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Sitting on the bed in her medium-sized bedroom, Rose absently twirled her blond hair around a nail-bitten finger. Rose was daydreaming – again, and much like the last time it was about her and the doctor and about what she wanted their relationship to be like. Rose felt herself getting upset as she reminded herself that there would never be a relationship between them, other than friendship. First of all, there was the fact that she was a human and he was alien, but she wasn't phased by that fact, he was. Secondly there was the issue of the age difference, which, to be put frankly, was HUGE. 881 years was quite a long time in her book, but she had quickly gotten used to it. The first two things, she had gotten over quite quickly. The reason she knew there would be no other relations between them was because the doctor never let her in, he was so closed that you could hardly ever tell what he's thinking. He was so spontaneous and mysterious that you never could tell where you were going. The doctor had always said that he was an open book, available for reading anytime but Rose had learned from previous experience, when the doctor had, had a crush, then lost someone (Madam De Pompadour for instance) he would close up so fast you'd snap your fingers on the apparently open book. He was an open book all right but in a language she couldn't understand or read. She giggled lightly at the Knife Edge reference and gazed out of her pretend window; the TARDIS had created for her. The TARDIS was showing her a beautiful cloudless day back on Earth and just for a moment, she felt as if she could float right out of the window to the Powell estate, to her mum, just for a girlie chat. She vaguely entertained the notion that the TARDIS was trying to get her in a better mood by showing her a sunny day back on Earth but it wasn't really working. Nevertheless she mentally thanked the TARDIS for her thoughtfulness (if you could use that word) and got up to go exploring parts of the TARDIS she hadn't seen yet. She walked over to the door, reaching for the doorknob when she heard a familiar voice softly singing/calling her name. Smiling to herself at the prospect of not being eaten alive by a werewolf the doctor probably smuggled into the TARDIS, she quickly turned the doorknob and opened the door in her haste, waking straight into the doctor and nearly knocking him out – then tripping herself up.

"Whoa, slow down, there Rose. You almost sent me flying." Said the doctor, grabbing onto her arm to stop her from falling. Rose felt like her arm was on fire, she looked up, catching the doctor's eye and felt that familiar warmth spreading inside her. Oh what that man does to me she thought as she pulled herself up, but the doctor didn't let go of her arm. He clung to it like a life line. She decided to break the silence before it got a little more awkward between them.

"Why – what are you doing outside my room?" Questioned a flustered Rose.

"Oh, I was coming to get you, I've been calling you for the last 245 minutes, Rose" his brow furrowed in fake annoyance, his hand still latched onto Rose's arm. He slid his hand down to meet her hand and held it tight, simultaneously starting to walk, dragging her along. "I wanted to show you something, or rather take you somewhere nice." He said practically skipping towards the consol room. What followed was a silent stretch. He waited. When Rose hadn't said anything, however, he stopped and turned his head to grin at her but wiping it off when he saw the look on her face. "What?"

"You know what, mister. Every time you tell me you want to take me somewhere nice or 'show me something wonderful'" she said forming quotation marks with her fingers. "we always end up running for our lives." She finished, a stern look carved into her beautiful features.

"That's not true!" the doctor defended "I've taken you to plenty of lovely places. Like… oh the blooming planet of Arum, remember?" his face broke into a cheery smile as he remembered all of the magnificent plants - but then there was something that ruined the day, he couldn't quite remember…

"Yeah, you mean when I was almost eaten alive by a bloody man-eating plant?"

Ah yes that was It, the doctor mused.

"OK ooh the blazing planet of beams. That was lovely wasn't it?" remembering the beautiful streaks of sunlight settling on Rose's face, but then…

"No, I got severe sunburn, remember?"

He almost smiled then – almost.

"Oh yeah, OK how about when I took you to meet Queen Victoria, you liked that, didn't you?" said the doctor, regretting opening his mouth instantly when he saw the incredulous look on Rose's face.

"Are you serious, first of all you didn't intentionally take me to go see Queen Victoria, we bumped into her and her merry band when you landed in the wrong place and time. And secondly, if you're talking about the time we all nearly got eaten by a vicious werewolf then you really are crazy. You think I enjoyed nearly being ripped apart?" Rose said, rolling her eyes. He could be so weird sometimes, he enjoyed that? The only part she enjoyed was mocking the Queen behind her back. Apparently she was not amused.

The doctor looked a little sheepish. Trying to impress Rose was hard; he really liked that trip to Scotland. Even though he, too almost got ripped to shreds, the experience was still fantastic.

"OK, OK maybe I haven't taken you to the best places, but I promise you, you are gonna love where I am taking you today.'

Rose still looked sceptical.

"Oh come on, Rose, cheer up, I promise, you'll love it. Ok if something bad happens I'll let you do whatever you want to me, Ok? What ever you desire" Crap, wrong choice of words. Dammit. Desperately he hoped it would be something less painful, more pleasurable. He shook his head. What?

"What ever I want eh?" Muhahahahahahahahaaaaaa! Rose thought wickedly. Immediately images of the Doctor tied up, naked coursed through her mind. No, way too extreme she thought. Her sinful expression must have shown on her face, though, because the doctor suddenly looked very unnerved.

"Now, Rose, when I said whatever you want I meant within reason. You do know that don't you?" the doctor said eyeing Rose with caution. Rose didn't reply; she still had that crazy look on her face. "Rose?" he sang snapping his fingers in front of her eyes. She snapped out of her daze and grinned at him, her hazel eyes sparkling with mischief. She was so beautiful, for a moment all he could do was stare at her in adoration. That is until Rose snapped him out of his daze by doing the exact same thing he had just done.

"Doctor?" she sang "Hellooo anyone there?" she laughed and all the doctor could do was stare for a moment. She was so beautiful… he wondered if she – no. He forced himself to stop looking at her altogether.

"Um... right as I was saying… yes I've got something very lovely to show you, Rose." He cleared his throat as if he were getting ready to do something.

Rose was getting a little hot; the way the doctor just said that sent her heart racing, all sorts of images and thoughts flying through her head. Yes, I would love to see your amazing thing you have to show me. She thought. Did the TARDIS suddenly turn up the heating because she was now boiling. She was interrupted by the doctor, for the second time in 5 minutes he was singing her name.

"Rose?" he asked getting a little worried now. "Rose, are you all right? You look really hot" the breath in his throat caught as he just realised what he implied. Well it was true.

"Um yeah, no I'm fine" she said feeling the blood rush to her cheeks as she thought of the look on the doctor's face if he ever knew what she thought about doing to him. Plus the hidden meaning behind the word 'hot', she didn't miss that.

The doctor scrutinized Rose for a second as if searching for something in her face that might give her away (apart from the sudden red tinge to her cheeks which he thought a little funny) there was nothing.

"Rose is there something bothering you?" he asked, curious to why she was now blushing like a teenager in love. Hmm… teenager in love could she be in love with me? No don't be stupid, it was what you said about wanting to show her something, it sounded pornographic, that's all. That's all?! So she isn't in love with me? Don't get your hopes up mate, she's got Ricky, no, Mickey, she doesn't need you. The doctor was pulled from his mental attack back into the sweet sound of Rose's voice. Thankfully he hadn't got that far away look in his eyes because Rose wasn't looking at him funny. In fact she wasn't looking at him at all. WHY AREN'T YOU LOOKING AT ME FUNNY?!

"No, no nothing bothering me, you know I'm just a little tired… you ok?" she asked, worried, he looked like he was really upset about something. In fact she'd go as far as to say he looked… cute. She studied his face. He was pouting! She walked a little closer to him and put a hand on his cheek. He flinched at the touch and looked away from Rose; his face, again, a mask.

"Yep everything fine with me, now about this planet, you'll love it there, Rose. There are huge banana trees and…" Rose had stopped listening, he had done it again. Closed up. SNAP and this time, her fingers were bruised. She sighed, quietly and followed him as he started walking and talking again, not turning back to check her reaction plus he was deliberately keeping the space between them a minimal of 3 feet. As they walked into the consol room, the doctor still babbling away about 10 foot bananas, Rose was sure she felt another presence in the room, she turned around – curious. Nothing. She looked around the room, the doctor completely oblivious. She looked in between the jump seats she even looked in the grates but nothing. But she felt it, something tiny, insignificant, like a ticking bomb somewhere in the room. She looked over at the doctor; he was now playing about with the controls getting the TARDIS ready for flight. She sighed, it was probably nothing anyway. She turned to sit on one of the jump seats and her breath caught in her throat, there it was; the ticking bomb - a baby.

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