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The universe, to describe it in layman's terms, is big. Very big. So big that it had never been mapped out successfully by humans or any other race.

Yes, there were other races other than humans in the universe. In this universe, anyway. Humans were well aware of it, but since many of their visits resulted in invasions, they were not in any hurry in integrate them into their society. That being said, they probably wouldn't be too happy to know what was happening at that moment near Neptune.

A strange craft was sailing by the planet named after the Roman god of the sea. The craft appeared to be coated in chrome, its metallic appearance causing it to stand out in the blackness of space. It had a bowl-like shape to it, the curves only by two prongs on the bottom that appeared to be for landing and a fin acting as a tail. At the rim of the bowl shape the chrome ended and was replaced by glass, or a more durable substance more likely. The glass formed a dome, the shape interrupted by an antenna on top. Resting in the dome was something that appeared, at first glance, to be a giant brain. What it actually was, however, was anyone's guess.

The craft, however, was not unique. Following behind it were dozens, maybe even hundreds, of versions of the same vehicle, all silently flying through the vacuum of space.

Inside the lead ship was a room that could be identified as a cockpit, several creatures were working, none of them human. They looked like squids more than human, most colored green but a few light-blue ones were scattered around, but the top of their heads seemed to be made of glass, with their brains visible. A few were working controls, getting the ship to its goal, but the most important figure was behind them, raised off the ground several feet. He sat in one of a pair of chairs that was reachable through a small stairway, the other one empty. He lifted one of his tentacles and pressed a button on the side of his chair. Almost instantly a floating screen floated up from below him, displaying only a horizontal line running down the center of the screen. He then pressed a few more buttons, causing the screen to begin ringing softly. Then, suddenly, it stopped.

"Finally, is this my Yugopotamian partner?" the screen said, the line bending in tune to the voice.

"Yes, it is I, Mark Chang, prince of Yugopotamia," the alien said proudly. "Me and my, like, totally awesome fleet, are on our way to Earth at this moment. We should arrive in about nine thousand Yugopotamian days, which, in Earth measurements, should be, like, a few hours."

"Well hurry! I can't stand this moronic planet any longer! These filthy humans have been disgusting me like some…disgusting thing!" the being on the other end replied lamely.

"Do not worry, for soon, our mighty military alliance will totally have taken another step toward total universal conquest! Mark Chang out!" With that, the alien prince pressed another button, ending the conversation. "This is most excellent. We will totally conquer the planet Earth in the name of our glorious military alliance!"

"Oh Mark," a sultry voice came through the cockpit. It might have made a human interested, but it sent shivers down the prince's spine…or it would, if he was a vertebrate.

"Uh…what is it?" he said as another creature entered the cockpit. To a human's eyes, she would be pleasurable, but she made Mark flinch. She resembled a shapely human woman except for her yellow skin, elf like ears, sharp teeth and two thin antennas. She has sparkling green eyes and long, gorgeous purple hair that fell to her knees. She wore only a one-piece strapless dress that stopped just at the point of decency, with mid calf high heel boots that continued with straps up to her knees. Also adorning her was a silver band on her right thigh and two gloves. Her head was adorned with a tiara and earrings. Everything she wore was light blue and white, giving the image of crystal.

"Mark," she said seductively as she walked to his throne, slowly tracing his face with her finger, "we still have a few hours until we land on Earth. Why not spend it…getting closer?"

Despite everything, Mark cringed. "Um, I really should look over the fleet, we're mere hours from Earth…"

"Your men can handle it, let's go cuddle," she smiled, walking her fingers up what could pass for his chest.

"But hideous Princess Mandie, our battle operations must be looked over once more before…"

The prince stopped when the seductive alien turned her expression to a glare. "Cuddle…with me…now!"

Mark gulped. "O-of course," he said, reluctantly slipping his tentacle into her grip. Giving a loving, yet somehow still sinister grin, Mandie led him into a private room, with the Yugopotamian prince silently trembling the whole walk.

Back on Earth, in the town of Dimmsdale, California, a boy in a red superhero uniform walked through the hallways of the dorms of the Dimmsdale Superhero Academy. Though his three-month vacation was great, he had wanted to get back to school since summer started.

After all, he was Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder, and he had work to do.

He made it to his dorm room, swiping his school ID in the reader and opening the door. While he had been expecting to see his roommates, he hadn't expected to see each of his seven classmates waiting in the living room.

"Timmy!" they all greeted, surprising the red-capped boy. His girlfriend Wonder Gal walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to smile and their classmate, Femme Fatale, to scowl. Matter Muncher Lad was sitting on a couch, shoveling handfuls of popcorn into his mouth. Next to him was Fatale, then Ice Princess, who was applying makeup with a compact. Floating next to the couch was Professor AJ, playing around with a mini-computer. Sitting on the floor was the Sonic Youth and Sparky, who had been previously having a conversation.

"Hey guys," the buck toothed boy said, dragging his luggage through the door. "Not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you guys all doing here?"

"We thought it'd be best to have a meeting now," Chester said between mouthfuls. "It's about what the Nega-Chin said before he died in May."

Suddenly Cleft's attitude became serious. "You mean about there being…others?"

"Yeah. We all spent the summer looking up who the biggest, baddest villains were," Sparky said.

"And what'd you find out?" Cleft asked.

"Nothing," said everyone.

"Nothing?" Cleft echoed.

"We each looked as well as we could into the history of supervillains," Sanjay explained.

"Yeah, but everything said that the Nega-Chin is the most powerful villain ever," Fatale continued.

"What? That can't be right," their leader mused. "Maybe he meant someone in the Negaverse."

"Maybe we should ask Cosmo and Wanda," Wonder Gal suggested.

Cleft shrugged. "Sorry guys, I haven't seen those two since we defeated the Nega-Chin, and I have no clue how to reach them. Maybe…"

Suddenly, a shrill alarm rang through the dorm. "Attention, students," Super Principle's voice rang out over the load speaker. "Several unidentified crafts have been spotted heading toward Earth. Report to the bunkers immediately."

"What?" the students cried.

"Figures," AJ said, floating toward the door. "Classes haven't even started yet and the villain attacks commence. It's already shaping up to be another fun year."

Mark lay uncomfortably on the large bed in his cabin. Actually, his cabin wasn't entirely accurate. For his father insisted he share his with the warrior in his arm tentacles.

"Oh Mark, isn't it wonderful?" Mandie mused, brushing the prince's cheek. "In just a month, we'll be married, and the mighty Bodacians and the Yugopotamians will become one!"

"Yeah," Mark said slowly. "Excellent."

"And with all the others participating in our alliance, universal domination will follow. We'll rule entire galaxies as emperor and empress."

"Rock on," Mark said, without enthusiasm.

To Mark's great relief, a knock sounded from the door. Mandie, however, was not pleased. Almost instantly she shot up, her hair turning to flames. "I thought I made it clear we were not to be disturbed!" she roared.

"M-my apologies, your highness," a Yugopotamian guard said from the other side of the door. "But we've arrived within striking distance of Earth. We will commence on Prince Mark's orders."

"Excellent," Mark said, gratefully jumping from his fiancée's grip. "Let us commence our, like, totally excellent invasion of this little mudball, and see if our contact on Earth came through."

The Crimson Chin, Super Principle, and Catman walked into the main control room of Skyway Patrol. Since this was an alien invasion, the international agency was the one with jurisdiction.

"About time you got here," a voice sounded from the front. It came from the General, standing in front of a large monitor. He was short, only about half the size of the average adult. His gray and black Skyway Patrol uniform was decorated with various metals, and in place of the usual bullet helmet he was wearing a gray military hat that covered his eyes, making his mouth and large bulbous nose the only facial feature visible.

"We got here as soon as possible," Catman apologized. "We had to make sure our students were safe."

"What's the situation?" the Chin asked.

"An armada of alien ships, from a race we haven't been in contact with," the General explained as his monitor showed an image of Mark's ship. "Numbers are estimated to be in the hundreds."

"What else do we know?" the Chin asked.

"I'm afraid that's all we know," the General said. "Any ideas?"

"We'll put as many heroes with the ability to fly as we can on the front lines," Super Principle suggested. "Once we figure out their attacks, your men can stand a better chance of taking them out. Less risk of loss of life."

"So the usual contingency plan, eh?" the General said. "Well…"

"That would probably be the most efficient method," a new voice joined the conversation as its owner walked up to them.

The man was strange by human standards. He was tall, nearly six feet, but that was his only noticeable physical feature. He wore a long white lab coat, coming down to his boots and going up past his neck, its collar covering his mouth. He wore black boots and gloves, meaning his clothes covered nearly all skin up to his nose. His eyes were masked by a pair of thick goggles. His hair was a single pile that lifted from his head and then fell back in a lightning bolt shape.

"This is Professor Membrane," the General introduced, "the new head of our science department."

"How do you do?" the scientist said rather curtly before turning back to the General. "The ships will break through our atmosphere soon. We need soldiers on the front lines now."

"We'll head out immediately," the Chin promised. "In fact, every hero that could be reached should already be in position."

As Mark looked at the screen at his bridge, he smiled. "We are, like, totally in range. Commence with the bombardment!"

The bunkers looked just as bland as ever as the eight heroes-in-training sat around waiting for something to happen.

"Oh, this is really how I wanted to start the school year," AJ moaned, "huddled in here while the adults get to trash some aliens. What, didn't we prove we're strong enough last year?"

"I don't know about you guys," Sparky said, "but after everything that happened last year, I could use some time off." With that, he flopped down on the ground.

"We should be concentrating on what the Nega-Chin said anyway," Cleft muttered.

"There's not much we can do about it right now," his girlfriend injected. "Heck, we don't even know where to start."

"With Crocktopus," Cleft answered, earning stares from his classmates.

Muncher Lad was the one who voiced this puzzlement. "What are you talking about?"

"Someone had to have taken over for the Nega-Chin, right? Otherwise there would have been a major war over his organization. Plus Crocktopus seemed friendly with him, so he's got to know who the more powerful ones are. If the Nega-Chin told anyone, it would be him!"

Instantly the group beamed. "Timmy, that's brilliant!" Wonder Gal declared.

"Most ingenious," Sonic agreed.

"Hate to be Johnny Stormcloud," AJ cut in, "but how, exactly are we going to get information from Crocktopus? He's not exactly an open book."

"Well, for starters, we have to…"

A loud rumble cut the red-capped hero off. "W-what's going on?" he demanded as the room began to shake.

"Brace yourselves!" Fatale screeched as she searched for stability. The rest of the class obeyed as the room began to violently quake, tossing its contents everywhere. By some miracle nothing struck the heroes, who had somehow managed to brace themselves. The shaking continued until a loud ripping sound was heard.

Then, something even stranger happened. The rumbling stopped, but the shaking continued. Though now it was nowhere near as frantic. In fact, it seemed rather gentle…like a rocking boat.

"What on Earth?" Cleft muttered. At the same time he came to that conclusion, the room did its next unusual thing. It simply stopped, with the sudden jerk causing half the class to lose the stability they had. Among those was Cleft, who fell on the bunker floor on his back.

The de facto leader stood quickly, reading his staff in case their next obstacle would be a tangible one. "Is everyone okay?" he asked, scanning the room.

Muncher Lad rose to his feet among all the wreckage, rubbing his hooded head to try and soothe the pain he had received when it came into contact with the wall. "Define okay."

Before anything else could be said, a new sound entered the student's ears. It sounded like a drilling sound. Adding to the confusion was when a very small amount of debris landed in Wonder Gal's hair. Puzzled, the super strong heroine brushed the rubble out her hair and looked up. A stream of small rocks was falling from the ceiling that didn't stop.

Until a drill broke through.

The class stared at it for half a second before AJ realized that now would be a good time to put up a mental shield.

Unfortunately, he came to this conclusion half a second too late. At that moment, the drill split open in quarters, revealing a small antenna.

From that, a huge surge of electricity came forth, surging through the eight occupants of the bunker. It looked like black lightning, but whatever it was was affecting Sparky as severely as his classmates, meaning it couldn't be electricity.

Finally, after a few seconds, the surge stopped, and the heroes-in-training fell to the ground.

As they slipped into unconsciousness, a loud bang was heard from the door. With another bang, the door flew off its hinges. As it landed on the floor, two large gray Yugopotamians slithered into the room, each holding large axes in one of their arm tentacles.

"Ah, the first capture of the planet of Earth. I have no clue why that Irken wants the younglings, but it must be good."