Title: "The Way of Love"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: G
Summary: Rich and Dana discuss her snubbing Fabio.
Warning: Het
Disclaimer: Rich Halke, Dana Foster, and Step By Step are © & TM their respective owners and are used without permission. Fabio has always been and will forever remain © & TM himself and is referenced herein without permission. Everything else is © & TM Pirate Turner. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction.

"I don't believe you snubbed Fabio!"

She smiled both at the rumbling feel in his chest as he spoke and the disbelief that sounded in his voice. She shrugged, her shoulders sliding against his arms that held her close. "I didn't understand it at first, either, but I thought about it, realized my mistake wasn't really a mistake, and was okay with it."

Rich turned off the TV and looked down at Dana. "Then will you please explain it to me? 'Cause if Fabio doesn't stand a chance with you, none of us normal guys do!"

Dana leaned up and kissed Rich reassuringly on the forehead. "Baby, you stand far more than just a chance with me. You already have me. I'm yours, and I don't want anybody else. That's just the thing with Fabio. He may look gorgeous and know the way to a woman's heart and be sensitive and romantic and . . . "

"Not exactly making me feel better, honey," Rich mumbled, frowning.

Dana's smile grew as she spoke from her heart, her eyes gazing lovingly into his. "Fabio may be all that, but so are you. You're cute. You're handsome. You're sweet, sensitive, funny, and romantic, and you certainly know the way to a woman's heart. I know you won mine a long time ago." She kissed him again, this time on the lips, as she proceeded to show rather than just tell him the truth of her words.

He melted beneath her passionate assault, his heart singing of his good points, most especially that he had won the heart of the Queen of his heart, a woman he never would have even dreamed himself capable of impressing, let alone wooing. Rich grinned against her mouth. Dana was his, he was hers, and that was all that mattered forever!

The End