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Chapter 8

I sat on the cold table, looking at them in awe. My mind was becoming more coherent as the hours went past, less foggy and a lot more grown up – this I was grateful for. I wasn't exactly sure why the travel had caused me to regress back to a childlike state, but it had given me a unique opportunity. I was able to observe them in an innocent state to see how they reacted to me. After all I did come as a shock. Perhaps I was here for a reason; maybe I was supposed to act as a catalyst in some way, perhaps to speed up their growth as a couple. In any case, I was here and I was going to try my best to remember everything, so as best to express myself fully. Right now I was still acting as a child. Although, this could be used as a way to get their full attention – especially his. Him. What was his name? I was sure that I knew it. It's him I recognise, but where from. And her – who was she? Why was I so drawn to her? Why is it that I still didn't know…where my mum was? In my delirium, I thought that she wasn't my mum, but now I wasn't so sure. I needed to find out. This was the perfect opportunity for me to discover where I came from, and I would use it. I realised that I must still try to play the part as a child, although my gifts for telepathy and speech had been a bit of a giveaway. For them to keep me, I must play the part.

They walked into the medlab in an awkward silence. The Doctor had the child in his arms and had been feeling quite uncomfortable for the whole journey. Although it had only lasted about 50 seconds but nevertheless the Doctor thought it was still eligible for winning one of the 'Wow, this is an uncomfortable almost-minute of my life' awards. He set down the child on the examining table and began to rummage around in the purple tray next to the X-ray screen.

"How is it that I have never noticed you had an X-ray screen in here?" asked Rose, conversationally.

The Doctor turned to look at her, a small smile playing at the corner of his lips.

"Perhaps because you've been so busy criticising my Doctorial skills, Rose", he said, eyebrows raised. He knew she would deny it; it was only a matter of time…

"I have not!" she denied, oblivious to the fact that the Doctor was now having one of his 'I'm Brilliant' moments. He smiled, smugly. He was very pleased that he knew Rose well enough to anticipate her actions. It seemed a life-time ago that he had argued with her about the ethics of having your spaceship read your mind and translate foreign languages into your head without asking. He felt he had come a long way from that Doctor. The Doctor was starting to feel that he was one step closer to knowing her completely and that made him grin with glee.

"What are you grinning about, eh?" Rose asked, tongue between her teeth in a grin equally as wide. She loved it when he smiled. He was always so caught up in saving the world, and doing what's right and being careful that when he actually did smile it took her breath away.

"Weell just the fact that I know you all too well." She raised her eyebrows, and he continued gloating, oblivious to the hole he was going to dig himself into. "I am the expert of all that is Rose Marion Tyler!" He exclaimed proudly, before realising with a start that he sounded almost like a stalker. Or a boyfriend…her boyfriend, which he sort of was, not really, but by other people's standards….people had always said they looked like a couple, even before he regenerated into this Rose-centric Time Lord…

Nah don't be stupid, you know she doesn't think of you in that way. But blimey, the way that she smiles at me, sometimes makes me think….NO don't even go there. She is off limits. She is human and your best friend, your very best friend, your very best friend in the whole wide- Stop it! This isn't how it's supposed to go. You're meant to be alone. She will out-grow you and find someone else. That is what's best. For her. But what about for me? You don't really have a choice, she will always want something more, and that something just won't be you, so stop!

"Ha! Yeah right" she giggled, effectively snapping the Doctor out of his personal torment, for about the fifth time that day, and leaving him confused as to what she was talking about. "Care to test that?" she asked, finally catching his eye and looking at him properly. She started. The Doctor's face had almost completely lost its vitality. What had happened?

"Doctor, are you ok?" Rose asked, worried. His face had gone from smug (and gorgeous) to distraught (and gorgeous). Is his face wet? Nah, it can't be. That would imply that he is crying. But that's impossible, he would never cry, at least not in front of me. He definitely looks upset though. Why is he so upset? Is it something that I said?

The Doctor was silent.


He seemed to come out of his reverie with a start. "Yep. Fine me, I'm just…erm….looking for my…er" he spluttered suddenly rummaging through the draw again to draw her attention away from his slightly wet face, which he hurriedly wiped with his sleeve. "Er…Screwdriver!"

"Your sonic screwdriver?" She asked, slightly dumbfounded, "It's in your pocket, Doctor" She put her left hand on the small of his back and reached out, tucking her right hand in his pocket, rather close to where a certain part of his anatomy was. He jumped slightly and gave a little squeak of shock. Her breath caught in her throat and she held still, suddenly acutely aware of exactly where her hand was, she continued, however, and slowly removed the sonic screwdriver from his 'normal-sized' pocket staring, wide-eyed at him all the while.

"It's in here," she whispered. She had no idea why she was whispering. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the air had gotten really stuffy or perhaps because she had gotten really close to him in her attempt to withdraw his screwdriver. Ooh, that didn't sound too good… (But it did, really.) She blushed a royal red and bit her lip.

"Thanks" he mouthed, unable to speak due to the closeness of their faces. He hadn't realised she had gotten so close during her kafuffle with his screwdriver…ooh, that didn't sound too good… (But it really did.)



He swallowed.


He took a step closer so that they were almost nose-to-nose.

"What is it?" she whispered

"I need…um…" His left arm snaked around her waist slowly. Her breathing sped up.

"Why...what are…" she stammered, unable to think coherently as his breath mingled with hers.

"I need…" he pulled her closer to him.


"…You" he said before he covered her lips with his own with a swiftness and a force that took her breath away.

He kissed her fiercely and passionately as if he had wanted to do so for a very long time. Rose immediately responded by running her fingers through his unbelievable hair and kissing him for all that she was worth. The Doctor closed his eyes and parted his lips to deepen the kiss, causing a moan to escape Rose's mouth. His right hand travelled up her back, causing her to shiver and rested against her blonde hair, pulling out her rubber hair band and allowing her gorgeous locks to fall. He threw the hair band behind his shoulder and tangled his hand in her hair, just as her tongue snaked into his mouth, deepening the kiss further.

"Rose…" He said huskily. She moaned again, she loved it when he said her name.

"Rose…?" she opened her eyes. Uh oh!

She was standing in the exact same position. The Doctor was at the tray, and she had the distinct feeling that her lips were ridiculously pursed.

Ok Rose, just keep calm. You didn't realise that you were just DREAMING! Bloody dreaming, right in front of him. In the middle of a conversation as well…

"Sorry I just…. had a bit of a moment there." Rose said, lowering her gaze as her blush swept up her neck to cover practically all of her face. She cleared her throat. "So...um what were you saying?"

"Me? I didn't say anything. It was your turn to speak" he grinned, completely aware that she had just had some sort of an embarrassing daydream. This he knew despite the predictable red marks that had appeared on her face and all up her neck. Something he suddenly realised he loved and found rather attractive about her.

"Oh, um ok?" He chuckled. Was that all she could say?

"What's so funny?" she asked in half irritancy, half amusement.

"Just you." He said, smiling at her.

"What are you thinkin' about then? What's so funny about me?"

"Your withdrawal into your own thoughts was quite funny" he smiled. (He didn't think funny was exactly the right word, but he was curious to know about her reaction) "And the way your blush covers the whole of your neck and the rises up to redden your cheeks is gorgeous" He said, staring at her as her blush deepened. He started, however, when he realised what he had said.

"Um, yeah, I guess", she squeaked self-consciously. Gorgeous? Ooh, he said my blush was gorgeous!

"Yes, Rose, you look very appealing when you blush."

"Really?" No Rose, don't get sucked up in his whirlpool of lovely, heart-warming compliments!

"Yes, it seemed you were dreaming for some time. I didn't want to disturb you," the Doctor said, suppressing a smile.

"Oh well, not really" she said, hastily. She would want him to think she was dreaming about him – which she was. "I only zoned out for a minute…" she said, trying not to betray the note of panic in her voice. Did she reveal anything as she daydreamed? What did the Doctor witness?

"Uh huh. And the moaning?"

"I wasn't moaning!" she said immediately in complete embarrassment. Her face grew hotter.

He chuckled again.

"Are you taking the mickey?" she asked, slightly flustered. It was obviously a tender situation. Was he just completely bent on winding her up?

"Yes Rose, I believe I am…not. Sorry but you did appear to be moaning. I hope it was a satisfying daydream." He grinned cheekily, playing on her embarrassment. What he was really hoping was, was the daydream about him.

Rose was about to retort, when she heard a giggle from behind the Doctor. They turned to look at the baby who was smiling widely at them as though she had been listening to their conversation and had found it highly amusing.

As her giggles began to subside Rose noticed a change and gasped. The Doctor nodded gravely as if he had suspected something like this. Rose didn't know why she hadn't suspected it before. The changing shape when the baby had first been seen, the telepathy, she had made Rose faint, and finally the talking. All this was pointing to what Rose was witnessing now. The baby was glowing different colours and looked as if smoke were pouring from her. Rose reached out to her but the Doctor held out his arm to stop her. "Look" he said. Rose stared. As the smoke started to fade, and the colour started to dim, she watched as the baby's fingers started to stretch, and her arms began to pull outwards. Rose stared in awe and shock as the baby began to grow into a child of 4 or 5 before her very eyes. As her growth started to slow the child let out another high pitched giggle and stretched her fingers.

"Better?" said the Doctor.

"Much better" she replied.

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