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The first thing Ronon Dex noticed was the tell-tale pressure around his wrists. A barely perceptible twitch of his foot let him know that his ankles were bound, too. He lay still, taking stock of himself and his surroundings. He'd been stunned – twice. His head was killing him. His knees would probably be a little weak for awhile – not that he'd ever admit it – but he didn't detect any other 'problems'.

Concentrating, he realized he had heard some pretty important sounds earlier, when he was still thinking about his wrists. Someone walking off. No, wait, he heard two people walking off. The soon-to-be-dead man and Sheppard. He also thought he heard –

"McKay", he groaned quietly.

"Ronon! Oh, thank god." McKay was whispering. Why was McKay whispering? "Look, Hack-air, or whatever, the bad guy, took Sheppard. He says there are bad guys out there and they're coming to find us. And Teyla's hurt. At first I thought she was stunned, but she's not. She's got a big lump on her head, and I think her wrist is broken. Our weapons are over there", McKay nodded to a pile about fifteen feet off in the morning fog.

Must've been out most of the night, Ronon thought, noticing the subtle grays light of the dawn for the first time. McKay kept going, still using that funny loud whisper of his. If there really were bad guys out there, McKay need to shut up.

"Shut up, McKay." Ronon used his mouth to pull a small concealed knife from his wrist guard. Once he got it loose he made short work of everyone's bonds, then ambled over to the weapons pile. What he saw there impressed him. Soon-to-be-dead guy had found and removed all but two of his hidden knives. Must be familiar with Satedan weapons craft, he thought while quickly rearming himself.

"Stay here with Teyla," he directed the nervous scientist, handing him a gun.

"What? Where are you going? He said stay here. He'll shoot you again, and I can't take care of Teyla!" McKay blurted, hands fidgeting wildly.

"Going for Sheppard. Shoot the bad guys, you'll be fine. 'Sides, Lorne should be here soon." And with that, Ronon took off, fully intending to kill all the bad guys and help Sheppard of his jam.

Harkan was running through the forest; running because Sheppard hated the wraith just as much as he did. He'd seen that in the soldier's reaction to the wraith. While he still didn't understand the healthy and, apparently, free Satedan, he figured they were all on the same side, for now. Therefore he would reach Sheppard's team first, before the wraith. He slowed down as he neared his destination, listening. Just then, he heard the gate activate. One object came through, not wraith. Sheppard's friends, he thought. Time was running short. Quickly, he changed his plans. Sheppard would have to deal with the wraith for now.

Moving with all the stealth he could muster, he approached McKay, who was silently caring for the woman. The Satedan was gone. Good. He and Sheppard can handle the rest of the wraith and go back with their friends. He pointed his weapon at McKay.

"Don't shoot, if you want your friend to live." McKay started violently, then, seeing Harkan's gun, slowly laid down his own.

"Okay. Don't hurt us." McKay held his hands up, palms out in surrender. "Look, Teyla needs a doctor. She might have a concussion and you broke her wrist". That last part came out thick with accusation.

"Stand up. Grab your gear, no weapons and no communication devices. We're leaving." Harkan waited to make sure McKay was doing as told, then bent down and carefully lifted Teyla's still unconscious form. He draped the woman over one shoulder, keeping her in place with one arm, leaving the other free to brandish his weapon to keep McKay in line.

Soon, he and McKay were walking towards the gate at a quick pace. His leg and side still burned from the wounds he received earlier, but he continued to ignore them. He made sure to arc their path widely, steering clear of the wraith and Sheppard, the Satedan, and their backup. He'd decided that the backup came in a ship since his 'hunter's instincts' hadn't picked up any extra commotion in the forest.

Thankfully, they reached the forest edge without incident. The gate, however, was guarded by two of Sheppard's people. Well, it could be worse.

"Here, take her", he heaved Teyla at the other man. "Walk towards the gate. They won't shoot you." McKay looked at him incredulously.

"What? You letting us go? Just like that? Why?" The man was genuinely baffled. Harkan growled.

"Just do it." And with that, he crouched and melted into the tall grasses. Luckily it wasn't light enough yet that he'd have a problem blending in with the weeds. McKay, while still uncertain, walked steadily towards the gate. Once the guards spotted him, they started jogging in his direction, one of them repeatedly tapping his ear. Concerned that he was trying to communicated with the whiny man, Harkan reached out with his foot, tripping McKay, who landed heavily, face-first. In one fluid motion he fired, still crouching, at the two men. Both men thudded to the ground.

Standing, he urged a bickering McKay to his feet and rushed him to the gate. With his gun pointed at McKay, who still carried Teyla, he dialed the gate one-handed. The sound of gunfire caused him to turn back to the trees. Sheppard and his friends emerged from the forest, shouting at him to let their friends go.

The wormhole flared to life and Harkan shoved McKay, Teyla, and himself through to the other side.

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