The ending is so cheesy. But I couldn't help it!



Bella's Point of View

10 months later

I grabbed the door and opened it. I was assaulted with the new smell of an apartment. I looked around. It was just your standard apartment. It was two bedroom one bath. It was already decorated with furniture and pictures. I dropped my bags by the door. I rushed in to look at the living room.

I took a closer look at the simple furniture and on to the pictures on the wall. I felt my insides glow as I look at the photos of my family. There were the Cullens with their perfect faces smiling back at me. I felt the muscles on my face lift making me smile involuntarily.

This was really happening. This wasn't a dream.

I never thought this day was come. Ten long months of rehab was enough to make me think I'd die in that place. But somehow I'd made it. I beat the addiction.

Even though I sometimes would feel the distant feeling of a craving I would beat it down with all my might. I promised myself I would never relapse again. I was strong now. I would remain strong. The drug could no longer tell me what to do. Even though there would always be a piece of that drug in me that would always tempt me into my old ways, I had learned to respect it. That small piece of me that constantly taunted me would always be a reminder of what I had conquered and learned.

I sighed and went back to the door to grab my groceries and put them away. I could finally eat what I wanted. I was free. I smiled to myself. I couldn't remember the last time I cooked myself a decent meal.

So much had changed in the last ten months. I had managed to drag myself to rehab willingly. But after the first day of being clean and of going to therapy I was begging Edward to take me back home. I had hated it there. But Edward was strong for the both of us and wouldn't let me leave. It was then that I realized that he must really love me if he was still sticking around and to get me clean.

After I had had that realization, I decided I would get clean for him. I don't know why I had to constantly reassure myself that Edward loves me. I just do, but everyday it gets slightly easier to trust him.

After my push from Edward I stayed clean for two months. I thought I was making progress but my therapist thought otherwise.

I finally broke after two months. I tried to call Edward one night and he didn't pick up. I had panicked and came to the conclusion that he had left again. I don't really remember what happened after that. Everything was blurry and a mess. I ended up finding drugs to take.

The next morning I had a surprise visit from the Cullens but I wasn't allowed to see them. My therapist had refused to let me see her. She told me I had to tell her what had caused my relapse. I was so disoriented and confused that I finally broke down and told her everything. I poured my heart out. I told her about Violet and my constant fear of Edward leaving.

After my sudden outburst she hugged me and told me we were making progress. I was allowed to see the Cullens. After that she explained that I needed to do this for myself. I needed to find beauty in myself and embrace it. I was forced to write in a journal. I had to tell myself my good quality. I had learned how to communicate my feelings through words and not hide me emotions.

I soon could find a reason to want to live for myself. This journey through rehab soon became an experience for me to learn who I was and find redemption. I could finally sleep at night and not be pledged by nightmares.

It was a long road but worth it. I had found myself and more. I had a reason for breathing besides Edward. I had opened myself up which surprisingly allowed me to love Edward even more.

Even though I would never fully understand why he left me, I knew that he loved me. Every day that he spent with me was proof.

I hummed to myself as I found the perfect spot for each food item. This was so exciting. This was a new beginning. When I had finished rehab this apartment was their gift to me. This new place symbolized a new start. I usually wasn't big on gifts, but they were family. They seemed happy to be giving it to me. I think they were really excited for me to go back to school.

That's right I was going back to school. I would be attending Washington State starting in the spring. I didn't know what I wanted to do for a living yet, but I felt good to be focusing on my education. I really did enjoy learning; I had learned that from therapy. I would use that to my advantage and further myself in life.

I searched for a pot in the pantry so I could start to boil water. I think I would make pasta tonight. I began to hum to myself as I listen to the quiet sound of the boiling water. I could smell the faint smell of salt and steam, the sweet smell of freedom.

I knew things were far from over or better, but it was getting there.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the door open. My head snapped towards the hall way and I was met with the love of my life.

I felt my body instantly react to his presents. I pranced towards him and threw myself into his awaiting arms. I felt his scent wash over me and I felt instantly at home. This finally felt like home.

"Why are you always so surprised to see me?"

I could tell he was smiling by the tone of his voice. He was just as happy as I was that I was finally free and back on track.

"Every day is a gift with you. And I just want to make sure I treasure it."

I felt him pull my away so he could look into my eyes and he saw the real meaning behind my words. He understood my words. We had come a long way and had made many mistakes. But everyday that we were just together was priceless. Because who knew what issue life would hit us with next. But for now, I just wanted to be with him.

I just wanted to feel the moment and be at peace. I had my life and the love of my life back. I couldn't ask for anything more.

It didn't matter that we had made mistakes or had more hurdles to jump over. As long as I had him I was okay because there was something beautiful about the way our imperfections seem to fit together.

Because there is something absolutely perfect about imperfection.

This is the end.

I understand the ending is abrupt but yah, this is my first story, so yah, give me some credit. I didn't really know what I was doing when it came to plot or ending this…. This story kind of sucked… But I finished it!!!!! That has to mean something right!

SO thank you for reading my mess of a story….. seriously.

Sorry my story was so suckish… ugggg