Unexcected Love

Came up with this out of the blue...I really wanted to write a great sexy love fic with my fav couple...after looking at everyone elses...I realize that I truly suck when it comes to the sex scene's! So I studied a few fics, read a few sex guides...I did...now I'm about to experimanet! Please tell me what you think! This is an M rated fic for explict scenes! If you hate meach on mech please do not read! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I think I turned Ratchet into a perv here though.

There are places in the world of Cybertron where all the hard workers like to go and relax, to forget about their worries, to enjoy the nightlife of the great cities and sometimes, if they are truly lucky, get lucky. Many of these places were known as the Energon bars, some for the high classy types and many others intended for low lives but all for the same purpose. Filled with different types of brewed Energon, some containing high electrons while others contained sweet chemicals, all with the power to make anyone loose their senses and become the slave to the sweet nectar that flowed from the pipes. They lured in many to drown themselves in the sweet and sometimes bitter taste but on many occasions the machines that entered these bars came to do other things other than get drunk. Sometimes it was business, to meet friends or meet new ones, no matter what the reason you always end up meeting someone in these bars, where the music was loud and the Energon flowed until your senses were drowned in a sea of ecstasy.

Our story begins in one of these bars, a place within one of the largest cities of Iacon, known to many as the Fortune's Stop. No one knew why it was given such a strange name but in the end they only cared about it's Energon and it's entertainment. It wasn't in the best places of Iacon, located on the edge of a run down sector, it brought in many different types of crowds but they all came in for a single purpose and that was to drink themselves under the table. However we're not here to watch drunken machines drown out their sorrows or drink till they feel like there was no need for reason. This tale begins when a few Medic Bots came in to celebrate their victory of saving the wounded victims of a terrible accident that happened down town. The Fortune's Stop was the first bar they saw and they ignored the scary faces to enjoy a few simple rounds of a high grade Energon. They were a small group, an elder Medic Bot who had been saving and fixing lives for over twenty thousand stellar cycles, he was known as Bolton. A slightly younger and Medic Bot in training he had great talent and was about to join a protection group once he had built up enough confidence, he was known as First Aid. A female Medic Bot who had being doing this thing for a very long time but not as long as Bolton, she was known as Silver-Jade. Last but not least is the one who this tale revolves around, a mature but youthful Medic Bot who found this job to be a privilege as it was his dream to save lives and be treated as if he were a hero, he even acted like one when enchanting mechs and femmes flocked to him for a chance to be tainted with his handsome and charming Spark. He was known to his friends as Ratchet.

They had all gathered here to celebrate what they thought was a great achievement, what marked them as heroes to the city and already, mechs and femmes they had never met where buying them drinks. No one knew how it happened but over 100 Cybertronians were badly wounded after a Transporter blew a fuse and speed of it's tracks, smashing into a Industry district of the city. They had done the impossible, they had saved all of their lives and they now reaped the rewards of a good drink and maybe a chance to spend it with a willing machine, well that was what Ratchet had on his mind.

'You have a one tracked mind Ratchet,' giggled Silver-Jade, sipping, a not too high on electron, drink.

She had caught the handsome Medic Bot spying on a few femmes in the back, all of them looking his way, waving and giggling like a bunch of infants. It was true, Ratchet did enjoy spending time with strangers...pretty ones so to speak.

'What's wrong with looking at them, I haven't even asked them out...yet,' snickered the Medic bot.

Bolton chuckled and shook his head while First Aid gave him a friendly nudge. Ratchet smirked as he continued to drink but right now he was in the mood to have an extreme bonding session with one of these machines. He was, what Silver-Jade like to call him, a Perverted Bonding Maniac. He never had a relationship, it was always the same with him, he'd meet someone new, bond with him or her and then forget about him or her the next day, he was a born player and his friends had grown used to it. They were used to seeing him come into work with a cheeky smile on his face and, on a worst case scenario, come in with a grief stricken face and order everyone to tell his visitors that he wasn't in. It did provide entertainment to his friends however.

'I still remember that time you hid in the closet while that carzy femme ran around looking for you!' giggled First Aid.

'Indeed, I remember that one quite well...what did she call you again?' chuckled the ancient Bolton.

Ratchet grumbled as he repeated a name he was given by one of his bonding partners, one who became a little obsessed with him.

'She called me her Wittle Watchet,' mumbled the medic Bot, drinking his Energon as his fellow co workers laughed at the funny memory when a crazed femme ran round the Medical Center looking for Ratchet, believing they were meant to be.

As the laughter died down, Bolton suddenly spoke in a serious tone.

'Ratchet my lad, don't you think it's about time you stopped sharing your Spark with random machines and just settle down with a Bondmate?'

Ratchet stopped drinking and placed his cup down on the table, making First Aid glance worringly at the pair of them. Bolton was like a father to him and a few many so it was no surprise when he gave out friendly advice, however Ratchet didn't want to settle down, he didn't want a partner and he didn't want to give up his evenings where he would prowl around for a new playmate. No, he wasn't about to stop, he wasn't about to give up on his fun.

'Sorry old timer but I think that life is too short to waste one's Spark with just one mech or femme,' replied Ratchet, using a determined tone.

'Please, we live as long as the stars and it is my firm belief that there is someone for everyone!' argued Bolton, already getting a little tipsy.

First Aid was already stopping the older mechs next round of drinks as he fell flat on the table, before forcing himself back into a seating position. It earned him a laugh from the small group but, to Ratchet's annoyance, Silver-Jade continued where Bolton left off.

'Don't you think that out there...somewhere is the one?' she sighed, a dream like look in her optics when she said the words "the one".

Silver-Jade was the romantic type and she was still looking for a Mr or Ms right to fill the hole in her life. Ratchet rolled his optics, clearly not interested in such talk and he was already eying a few mechs and femmes near the bar. The Medic Bot femme pouted and softly slapped Ratchet round the head, she didn't really approve of his bonding with random machines. Ratchet was as stubborn as an old mech, he hated being told what to do and he really didn't see what the problem was, he was doing what he wanted to do and he was there to help the mechs and femmes fill their "holes" and get a great deal of pleasure out of it. he was already looking for his next partner, like a Sparkling at a toy shop, he looked around in wonder at the exotic machines that wandered through the bar. He liked the pretty ones, the ones with the innocent faces and he would always imagine what they would look like with a face filled with ecstasy whilst in the middle of an extreme bonding session. So far he didn't see any he liked, some were with partners and some were not too his liking. He sighed and turned back to face his co workers, all of them knowing what the player was up to.

'See any you like?' asked First Aid.

'No, they all look so boring...I want something a little fresh, if you know what I mean,' snickered Ratchet, earning him yet another soft slap from Silver-Jade.

'You mean you want to Bond with an Unbonded!? Well I disapprove of that Ratchet, a first time has to be special!' nagged the femme.

Ratchet sneered and drank some more of his sour but sweet drink. It was his obsession actually, to Bond with an Unbonded. Nearly all the mechs and femmes he had met, even his first one, had all been Bonded before, he wanted something new, someone who had yet to be tainted. He longed for that moment, when a cute and innocent mech would come along with a pure and untainted Spark, just begging to be taken. He knew what one looked like, since he was a Medic Bot he could tell an Unbonded from a Bonded, it was easy for him but harder for others. As he continued to drink and ponder he heard the entrance to the bar open quite suddenly. It wasn't loud enough to attract the attention of the whole bar but loud enough for him and curiosity made him look up to see who had just entered.

'Well, well, well,' he chuckled, taking yet another sip of his Energon.

Primus must of heard his wishes for in that moment a young mech had entered the bar. Not just any mech but a youthful one, a pure spark reading meaning he was an Unbonded and, when he mask retracted, reveled a cute and innocent face. He had a small frame, a mixture of red, green, white and grey was splashed on his armour. He did have a rather odd helm since it bore two light up fins but it did make him look attractive and on his back was a pair of thin metal wings, that twitched every now and then. He was defiantly one to look at and even a few other mechs had their optics on him. However he looked distressed, slightly upset and angered with a flustered face, like had had been crying and Ratchet was ready to give his shoulder for him to lean on. Silver-Jade had also noticed and she tried to halt Ratchet as he got up from the table.

'C'mon Ratchet, not him...he looks a little upset.'

'Well then I'll have to brighten up his evening,' replied Ratchet, shaking off the femme's hand so he could walk up to meet the mech.

He was leaning against the bar, apparently he had just ordered a strong drink and that was a good sign for Ratchet, it meant that getting this one into a berth with him would be all too easy. He approached carefully, leaning against the bar near the mech, pretending he was just there to grab another drink, the bartender already taking his order. He did look a little upset, not noticing the loud music or the cheerful voices all around him, his optics staring blankly ahead. Ratchet observed him for a while longer before putting his plan into action, he was going to wait till he finished his first drink, come up and offer to buy him the next one and let fate take it from there. It didn't take him that long to finish and the moment he put the empty glass down on the bar, Ratchet slowly made his way over, knowing that this was indeed going to work. However he wasn't the only one who had their optics on the newcomer. Ratchet was barely a few feet away when another slightly large mech suddenly leaned back against the bar right next to the Unbonded mech, a sly smile on his face as he looked down at him.

'Slag,' growled Ratchet, stopping in his tracks.

He was near enough to hear what was being said and, for him, it sounded good as the slightly large mech was trying to offer the smaller one a drink.

'So can I buy you a drink cutie?' asked the larger mech.

Ratchet rolled his optics, what a dull pick up line, that was the basic of the basics and it almost pained the Medic Bots Spark to hear that line being used over and over by amateurs. To his joy it didn't work, the smaller mech just looked up at him with a blank stare, shaking his head.

'Sorry, I want to be left alone,' he mumbled.

Ratchet then glared at the larger mech, waiting for him to leave but he was stubborn and he suddenly got slightly aggressive. He gripped the smaller mech's arm and almost snarled down at him.

'Well I think you need a drink and I think you need to learn some manners!'

That was Ratchet's cue, he stepped forward and grabbed the violent mech's shoulder and growled into his audio's, catching the attention of the smaller mech who looked up at him in confusion. This was a good opportunity and Ratchet wasn't afraid, he had fought for mechs and femmes in the past, this was no different and he was keen for the prize. The mech looked angry at first but upon seeing Ratchet he suddenly got a little scared, he was bigger than him and he was buff looking, strong armour and a scary expression on his face. Whenever Ratchet got in a foul mood he always scared off his friends with his face, he did look like a terrible warrior about to rip your head off. Ratchet had to hold back a grin as he sneered down at him.

'I'm sorry but I believe he just said he wanted to be left alone,' growled the Medic Bot.

After a moment of staring him down, the other mech gave up and slowly backed away, looking for someone else he could mingle with. Ratchet smirked and he was expecting a thank you any second now, but the smaller mech just waved his hand to attract the attention of the bartender for another drink. Although he was slightly offended that he didn't even get a praise of thanks Ratchet wasn't about to give up on him. He gently grabbed his waving hand, making him look up with a slightly surprise yet glum look.

'I'm terribly sorry about that, I just can't help it when I see some thug try to take advantage of someone so innocent, let me buy that drink.'

It wasn't one of his best pick up lines but it was better than nothing and he waited for the result. The smaller mech looked at him for a moment but he looked away, still a little upset. Ratchet sighed, he had dealt with depressed femmes before and in his opion a depressed femme was harder to get than a depressed mech. Since he was a Medic Bot there were times when he had to talk to his patients, like a shrink or something like that so he was well prepared for this sudden catch. He tried again but leaned in a little closer until he was about head level with the smaller machine.

'I can't help but think that there's something wrong, want to talk about it?'

The mech did turn to face him but he didn't look very impressed however he did notice Ratchet's Medic Bot symbol on his shoulder. This seemed to have caught his interest and he gave Ratchet a better look.

'You're a Medic bot?' he asked at last.

Ratchet didn't normally talk about his career when picking up bots but in this case he was willing too. He now leaned back a little to show off the rest of his frame, glad that the little mech was now looking at him with a bit of interest.

'Yes I don't like to brag but I am one of the best Medic Bots in the district,' he chuckled, acting almost like a hot shot.

The mech didn't act at all interested but he just downed another glass of high grade Energon before yet again talking, using a angered yet saddened tone.

'I guess you never screwed up then huh?'

Ratchet smirked, he now knew what the problem was. This mech must of messed up somewhere in his line of work and probably got told off big time, or maybe even fired. Now here he was to drown out his sorrows in this stupid bar and maybe get something more. Then again he didn't look interested in getting to meet anyone but Ratchet was about to change that. He ordered another two rounds to get the conversation going.

'Something bad happen at work?' he asked, stressing out the pity in his voice.

It made the smaller mech nod as he grabbed the drink Ratchet had bought and almost drank the whole content of the glass. It was impressive to watch him drink, he had been downing at least four of the high grade without even getting tipsy, made the Medic wonder what Energon Engine model the smaller mech had. It did make him smirk a little as he continued to talk about his problems, he almost felt sorry for him.

'It's not fair...you try your best over and over but do they even give a slag? They only care about the profit's, that's their main priority, to earn a profit and to fill their slagging pockets with credits!' he bawled, downing yet another High Energon drink.

Ratchet calmed him down by patting him gently on the back, glad that he didn't shake him off. He seemed to be having some sort of minor fit and he felt a little embaressed when he realised that he had been screaming and shouting infront of a complete stranger.

'Sorry...I'm just a little...sorry.'

Ratchet didn't mind at all, this was a good sign, it meant that he was slowly beginning to trust him and not mind him being around. He really didn't care why he was upset, or what had happened to him in his job he just wanted to taste that untouched Spark Energy. He looked where his co workers were sitting, all three of them waving to him, wishing him luck for some strange reason. Now to get down to the task at hand, Ratchet waved to the Bartender for some more drinks a she continued to talk, escorting the smaller mech to a unused corner where a small table with two chairs sat, waiting for them. At first the mech gave him a look to express he was a little unsure but Ratchet claimed he was just going to talk.

'Why don't you tell me your name?' asked Ratchet, almost dying to know.

He didn't really care but for some reason he had to know what it was and in a way it would help to earn him some trust from him. The smaller mech looked at Ratchet, almost afraid of him but he wasn't exactly afraid, he was just so unsure. Ratchet didn't know at the time but he was talking to a rather dense machine who did live a rather poor social live, the Medic was probably his first form of contact. He straightened up, taking a smaller gulp of his drink before answering him.

'My name's Wheeljack,' he sqeaked, the Energon finally getting to him.

'Well my friends call me Ratchet and I can tell that you need a friend right about now, right?' chuckled the Medic, attracting a waitress over so he could get a new order brought to them.

The mech, called Wheeljack, nodded and made a sniffling noise as he downed the rest of his drink and his depressed face getting even more depressed. Ratchet ordered the waitress to bring him a container of a nice strong but well flavoured Energon drink and while he waited he continued to chat up the now crying mech.

'It's n-not fair...I mean I t-t-try and try but...they all think I'm s-s-some sort of stupid g-glitch-head,' he sobbed, now holding out his glass to Ratchet, who didn't really mind topping it up with his own.

Ratchet decided to put his charm into action, pulling his chair closer to Wheeljack and holding him with one arm wrapped round his shoulder. He made small shushing noises, tyring to comfort the crying mech.

'You're not an idiot but you have to be an idiot to call you a glitch-head. I think there's something special about you, they just don't want to see it and that's the truth. I think that you are a remarkable machine, I knew you were when you walked through that door.'

Ratchet waited to see if it had worked, grabbing the container off the waitress and shooing her away so he could be alone with the mech. Wheeljack seemed to be a little happier after hearing the Medic's sweet, but false, words. His tears almost halted when he looked up at Ratchet with a brightened up face.

'R-really?' he squeaked.

The Medic smiled and nodded, pouring Wheeljack another drink. It was a long process but Ratchet knew it was going to be worth it as he continued to talk to the saddened mech. He was now brightening up a little, buying every word Ratchet threw at him. It did seem rather low of the Medic, to take advantage of a mech who was really upset about something but he was lusting for him already. He could already imagine him on a berth with a fluster up face filled with confusion and pleasure as Ratchet took him over and over again. He wanted it to be a reality but he had to be careful, this mech seemed new to the whole social thing, like he had been locked up in a small room his whole life. They had already gone through a few containers of the really strong stuff and ratchet was almost feeling tipsy, Wheeljack however was slumped against the table, not knocked out but just resting a little after drinking so much Energon. Ratchet thought it was now a good time to leave with Wheeljack but Silver-Jade made her way over to check on the pair, or mainly on the poor mech Ratchet was trying to pull.

'I think you really should stop this Ratchet, this is something only scum would do!' she snapped, staggering a little after drinking her weight in Energon.

Ratchet glared at her before helping Wheeljack up, the smaller mech leaning up against him for support. He didn't hate Silver-Jade, he just wished she'd stop butting in his business, he wasn't an idiot.

'I'm not going to rape him you stupid girl, I do have standards! Anyway he isn't completely smashed, he's just a little tired and I'm sobering him up when we get to my place.'

Ratchet wasn't an idiot even when he was drunk, he had a plan he always did. He wasn't low either, he believed that taking someone unwillingly was a way of cheating and it made him feel sick, he had dealt with rape victims before. No, he wanted this little one to ask for it, to beg for it even, that was what he found fun about it. Leaving his friends behind to continue their evening without him, he walked out of Foutune's Stop almost carrying the half asleep Wheeljack in his arms. Wheeljack was making a small noise, chuckling a little as he looked up at Ratchet every now and then.

'Yooou're a reeeally niiice guuuuy,' he purred, trying to walk properly,

'Why caaan't other meeech's beeee like yooou?'

Ratchet smirked a little, navigating his way through the city back to his place, in the nicer parts of Iacon in one of the accommodation towers, the really nice ones. Since Ratchet was a Medic Bot it meant that he earned a lot of credits and it meant he lived in a very expensive place, a place he could show off to his guests. Ratchet was true to his word, he was planning to sober Wheeljack up a little when they got in with one of his special Medication Fluids, which drowned out the Energon that was messing with the systems in his head. It was a little hard to get the smaller mech in his place since he somehow fell to the floor, giggling like a crazed Sparkling. When they got in Wheeljack looked around like a Sparkling in a amusment park. Ratchet offered him a seat while he ran off to get the Medication, giving Wheeljack a chance to have a look around, he wasn't completely drunk. It was a large place, white in colour with padded furniture and a large window near the back that had an amazing view of the city. There were strange sculptures of twisted metal dotted here and there and an impressive looking communication, entertainment and programming systems to marvel at. Ratchet returned and was glad that his place was impressing the young mech, it always did.

'You have a really nice place,' stammered Wheeljack taking the Medication after being told what it was.

'Yeah, well, it's not that great a place, do you like it?' chuckled Ratchet, sitting next to him.

Wheeljack nodded as he drank the medication, still looking around in wonder.

'My place is a dump compared to this...I mean the reason it's a dump is because I don't get paid the correct wages because they hate me, they don't like me there, they just want it all.'

Ratchet smikred and tried to calm him down again, the mech now looking confused.

'Why...why am I here again?' he stammered, looking a bit baffled as he looked up at Ratchet.

That almost made Ratchet laugh as Wheeljack flopped back a bit, the poor thing trying to figure it out. Ratchet thought he was a little cute with his flustered face and his dazed optics but he really wanted to get down to business...but he had to take it slowly or all his efforts would of been wasted. He sat closer to Wheeljack and helped him up so he could talk to him, trying to sound like a professional.

'We're here because I'm going to help you solve all your problems.'

'We are?' he squeaked again.

Ratchet nodded, his arm wrapping slowly round Wheeljack's body. The mech still looked a little confused and it made Ratchet sigh, this one was really, really dense. Ratchet removed a panel off the arm of the sofa they were sitting on to revel a few buttons, upon pushing one of them music began playing, making Wheeljack look even more confused. Then, when he finally figured it out, he almost jumped off the sofa but only succeeded in jumping into the corner of the sofa with Ratchet pulling him back towards him. His face began to flare up as Ratchet smirked, his face now looking devilishly handsome as he leaned in closer to the smaller mech's face.

'W-w-w-wait a minute! I m-m-mean you're n-n-nice b-b-b-but I'm...you're...I'm not...this is...I...I...I...'

Ratchet decided to get to the point and he gently forced his lips against the mech's making Wheeljack suddenly stiffen in place. Ratchet couldn't help but smirk as he detected a now fast pulsing Spark and a very tense mech in his arms as his glossa managed to slip in to the open mouth. The smaller mech made a muffled gasp and tried to pull away but he was held in place now that Ratchet had both his arms wrapped round him. When Ratchet pulled away he saw a now very nervous Wheeljack staring back at him.

'I-I'm sorry...but I can't...I'm not ready...for this...'

Ratchet said nothing at first but continued to look down at the frightened mech. Then, out of the blue, Ratchet released his hold on him and smiled with an almost understanding look.

'I understand.'

Now I'm sure after reading through this tale you are all wondering what on Earth is he doing? Ratchet had prepared for this, he knew it was about to happen and yet he was letting the young mech go, even leave. Wheeljack was a little shaken and thought it would be best if he went home, the Medic letting him without any fuss. However Ratchet had been planning this, he wasn't stupid, this was all part of his plan to win over the mech. As Wheeljack was about to leave Ratchet halted him for a moment.

'Just a quick word,' he said, a calm and serious tone was there in his voice.

Wheeljack looked a bit uneasy as Ratchet took both his hands, his red hands looked larger than his grey ones. This was Ratchet's final attempt to get into the smaller mech's Spark, to make him his and to make his obsession a reality.

'You told me they treated you like an idiot right? Well I'll tell you this now I don't think you are an idiot, even though I've only known you for a few mere hours. They're all fools to think that someone like you is an idiot, that they waste your valuable time while they fill their pockets with all that credit that rightfully belongs to you. Don't you just wish that you can get all that time back? To live a life you wanted...to taste things you wanted? Haven't you ever desired it? To be free from it all? To have things the way you wanted it?'

It was like a spell that Ratchet was casting on him, the smaller mech already feeling weak in the knee joints as Ratchet continued using a rather seductive but heavy tone.

'Do they treat you like an idiot? They treat you like a dumb piece of slag? Do they tell you what to do?'

Ratchet placed his finger under Wheeljack's chin, forcing him to look up, The Medic could see it was working as Wheeljack slowly nodded, his face was flared up.

'Didn't you just hate it when they gave you orders and you had to follow them, you had to listen to them? Well why not stop, why not do what you want to do and try to explore new possibilites?'

Ratchet began to wrap his arms around him again, the mech not flinching but seemed to be afraid.

'Don't you want it? To try it out? To give it a taste?'

Ratchet purred into Wheeljack's audio's, smiling a little when he felt him tremble in his arms. He nuzzled against his helm, his hands touching and stroking his wings that seemed to make the mech make small whimper every time a finger traced his sensitive wings. He was under, he was already getting his Spark pumped for possible intercourse and Ratchet was going to give him an intercourse he wouldn't forget. He pulled his face back to look at a now quivering Wheeljack, his optics full of fear and anticipation and his face glowing redder and redder by the minute. Ratchet smirked, this was going to be too easy, he needed was one last small push.

'Well? You want to give a try? Do you want to prove to them you're not an idiot?'

There was a small pause as Ratchet gave Wheeljack some time to think. His vents were humming like mad, his body was burning up and Ratchet could almost feel that Spark pulse like mad underneath his armour. Then, at long last, he made a small nod. That was Ratchet's cue to remove the mask, reveling the lower half of the mech's almost too cute face. He gently pushed his lips against his quivering ones and slipped his glossa in, tasting the sweet and bitter taste of High Energon and the Medication. Wheeljack shivered slightly and tried to make his glossa join in the dance but every time Ratchet touched one of his wings he stiffened like mad. Ratchet pulled back and smirked as he gazed down at a red faced, slighty turned on beauty, looking nervous but almost lusting for it.

'Are you scared?'

He was almost too cute when he nodded yet again, his hands gripping the Medic's arms almost too tight. Then he spoke in a sqeaky yet slurred tone.

'I...I've never done anything like this before,' he mumbled, his grip incredibly tight as his face burned up.

Ratchet leaned in close, making Wheeljack even redder. The Medic knew he was handsome, his charms were already kicking in and he couldn't resit a smirk when Wheeljack drew his face in closer, trying to get a kiss for himself. Ratchet leaned in closer, pressing his forward up against his.

'Don't worry, you're in safe hands,' he purred, forcing his lips against his yet again.

It took some time but eventually Wheeljack had melted into it, making a muffled whimper as Ratchet not only stroked his wings, he began to touch his sensitive areas and toying with some of his exposed wires and circuits. Tracing his hand down to the base of his wing, Ratchet slipped his finger into the port where the bolt kept his wing attached to the body. It was sensitive, it made Wheeljack jerk back and make a small cry as Ratchet continued to probe within that small seam. He bit his lips together, trying to suppress the moans as Ratchet managed to hook a wire and gently stroke it, the Medic smirking as Wheeljack was getting all flustered up over a small wire in his back.

'W-wait a minute...I...I...I'm a lit- PRIMUS!'

He shrieked out when Ratchet tugged at the wire, making the Medic smirk as the mech was turning into putty in his arms and it was almost too beautiful to watch. However he wanted to take the foreplay to the next level and by next level he meant the berth. The mech made a surprised yelp when he found himself being hosted off the ground and carried off to the next room. Ratchet made a smirk when he noticed how even redder Wheeljack's face got when he saw the large berth. The berth was a little large for one mech, after all it was suited to Ratchet's little hobby, decorated in cushions that matched the room and the wall behind it was made up of a large mirror, also making it look fancy to the smaller mech. Ratchet didn't have time to marvel at his room, he walked over to his berth and flopped Wheeljack on it, the smaller mech already looking scared.

'Don't worry, you're in good hands,' chuckled Ratchet as he sat next to Wheeljack, stroking his face.

'It's...it's just s-so sudden,' croaked Wheeljack, his cheeks flushing like mad.

'Trust me,' purred Ratchet, his face right above the smaller mech's.

Ratchet smirked as he began his work, pressing his hand against Wheeljack's chest until he could almost feel that Spark under his armour, making small circular motions with it as he began to tease the ball of Energy that was pulsing on a whole new wave lengh. The mech had to bite on his finger to suppress the moan as Ratchet's other hand began to rub Wheeljack's thighs, moving his hand closer and closer to Wheeljack's Bonding ports that were hidden under his cod piece, but just to tease him he pulled back and Ratchet laughed when the mech actually began to buck his hips.

'No, no...not yet,' purred Ratchet, leaning down to kiss and nip Wheeljack's neck.

The mech began to make small moans and whimpers as he felt his exposed neck joints and wires get teased with a slick glossa that moved swiftly up and down his neck. Ratchet felt the mech place his hand on the back of his helm to try and draw him in closer, groaning himself as he felt his Spark rivet with joy. Ratchet then began to slowly remove the mech's cod piece, making Wheeljack blush again. This was the fun part, he traced his fingers round the exposed Bonding system, making the poor thing whimper and moan, bucking his hips slightly. Ratchet probed some more until he found the Bonding port, sliding his finger in to make the smaller mech cry out and arch his back as a wave of pleasure hit him.

'You're sensitive down there,' purred Ratchet as he roughly began to force his finger even deeper, adding a second.

The sight of a writhing, yelping and flustered mech was making Ratchet's Bonding systems come to life but it wasn't time for that yet. He pulled Wheeljack up and allowed him to lean back into him while he continued to shove his fingers in and out of his Bonding ports. The mech's vents were humming like mad, he was already inhaling cool air to assist in his cooling down process and everytime he felt the Medic's finger stroke a sensitive part within him he cried out as wave after wave of pleasure took control. Placing one of his hands on Ratchet's arm to keep his balence he used his hand to grip the one the Medic was using to play with his Bonding parts, trying to force the Medic to probe deeper.

'You're desprete aren't you?' chuckled Ratchet.

Wheeljack nodded and he whined as he bucked his hips forward so he could meet with the thrusts of Ratchet's fingers. The Medic was enjoying this, the sound of the mech gasping and whimpering at every stroke was pure music. He made the noise even more enjoyable when he began to lick and kiss the mech's head fins, earning a gasp of ecstasy and and a cry of pleasure, his Spark pulsing in anticipation for a Bond. His legs were already quivering and when Ratchet bucked his own hips forward right into Wheeljack's aft, the mech began to tremble and his legs shake, every wave of pleasure was hitting him hard and he was loving it. Ratchet almost made a deep groan when he felt the Bonding port beginning to lubricate, the mech's body now preparing for a Bond, it made the entance slicker and easier to insert a third finger.

'Oh...I....I....oh...please...please...don't...stop...please...' gasped Wheeljack as he leaned fully back against Ratchet, still trying to force Ratchet's hand to probe deeper into him, now using both of his hands.

Ratchet purred into his audio's and, just to tease him, he pulled out all three of his fingers, the mech whining at the lost sensation but his face flared up when he saw how much of his own fluids were on the Medic's fingers, dripping off. Ratchet then began to use his other hand to probe Wheeljack's Bonding ports while he traced his fluid covered fingers over the mech's face and then forced them into his mouth, earning a muffle moan as Wheeljack was already licking and suckling them.

'I bet you taste sweet,' growled Ratchet as he continued to probe, making more of Wheeljack's fluids drip out of his Bonding ports.

Wheeljack began to buck his hips like mad against Ratchet's fingers, making muffled moans and cries as the Bonding fluids within him were building up, flowing out of his ports and down his legs, the sight making Ratchet buck his hips madly against Wheeljack's aft. Then the smaller mech trembled almost violently when his lubricants suddenly spluttered out of his ports and covered most of Ratchet's white arm, an overload of pleasure had made a build up within him and it now covered his a quarter of his arm. Feeling almost exhausted, Wheeljack flopped back against Ratchet, not noticing as Ratchet began to lick off the fluids on his hand and arm. Yes, Wheeljack did taste very sweet, too sweet.

'Now it's your turn.'

Wheeljack looked up confused as the Medic removed his fingers but Ratchet pushed him down back on the berth so he could kneel in front of him. The Medic grabbed the mech's helm and dragged him closer, forcing Wheeljack to adopt a bent over position in front of him. With the mirror wall at the end of his berth, Ratchet was able to look at an exposed, dripping wet behind that belong to the mech below him and it was a truly marvellous sight. Wheeljack still appeared confused but when Ratchet removed his cod piece to revel his Bonding system, the mech suddenly understood and got a little nervous.

'Don't be so scared,' purred Ratchet as he guided Wheeljack's head to his Bonding cable, already coming to life.

'B-but...it's so...'

Wheeljack hesitated slightly but he opened his mouth as his lips came in contact with the large member, making a muffled gasp as he realized how big it was and already his jaw was begining to ache. Ratchet groaned and began to move the mech's head for him, slowly at first, he didn't want to explode in his mouth just yet. He gripped the mech's head fins, finding it easier to move his head that way and groaning in pleasure as he bucked his hips against Wheeljack's face. Wheeljack was trying to relax, he wasn't used to having something this big in his mouth and he felt a little sick but he was already tasting some of the Medic's fluids and it was defiantly sweet. He supported himself by gripping Ratchet's thighs and leaning forward slightly, trying his best to please the Medic. He just imagined it to be a big Energon Pop or something as he sucked and licked it, his right hand now gripping the base gently. Ratchet was enjoying this and continued to make growls and deep throat groans and after a few quick strokes, Ratchet growled and released some of his fluids into Wheeljack's mouth, the mech making a muffled cry as the fluids dripped out of the corners of his lips. Ratchet sighed and removed himself from Wheeljack's mouth, placing a hand over it to keep him from spitting out the fluids.


It was a command and Wheeljack obeyed, making a gulping noise as he forced himself to digest the bittersweet taste. He made a quick gasp before Ratchet forced yet another kiss on him, his glossa wildly moving in his mouth to lap up the sweet taste of their fluids mixed together. It was so sweet, like the perfect cocktail just waiting to be tasted and oh how it tasted. He pulled away and smirked as he look down at what he thought was a turn on of a sight. Wheeljack's legs were covered in his Bonding fluids and his face had some small traces of his own, his face was still flustered and his optics were showing how nervous he was, it was lust served up on a silver platter.

'Ready for the main course?' growled Ratchet as he towered over the mech, his Spark now pulsing fast.

Wheeljack still looked scared as he was hosted up to straddle the Medic, almost wincing when he felt the Medic's Bonging cable nudge against his ports, gripping Ratchet's arms to prevent himself from being forced down. He was almost afraid and he made a whimper when he felt Ratchet buck his hips upwards, the cable now trying to penetrate him. Ratchet licked up his fluids from Wheeljack's face as he gripped Wheeljack's hips, forcing him down and making a deep groan as he finally penetrated the virgin ports. Wheeljack's head went back like lightning but no sound came out of his mouth, he was almost in shock as he felt Ratchet enter him almost very slowly, his body now trying to get used to the big mass that had just linked up with him.

'You're...so very...tight,' purred Ratchet when he burried himself to the hilt in the mech's ports.

Wheeljack then did make a noise and a few loose tears trickled down his face as he tried to adjust himself but so far he wasn't getting any pleasure from this. He tried to jump off from the Medic's lap but Ratchet had a firm grip on his hips, the Medic knew this was going to happen, Unbonded mechs had a hard time adjusting to Bonding during their first times but he knew that once he was used to it he'd be moaning and begging for more. For now he had to keep the panicked mech calm as he gently thrusted into him, trying to keep a gentle pace. Wheeljack made a strangled sob and suddenly gripped Ratchet's helm, trying to look him in the optic with a tear stained face.

'P-please...wait! I-it hurts...I can't...wait...I can't...' he wailed as he tried to jump off of the Medic.

'Don't worry, it's normal,' grunted Ratchet as he grabbed Wheeljack and held him tight against his body until he was trapped.

It won't be long now, he knew this would happen, he had read it in Medical notes and other things that in time the mech would be enjoying it. Wheeljack was pressed up against the Medic's chest, biting down on the tip of his thumb and gritting his teeth as Ratchet continued to thrust into him. It was hurting him, his ports weren't big enough and he felt something leak out of him other than his Bonding fluids, the sensation of the pain was overwhelming him. He sobbed a little as he felt his Energon bleed out of his ports, wanting this all to stop but he was trapped in the Medic's arms so he had to deal with it, he had no choice. However the pain seemed to be fading slightly when a new sensation kicked in, only this one felt way better. Ratchet smirked when he felt Wheeljack beginning to buck his hips to met his thrusts, the whimpers and cries of pain were replaced were small moans and gasps of pleasure.

'Told you,' chuckled Ratchet as he allowed Wheeljack to lean back and arche his back as he continued to buck against Ratchet's thrusts.

Wheeljack was now moaning in pleasure, small cries in between as Ratchet now increased his pace, sending waves of energy from his Spark into Wheeljack's own. Then Ratchet began to move and make his Bonding cable vibrate within him, the whole thing making the mech cry out with ecstasy. This was all too amazing, this sensation was sending Wheeljack into a haze of emotions as his Systems began to overload in pleasure, his Spark felt like a firework display in his chest and he cried out as Ratchet now brought one of his legs up against him, allowing him to thrust deeper. Ratchet was overjoyed himself as he looked down at what he had expected, what he had wanted from the start. Wheeljack was bucking in pleasure, his face was flared up and his optics were full of confusion but he was enjoying it, he loved it, he was crying out for more. It was even better than what Ratchet had imagined, it was pure bliss.

'P-please...oh...please...m-more...p-please,' wailed Wheeljack, trying to force himself to straddle the Medic.

'I'll give you more, just you wait,' gasped Ratchet, allowing Wheeljack to re-straddle him, the mech arching back as the Medic increased his pace.

Wheeljack was now crying out louder as the pleasure was taking his toll, screaming as the thrusts were increasing and the energy was filling like mad. Ratchet gripped his hips and was forcing them against his own, his Bonding cable was taking it's toll and he was reaching his peak as his stored up Energy was about to be released. Wheeljack himself couldn't take it anymore and he wrapped his arms around the Medic's and cried out, more of his fluids pouring out of his Bonding ports as he came a little too soon. Ratchet, grabbed Wheeljack's hips, crushing down as he unleashed his pented up Energy into him, the sensation of it all made the Medic cry out. Wheeljack himself threw his head back and screamed out words he could not contain, even with his mouth.

'OH SLAG...PRIMUS...OH,' he cried as the Energy blew up within him in an explosion of pleasure.

Ratchet cried out himself as he felt his Spark pulse within Wheeljack's body, tasting his sweet energy as the Sparks clashed with each other. Then with one finally thrust, Wheeljack collapes on the berth, gasping as he felt his cooling system operate to the max, his vents humming after such a workout on all his systems and some more of his Energon and Bonding fluids trickled out of his bleeding ports. He rolled over as he found himself falling into a recharge, the whole thing had worn him out and he was now truly tired. Ratchet flopped on his back after releasing the mech, his own cooling systems kicking in after such an amazing experience. He made a small gasp as he felt some of remaining Bonding fluids trickle out and he forced himself to sit up to stare down at the sleeping beauty, his behind still covered with his fluids, the mech's own fluids and some Energon. He had a feeling he was going to bleed, Unbonded's usually bleed during their first time so it wasn't serious but he did clean it up, grabbing a nearby cloth to wipe up the mess.

'Think I got a little messy with this one,' chuckled Ratchet, putting the mech into a comfortable sleeping position on the berth.

Ratchet himself got comfortable, planning to enjoy this recharge and boast about this tomorrow at work. He just snuggled up against the mech, who made a tired sigh in his sleep. Yes he had truly enjoyed this night, but he knew by tomorrow he would of forgotten what his name was, what he looked like and in time forget him all together. It was strange for Ratchet, he thought that this would be a great pity to forget someone like Wheeljack, but then would always be others.

Morning came quicker than the Medic had expected but he forced himself to get up for the sake of his work. He stretched his joints and made a loud moan as his systems all kicked in at once. After what happened last night he wasn't surprised that most of his body parts were still stiff, very stiff. After making sure he was working properly he looked around his berth, his systems fully alert when he realized that the smaller mech he had slept with was now gone. The first thing he did was check with his apartment computer to make sure nothing was missing and he sighed with relief when it came up as an all clear. However the disappearance of the smaller mech confused him, he must of been way stiffer than him and probaley too sore to move but his computer didn't detect him anywhere near. At first he thought he better have a good look around when there was a knock on the door.

'Who the slag is that knocking on the door at this time of the morning!?' growled Ratchet, striding over to the door.

When he opened it he was expecting it to be the smaller mech from last night but to his surprise he found a panicked First Aid standing on his doorstep. Ratchet was surprised to see him, even though they did travel together to get to work but they would meet each other half way. Why he was here was a bit of a puzzle for the older Medic.

'Why are you here First Aid?' grumbled Ratchet, still tired.

First Aid let himself in, holding a data pad in his arms and he seemed to be mumbling to himself.

'Ratchet of all the mechs you had to screw, you had to screw him!' he suddenly shrieked, making Ratchet jump.

First Aid then held up the data pad, the device opening to revel the transparent blue screen with some information all over and in the corner was a picture of the mech ratchet had seduced last night, only this time he looked a bit more dignified and not so miserable. Ratchet looked confused but First Aid began to read from it and what he said almost made Ratchet's Spark stop pulsing.

'The leading Technology and Research Center in Iacon has had the honer of gracing it's halls with many promising and truly amazing Inventors, all with their dreams and hopes of creating a better Cybertron. However there is one such Inventor that has created over hundreds of new devices that have brought the dream a little closer. A young and fresh machnie who had a great number of ideas and brought to life has received an honer for his achievements, to many he is simply known as Wheeljack but to the young dreamers he is an inspiration. He has worked with the LTRC for over 5 vorns and we hope he continues to come up with many great and wonderful ideas as Chief Engineer of his own Workshop!'

First Aid closed the data pad and looked at a now very shocked Ratchet. The mech he had met was a Chief Engineer of a workshop that was owned by one of Cybertron's leading research centers!? They were considered to be royalty by the people of science, they were truly admired machines and almost impossible to meet since they lived in such great places. However none of it made sense, he had claimed to be used by his corrupted bosses and he lived in a dump so either he had been lying or First Aid had read something fake. First Aid himself look freaked out.

'I knew I saw his face before, I knew it! He's well known in Kaon but after an accident he got transferred here...heard he's been having it rough but he's still got his title as a Cheif Engineer. Why the slag did you have to screw him, he could get the Enforcers on you for sexual harrassment!'

That now explained it a little but where on Cybertron did he go? Plus he doubted that the mech would have him arrested or anything but then again he didn't know him that well. He was concerned about his current health though, he was bleeding last night and it would mean he would be terribly sore and in pain, he couldn't of gotten far.

'Calm down First Aid, he must of needed to some air or something. He might of gone home to get himself fixed up.'

First Aid looked a little shocked to hear the words "fixed up" coming from Ratchet but the older Medic claimed it was just a bit of bleeding nothing serious. After trying to calm the panicked youth and discussing it they both agreed that he must of left early for work, Chief Engineer's had busy hours so that must of been the reason. Besides they were in a well looked after area, if he was spotted to be in some sort of distress he would be taken to the Medical center. After sorting it all out the pair decided to head on to work, hoping that today wouldn't have a surprises, unfortunately Ratchet was about to get more than he bargained for.

After getting through the traffic they both arrived at the Main Iacon Medical Center, bumping into Silver-Jade who looked dead tired after her night of strong Energon drinking. She didn't seem to be suspicious of anything but she gave Ratchet a glare, she did remember watching him leave with a poor drunken mech. She gave Ratchet a friendly smack to the head as they walked in, making their way to a Medic Bot's office, a place where Medic Bot teams would work whilst they awaited or worked on patients in privacy. Since they were all professional Medic Bot's they worked in one of these office's unlike the common Medic Bot who worked on the lower floors and tended to the lower class of Cybertronian citizenship. Ratchet's job was to take care of higher class mechs since he was so good at his job and he was treated with respect from his fellow Medic's. Plus he had a degree in all the field of Cybertronian Medical Knowledge, he wasn't a crappy one timer Medic.

Ratchet sighed as he settled in his chair, First Aid trying to remain calm about the whole situation. Ratchet didn't blame him, he was almost freaked out too when he found out who he slept with, he had no idea someone that important would drink at that crummy bar. He didn't even know why he was worrying about him, he didn't care about the others the following day but he couldn't get him out of his mind, he couldn't get that adorable face out of his mind and it was freaking him out slightly. Sure it was the first time he had Bonded with an Unbonded but this felt different, it felt strange and it worried him. It worried him so much he failed to notice Bolton hitting him across the head.

'What the slag is wrong with you? You look a little upset there,' grumbled the older Medic Bot.

Ratchet sighed and shrugged, trying not to show it but he was actually worried about this Wheeljack, wondering if he got home safe, wondering if he did collapse in the street and someone did decide to help him. However he didn't know and it worried him and Bolton could see it.

'What's wrong my boy?' asked Bolton, pulling up a chair.

'Nothing old timer...just...concerned that's all,' sighed Ratchet.

Bolton looked a little impressed.

'About that mech you picked up?' he chuckled.

Ratchet rolled his optics as Bolton began to laugh. It didn't surprise him, no one took his relationship's seriously and even if he did walk in one day and say, I have a Bondmate, they'd all laugh and tell him to stop joking. He didn't care, he didn't want a relationship anyway but when he's mind wandered back to Wheeljack he suddenly thought "what if?", but then he laughed it off, like that would ever happen. As Bolton continued to probe him for information a Nurse Bot entered.

'Excuse me sir but you have a pateint outside with a little problem...and his friend is starting to get on my circuits!'

Ratchet waved him off and took a peek out the window to see who it was, his face suddenly going cold and his Spark almost shut down. Outside, sitting next to a rather mean looking mech was Wheeljack, sitting in an uncomfortable way and looking around as he waited. The mech he sat next to gave everyone a cold hearted glare and frowned every time Wheeljack winced in pain. Ratchet gulped as Silver-Jade was already showing them in...this was definitely going to be an eventful day.

There will be a part 2 ^^