Hey guys. I know it's been around 3 years since i've even looked at this story but so much has been going on and I decided to take a backseat with writing stories and i've just been reading them lately. But here's another chapter of Las Nineras. I know it's short, sorry about that. Hopefully I'll have more stuff coming in the future. As always, reviews are very much appreciated. Thanks :)

Looking down at my arms and legs, I could see instantly that I had grown a bit. It looked like I was maybe 4 or 5 now. Which meant that I was obviously way too big for the clothing I was previously in. It was ripped at my thighs and my elbows. I experimented with my new body by stretching my arms and legs. I wriggled my fingers and I wriggled my toes, thankful that the Doctor and Rose hadn't put anything on my feet. The Doctor and Rose. I looked at them in fascination and triumph, feeling much more comfortable in my new skin. I breathed a sigh of relief. I could finally remember who they were. I knew their names. I recognised their faces, fully, at last and I felt good about it. Now at least I could talk to them without them freaking out on me and taking me to the medlab. Which was where I was now. With both Rose and the Doctor. Who were giving me very funny looks. Oh boy. How to explain this one? Go with the truth, or make them believe for a while longer that I was actually a child?

"You're not actually a child are you?" Rose mumbled after regaining her ability to speak. She had just seen a baby turn into a child before her very eyes. It was the first question that popped into her head.

Well, there went that plan. The truth it was then. I wondered how he would take it. Rose had nothing to worry about. But the Doctor… How was I to explain?

"We would like an explanation please. We know you understand us, and we know you can talk. Now start talking." The Doctor said, with slight agitation. He knew this child, this… being was different from the beginning, and he could never figure out exactly why that was. Now he wanted to know for sure.

When the child still gave no answer, Rose said kindly, "Why don't you start with your name?"

"The name is the hardest bit." The child said, wringing her little fingers anxiously.

Rose tried to fight her baser instincts that told her to say 'Awwwwwwhhhh' and grab the child and hug her. She had to be strict with herself. "How comes?"

The child didn't answer. She just kept wringing her little fingers and shifting her eyes from the Doctor to Rose anxiously. The Doctor cut in.

"OK, how about telling us where you are from. Where were you born?" He said, not unkindly.

The child sighed. "That one is difficult too." She said. Well I can't exactly tell them that I wasn't technically born, now can I?

The Doctor sighed too. He was fed up with not knowing. He picked up something that looked like a blue rubber ruler and scanned it across the child's face and body. Reading the results as he went along. The device beeped suddenly and turned yellow. The Doctor tapped it in slight frustration. Why wasn't it working?

"My equipment doesn't work properly with you," he stated, "Why not?"

The child shrugged and folded her arms. "Maybe it's a little out-dated?" she offered.

The Doctor bristled. His equipment! Out-dated? The cheek! He heard a sound to his right, and turned to see Rose giggling behind her hand at his reaction. He glared at her.

"What?" She asked innocently, "She's funny."

"Oh," the Doctor said, "Now she's funny. Earlier, I believe, you were terrified of her!"

"I got over that"

"Did you now?"

"Yes, yes I did." Rose said, smiling brightly at him to try and lift his mood. Rose didn't want this child's' abnormalities to come between them. She wanted him to have a better attitude about it.

"Look," she said, "You keep blaming the baby-child for everything. Have you ever considered that it's not actually her fault? That maybe, just maybe, she can't control any of this?"

"Thank you, Rose." The child said in appreciation.

"You're welcome." Rose replied, and turned to the Doctor. "Now before we get any more agitated lets just take it slow ok. One bit of info at a time."

"And if she can't give us any more information?" The Doctor countered folding his arms.

"Then," she said holding his hands, "We'll take care of her until she's old enough to feel more confortable. Okay?"

The Doctor didn't find it ok, but Rose's hopeful expression and her warm hand in his had him nodding his head emphatically. Blimey, he thought, she could get me to do anything she wanted with that look.

"Good. Now," she said, turning back to the child, who seemed to be beaming at them, "whaddya want for lunch? Fish fingers and chips?"

The child's face lit up. "Yes please!" The Doctor sighed.