Note: I do not own Twilight or the characters mentioned in this. I thank Stephenie Meyer for sharing these wonderful characters with all of us.

Chapter 1: Final Alterations

Even after 10 years that, dog, still finds a way to get under my skin. I only consented to this marriage because I only want two things for my daughter, Renesmee; I want her to be happy and to be safe. Jacob provides both. I know he will bring her no harm and is able to prevent most any harm that could come to her from others. Renesmee seems as happy with the imprinting as Jacob does, almost as if she imprinted on him when he imprinted on her. She had gotten over the history her mother and Jake had however brief it was. A lot of it was my fault, but Jake is overall a good man.

Now here I am, in Alice's new fitting room, rivaling that of many of the largest bridal and dress shops in the world, getting final alterations done to my new tux. Bella is standing behind Alice, who is doing the final pinning, wearing the new chocolate brown, long sleeve dress she would wear the day her daughter become Jacob Black's wife. She looked so lovely, and the color of the dress was the closest thing to her human eyes and Renesmee's I have ever seen. Alice has probably looked for 10 years for such a color.

My Bella had extended her shield today so I could hear her thoughts on this. This is all so sudden. Fourteen years ago thought I would have at least 30 years before something like this happened, but I hadn't planned on marrying a vampire and having a baby that decided to defy all known laws of aging. Its going to be amazing, thanks to Alice. I am so glad she is here. If it wasn't for her, I can't imagine how the plans would be going. Oh Edward, OUR daughter is getting MARRIED in a few days…."

I become distracted by the thoughts of my daughter. She is thinking back on the past years. How we accepted Jake, and finally came to terms with what their love meant. The traditional courtship I had imagined in my human life for a daughter I may have was nothing like this. It was as if her future husband was as much a part of her life as her mother and I were, but the relationship was ever changing. Each new aspect built on the previous ones. First, he was her protector, even concerned about the harm her mother might bring her, then he became her play mate, next her friend and confidant, and now he is her lover and soon to be husband. He has been her soul mate since first sight. This man, who was once my natural enemy and also rival for Bella's heart, is going to be my son-in-law. Strangely, I feel happy and excited for him. I know he loves her and will be the best thing for her. I do not feel our relationship will change much, but then again, with the exception of our other half, the eight of us have been more like siblings than anything else for the past eight years. While she is my daughter, she now looks my age and we go around in public under the ruse of being brother and sister.

I long to grow old, to be human, so I could be seen by everyone as her father. I long for her mother to be seen as her mother and not adopted sister. But I also know if she had remained human and survived how awful it would have felt to see my wife, growing older without me, knowing she was inching closer and closer to old age, where she would waste away and die. I love my existence when I am with her.

"Edward, snap out of it. I'm glad you've got this whole deep-thought manikin thing down, but now I need you to go change so I can actually make the alterations." Alice said, snapping me out of my own mind. She knew if I wasn't even listening to Bella's thoughts, I would completely ignore hers and this made spoken word necessary.

I went into one of the changing rooms Alice had insisted on putting in a house where everyone already had their own place to change and slid out of the tux and into some comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. Before I stepped out I heard Bella's footsteps coming towards me. She must be wondering what I was thinking about. Many days I wished she could hear what I was thinking, it would take less time and things might make more sense.

"Edward, when did you develop ADD? You completely mentally cut me off mid-thought. I love you, but lately, you have had trouble paying attention even to my thoughts. I know there is a lot going on, so please share with me. I'm your wife, and Renesmee is my daughter as well." Bella stated. Here face even showed anger so serenely these days. I know I should share with her, but the idea of the change that marriage would bring to Jacob and Nessie's relationship still weighed heavy on my heart, however dead it physically was. I know it shouldn't bother me, but Jacob had once been my peer, and was chronologically nearly 20 years older than her. I know I'm a hypocrite considering I'm only 80 plus years older than Bella, but I did not watch Bella grow from a newborn baby into a child, and then an adolescent. I met her when she was physically my age.

"Bella, it's just…Jacob is so much older than her. I knew this day would come the day she was born, but it still doesn't seem right. I know they are perfect for each other, but she is my daughter, my baby girl, and he is Jacob…." She knew what I meant. She had her own feelings about this. It must be awkward for her too considering the past relationship they had. I mean, how often do you make out with a woman and then 3 months later, she has this beautiful baby you imprint on and then 10 years later you marry her. "I am so happy for them. We will get over the awkward feelings we have and we will enjoy our daughter's wedding." I knew she was right; I was just making the final alterations to my thoughts.