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Present Day

Wind rushing by…

Whirling in my ears…

Blurs of green and brown…

And my thoughts to all of this were; how could I have been so stupid? I was foolish to think I could change Him. He said he was a monster, he warned me not to intervene, that it would only

cause pain. But no! I just had to go and be my stubborn self and not listen to anyone. As usual. And now look where I am! They say if you play with fire you will get burned.

I didn't hear anything as I ran, but that alone meant nothing. I was surprised I had come this far without tripping. Of course just as I thought that, I fall over a root. Oh joy. I look up from the

ground, hoping my eyes will only meet dirt and leaves. But much to my dismay, they reveal a pair of black shoes; a pair of shoes that are attached to a pair of lean strong legs. I slowly raised

my head to a muscular bare chest, broad shoulders, and…………no! I refused to look up any farther, for I know what I will see if I do.

I then heard a dark chuckle from above me. "Bella, Bella, Bella," the voice said. It was like rich velvet. Dark velvet. "Don't you know not to run into the woods at night?" He then leaned down to

whisper in my ear, "There are things out here that could possibly want to eat you."I looked up in surprise, only to meet a pair of blazing red eyes. They had a look of hunger in them and were

slowly darkening by the second. He moved closer to my neck, inhaling my scent as he did so. He bared his teeth at me into a wicked smile as I opened my mouth to scream…

So yeah. I have been having strange dreams about this story and really wanted to get it on paper. However if i dont get any reviews i probably will not continue. Just something i would like to try.

Thanks :D