Chapter 9: Reception

Bella and I hopped in the Vanquish. Oh how I loved that car. Jacob was driving Nessie to the reception in one of their wedding presents, a BMW 328i coupe. Jacob didn't quite have vampire reflexes or I might have gotten him something with a little more horsepower. I knew Jacob would heal fast, but we hadn't put Nessie in much danger to see how tough she was.

The whole family took this occasion as an excuse to drive their favorite cars. Rosalie had updated from her M3 to a M6 convertible. Rose was loyal to the BMW M series. Zafrina, Eleazar, and Carmen road with her. Emmett drove his new Hummer with Nahuel and Huilen. Alice drove her old Porsche 911 turbo with Jasper, Benjamin, and Tia as passengers. Charlie drove his new Ford escape with Sue and Renee in tow, it was a miracle he ever decided to get a vehicle besides the police cruiser, and Carlisle drove Esme to the reception in his Mercedes.

We arrived and there were tables full of all kinds of food. There was enough food to feed around 200 guests even though there were less than 100 people there. I also knew all of the food would be gone by the end of the night thanks to the packs bottomless stomachs. No food went to waste in our home ever since Jacob and Seth started coming around every day.

A few of the men from La Push had stayed back specifically to barbecue. By the time we got there the awful smell of pulled pork barbeque was stinking up the place making the mouths of all the humans' water. I was very thankful this event was outside. Once we go there Sue and Alice rushed over to help serve the food. Alice had to have a hand in everything event-related. The pack, with Jacob and Renesmee at the front, were already in line waiting for food.

The rest of us who did not eat went to one side where chairs had been set out on the beach. It was a warm but cloudy day and the water looked so peaceful. It was nice to catch up with our friends who we had not seen in a while. They had helped to make this day possible. Without them, my daughter may not even be living, none of my family, Jacob included, would be.

Just before the sun set it was time for the cutting of the cake. It was a beautiful white wedding cake with four round tiers with pearling in between each layer. The sides of the cake were covered in a white lacey design, modeled off of a piece of lace Jacob's mother loved dearly. There were familial reminders everywhere today. There were a few white roses scattered over the cake and a large scripted "J" and "R" written in icing on the top layer. Jacob wanted to put an "N" instead of an "R", but then he remembered how Bella had nearly killed him when he first called her "Nessie" and he thought twice about it and decided not to mention it. The way they looked when they cut the cake and fed each other the first piece was similar to the look Bella and I had when we did the same at our wedding. I knew Jacob enjoyed the cake itself more than I did, so there was no even remote sign of disgust as the vanilla cake entered his mouth.

This was such a beautiful scene. The sun began to set and the sky changed to colors of amber, red, and grey. It was the perfect frame to the way my daughter looked. It was the perfect end to an amazing day. Every ounce of hate I had once held for Jacob was gone. I loved him like a son and a friend. I loved him for being the one who put that smile on my daughter's lips, the look in her eyes, and the glow on her face. She is happy and will be happy.

I held my wife in my arms. We were both in a trance looking at the newlyweds. Mine was deepened by the images of them being happy and of grandchildren. It took me longer than it should have to realize my wife was the one who had these images and was sharing them with me. While we were still unsure about this being a possibility, we knew they would be happy. This was not the ending, only the beginning.

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