were male and the last was female. He could tell by the way they walked that they weren't expecting any trouble. Probably heading back to the gate. They could've used this planet as a meeting place, which would make them druggies or black market traders or bounty hunters or mercenaries. None of those possibilities fit, though. Whatever their purpose, they weren't looking for him. He could let them go without any harm done.

Suddenly, he froze. A ray from the waning sun reflected off the largest man's weapon. He knew that make. Satedan. The wraith culled that world almost a decade ago. Completely demolished, he'd seen what remained. He shifted slightly and the large man paused to listen, turning his way. The action gave him a good view of the man's face and erased all possibilities of the gun being collected by chance. This man was Satedan. He was sure.

That was impossible. Or, rather, he knew it was possible, but it left him only two conclusions. One, the man was a runner like himself or, two, he worked for the wraith. The first he ruled out quickly. The massive, dread-locked Satedan was well fed and rested. He lacked the haunted look that he'd glimpsed reflected in his own countenance in stale, still water. He'd left a perfectly good world because he couldn't face seeing what the wraith had done to him reflected in the lake there. This man was no runner. He couldn't let the Satedan and his friends go. They worked for the wraith – he had to kill them.

Silently, he crept towards the clueless enemy. This would not be difficult. The hardest part would be pulling the trigger. He hated killing. I can't let them go free. What harm have they already done? How many deaths will they cause if I let them go free? No, they must die. Taking a quiet, full breath to calm himself, preparing for what he was going to do.

A large rock jutted out near the base of an ancient tree. He made his way there, slightly ahead of the enemy group, knowing that it would provide him with a clear line of sight and also cover. He'd noticed the weapons the others carried as well. Once he reached the monolith, he flattened himself against it, waiting for his targets to come within range.

For their part, the enemy plodded steadily along. He tracked their progress with his ears. He had no trouble considering the incessant complaining of the one that had first alerted him to their presence. Maybe he should kill that one first. Surely his comrades would be grateful for a few moments without that one's shrill comments. Well, maybe only one moment. He had to kill them, too. The faster he fired, the easier it would be. They were almost there. He shifted slightly, so he could see them coming into range. As he did so, the Satedan looked up, straight at him.

Knowing he'd been spotted, he instantly brought his weapon up and fired.

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