Unexpected Love 6

It was very dark and very quiet within the Engineer's workshop as he sat at his desk. His optics were now dim and his body was stiff from sitting down for so long. It had been one whole Stellar-week since he had heard the news about Ratchet and now he was devastated. The Medic had suddenly packed up and left without telling anyone where he was going believeing it was the best thing for everyone. Apparently he did it to start afresh and to make Wheeljack happy but the Engineer had nothing to be happy about. Even though he was greatly hurt by what the Medic had done to him he now missed him terribly. He made a small sob as he gripped the tool he had fixed for the Medic. It hadn't been used yet and the small red ribbon was still wrapped on. Ratchet wanted him to be happy? How could he be happy? The only thing that made him happy was gone.

'Where are you?' he sobbed.

He had been looking for him. Asking around but no one knew. The Medical Branch knew nothing about it and the ones who did know about refused to tell him. He had called up hundreds of Medical centers but none of them heard of Ratchet. Silver-Jade, Bolton and First Aid informed him that if they heard anything he would be the first to know but so far they heard nothing. It was like he had just vanished into thin air. Wheeljack sobbed again as he placed the tool back in his bag. All he wanted was to find Ratchet but then what? Talk it over and fall in love with a good old fashioned happy ending? Somehow it didn't seem that simple to him. As he sat up there was a knock from the door and a younger mech peeped in.

'Mister Wheeljack! They're waiting for you!'

Wheeljack waved him away and checked himself over. His invention was a success and he was being honored at a huge function. He remembered when he was younger that he had wished for this to happen to him. However he wasn't as happy as he had imagined to be. After doing the final checks to his body he walked out of his workshop and made his way to the great hall where it was filled with thousand of mechs and femmes, all of them here to marvel of the inventions that had just been presented. There were floating lights and little drones carrying trays of Energon drinks to offer to the guests. Wheeljack sighed as he entered the room and was immediately offered a drink. He was supposed to give a quick speech in a moment and he was feeling a little nervous to talk in front of so many people. He took a quick swig of his drink and to his annoyance Neutron made his way over to him.

'Hi there Wheeljack...can't believe you atcully made it here. Maybe there is so hope for you and maybe for us.' he purred.

Wheeljack ignored him and made his way to the stand where the Director was getting ready to introduce him. He tapped the mic and addressed the great crowd using a very deep and proud voice that was loud enough to catch their attention.

'My dearest friends...I am so pleased that you have all attended this wonderful celebration. A Celebration to thank the wondrous mech's and femme's who have started paving the road to a better future for us. I'd like to introduce you to one of finest Cheif Engineer's who has invented an Anti-Gravity device that is now in use in over a thousand companies for both business and leisure. I give Chief Engineer 1st Class, Wheeljack.'

A loud applause was heard as Wheeljack took the stage. He looked out towards the crowd to see all their happy face's all look at him with wonder and pride. He had imagined this his whole life but now...now it just didn't feel right anymore. He just didn't feel happy. He sighed silently as he shook the Director's hand and took the mic, ready to address the audience.

'I'd like to thank everyone who took a great interest in my work. Ever since I was a Sparkling it was my dream to get here and use all the ideas and my talent to help make Cybertron a better place to live. It is my wish to see all of Cybertron hap-'

Wheeljack suddenly stopped in mid-sentence and looked down at the crowd with a confused look in his optics. For a moment the audience presumed he was just thinking of what to say while others guessed he got a little stage fright. Wheeljack just stopped and thought about what he had said. He wanted to invent so the rest of Cybertron could be happy? Would Cybertron stop to do something to make him happy? Ratchet had wanted him to be happy. Ratchet had gone away to make him happy. However it didn't make him happy. All he wanted was to be happy after all Ratchet wanted him to be. He made a small chuckle as a great relisation hit him and he addressed the crowd once more.

'I'm sorry. As you know it's our jobs to make Cybertron a better place to live in. To make everyone happier. I guess I was just so concerned with making everyone else so happy I completely forgot how I felt. So I am pleased that what I just made will make thousands of machines happy but I have decided it will be my last. Thank you.'

There was a sudden outburst and a great deal of confusion as the Engineer walked off the stage after announcing what sounded like his resignation. Walking off the stage Wheeljack ran into both Neutron and the Director, both of them looking a little shocked.

'Are you sure you want this Wheeljack?' asked the Director.

Wheeljack nodded but then he growled when Neutron grabbed him.

'You can't slagging quit! I own you! Without me you wouldn't even-'

Then to everyones horror Wheeljack suddenly punched Neutron across the face. He punched him so hard he staggered backwards and landed into one of the drones, the Energon drinks spilling over him. There were shrieks and gasps as Wheeljack stormed out and back to his workshop to pack his things. He felt glad that he smacked that jerk across the face, he felt glad that he no longer had deadlines or worries but it still didn't make him happy. An overload of information forced tears to pour out his optics and he almost broke down until someone entered the room. Looking up he was surprised to see Perceptor standing there with a smug grin.

'I have to say that was a rather impressive punch.' he snickered as he walked over to help Wheeljack pack.

Wheeljack smiled a little but it wasn't stopping the tears. Perceptor smiled and gave him a small hug.

'He really made you happy didn't he?' he sighed.

Wheeljack choked on a tear but nodded.

'He w-wanted me t-t-to be happy.' he sobbed.

Perceptor smiled gently and looked down at him. He wiped some of the tears away and squeezed his shoulders.

'So what now?'

Wheeljack smiled a little and shrugged. Even if he decided not to quit he would of still lost his job after smacking the Director's son across the face and in front of everyone he knew. At this moment in time he didn't really care but Perecptor pulled out a pice of card and held it out to him.

'I wasn't expecting you to quit tonight...in fact I'm planning to myself but after what you did I think I can survive here a little longer. I was going to start working for this guy down at Tyger Pax. He wants an assistant for a engineering and fixing broken parts. Apparently he offers some Medical services and he needs a hand since he's quite good and his reputation has spread across the city. He's offering a place to stay and the pay is decent. It's not as charming as Iacon or Kaon but it's in a nice small area. It might be perfect for you.'

Wheeljack looked up at Perecptor and then back at the card. He had heard that Tyger Pax was a small city where there was hardly any trouble or any problems. It wasn't a great city but it was a perfect place for machines who want peace and quiet. He didn't know what to say but to his surprise Perecptor just held him again.

'I'm happy if you're happy.' he whispered before leaving Wheeljack to finish up packing.

The Engineer watched him leave before looking back at the card. A strange feeling had stirred within him and he held the card close as a small smile crept onto his face.

'Thank you.' he whispered.

Selling his home wasn't that hard and he only had a few things to carry as he made his way down the great motorways of Cybertron to reach Tyger Pax. His job at Iacon was gone, his old home was gone but he didn't care. he had decided to start afresh as well. He had taken Perceptor's advice and had rented a small accommodation until he met the mech he was going to be working for. The appointment was set for this afternoon and he was making good time when he finally arrived in the small city. The towers weren't as big as Iacon's and there weren't a lot of machines about but it had a certain charm to it. He had heard in Tyger Pax it was a nice quiet place where hardly any of the younger and wilder crowds wanted to go because if offered very little excitment. It was a place where mechs and femmes who wanted to seek peace and quiet would go and upon looking around the streets were only a few machines walked it did it almost felt like a deserted city. It seemed like a nice, quiet place to live in and Wheeljack guessed that this would be perfect for him. Making sure he had arrived at the right place he transformed out of his vehicle mode and gathered his belongings. He made his way to a slightly large building where rented accommodation was being handed out. He had planned to stay here until he got the job and he was quite surprised to find how cheap it was. At the door he was greeted by a young female mech who seemed to be expecting him.

'You Wheeljack?' she asked.

Wheeljack nodded and the femme smiled and showed him to his room.

'You're gonna be here long?' she asked.

Wheeljack shrugged.

'I'm not entirely sure if I got the job yet.' chuckled Wheeljack.

The femme suddenly looked at him with a cheeky smirk.

'So that's why you're here! You're after that job with the nice fella who just opened up shop!'

Wheeljack nodded and the femme giggled as she opened up the door to the mech's room. As he placed his belongings down the femme continued to talk.

'He is such a handsome fella but no matter what I do he won't give me a second glance. Guess he has someone or something. So are you a Medic? He's a really good medic and he charges cheap! However he really needs a hand so I guess that's why he did all the advertising. You good at fixing things? He fixed my arm gears real good once but he still wouldn't take me out on a date. Are you any good at fixing people?'

Wheeljack shook his head. The Femme pouted and decided that Wheeljack was a bit of a bore. Handing him the key card she winked at him and smiled.

'Oh...well good luck if you get the job anyway.'

With that she left him to his own devices. The Engineer sighed, the people around here were sure giddy and friendly. He wondered if he would ever settle down here even if he got the job. He sighed and began to unpack, pulling out things like his tool bag and his Armour oil. Upon pulling out one of his spare tool bags he spotted Ratchet's tool, the ribbon was still on it. He frowned and looked away. He decided to leave it in the bag and he didn't want memories of Ratchet stirring within him during the interview. He checked the time before getting himself ready. After getting his bearings right he made his way to his destination and it gave him an opportunity to have a good look around the small city. It wasn't glamorous or breath-taking but it had a certain charm to it. It almost felt like home for Wheeljack but he wasn't too sure. After walking around he finally arrived at a small building that looked a little run down. It had a Medic sign out front and a few mechs were walking out with smiles and grins. Wheeljack took a deep breath and entered the building.

'Can I help you?'

Wheeljack jumped when a mech sitting behind a desk suddenly spoke out to him. Looking around he found himself in a small waiting room and in the corner was a Femme with her Sparkling playing with a toy. It was just a normal looking waiting room with stupid signs that said things like "Keep your special parts lubed up" or "Take Energon once a day to keep the scary Medic away" and a whole lot of utter nonsense. There was some cheesy music in the back round and a table that was covered in Entertainment data-pads which seemed popular with the female machines in the area. There was even a small blue sculpture of an organic plant in the corner to add to the strange decoration. As Wheeljack continued to gaze around the mech behind the desk stared at him and asked the question again.

'Can I help you?'

Wheeljack looked back at the mech and felt himself getting a little nervous as he spoke.

'I'm here for the interview.' he stammered.

The mech raised an optic brow and checked his diary before ushering Wheeljack to sit.

'He'll be with you once he's done with him.'

He pointed at the Sparkling who made a cute giggling noise as he played with the toy. Wheeljack smiled and sat down in the corner. He watched the Sparkling play around a bit with his toy whilst his Bond parent kept a close optic on him. Wheeljack couldn't remember if he had any toys when he was younger and he suddenly had an urge to grab a toy out of the bucket for himself. The Sparkling spotted him and giggled, waving his toy at him. Wheeljack waved back and was about to say something to him when the mech at the desk suddenly spoke out.

'He's ready to see you now.'

The femme smiled and picked up her Sparkling. As she did the door to the, what Wheeljack presumed, examination room opened and out walked a Medic. Upon seeing him Wheeljack felt his Spark stop. He couldn't think straight and he had to reboot himself quickly a few times before he could trust his optics. The Sparkling continued to giggle while it's mother greeted the Medic with some respect while Wheeljack tried to focus on him. The Medic was tall and white with hints of red here and there. On his shoulders were red crosses and a large set of grey horns sat on his helm. His smile was warm and his face was handsome and the Engineer knew who he was. He sat there in complete shock as Ratchet looked down at the Sparkling in the femme's arms.

'Hello there Junu. How's that right optic?'

The Sparkling giggled and the femme laughed a little. The poor thing must of had a damaged optic and they had come to see the Medic to resolve the problem. The Sparkling tried to grab the Medic's red hands but he teased him a little, moving his hands out of reach. They were completely unaware that Wheeljack was looking at them almost horrified at who was there. Before he could even think about running out the door the mech at the desk spoke up once again.

'Ratchet, you have yet another machine applying for that job.'

Wheeljack winced when Ratchet looked up to see who was sitting in the corner and the Medic's face froze. In fact his jaw dropped and he almost dropped his notes that he was holding. Wheeljack looked back but he was completely speechless. Ratchet? Ratchet was working here? The femme looked confused and she tapped the Medic on the arm.

'I'm sorry Ratchet but I'm in a rush.'

Ratchet looked back at the femme and then back at Wheeljack.

'Er...r-right...this way please.'

He escorted the femme into the examination room and left her in there for a second before walking back over to Wheeljack. The Engineer looked up in complete shock as the Medic stared down at him with surprised optics.

'Ummm...hi...Wheeljack...I...er...don't suppose you can just give me a second...'

He pointed at the femme waiting at the door who was still waiting. Wheeljack made a small nod and watched him as he walked into the room with the femme. The moment the door was shut he suddenly began to panic and looked at the exit with a million things going through his mind. Ratchet was here. He was working here and now he was here looking for a job. He hadn't prepared for this. He felt scared and confused. What could he say? What should he do? In a sudden fit of panic he bolted for the door but someone had just walked in and slammed it into the Engineer's face. Wheeljack staggered back and wailed in pain whilst the person who entered looked round in confusion.

'Oh...sorry!' he cried as Wheeljack fell into a chair.

The mech behind the desk laughed as Wheeljack moaned in pain from the smack to the face. Once again he tried to get up and leave but then the femme and her Sparkling had just finished with Ratchet and were now leaving with the mech who had just entered the building. The moment they were gone Ratchet came out and he himself panicked when he saw Wheeljack in pain.

'Wheeljack! Are you OK!' he cried as he rushed over.

'Noooooo.' he moaned as he held the damaged part of his face.

'Silly bot just walked into the door. I tell you the machines they make nowadays!' snickered the mech behind the desk.

Ratchet smirked a little and he carried the Engineer to his examination room to have a look at him. Wheeljack felt his Spark pulse fast as he felt Ratchet's arms hold him and a wave of memories hit him. the examination room brought back memories too, the day when Ratchet fixed his ruptured pipe and that very exciting kiss they shared before Silver-Jade interrupted them. His face went red as Ratchet placed him on the berth and began to remove the mask to see how badly damaged he was.

'It's not that serious...just some swelling.'

Wheeljack looked up and when his vision cleared he found Ratchet looking right down at him with a small smile. His face went red again and he looked away. Ratchet smiled and gave him a small pat to the head.

'You OK?' he asked.

Wheeljack shook his head.

'What's wrong?'

What's wrong!? He should know what was wrong! This was partly his fault! The Engineer sobbed suddenly and sat up. He couldn't take it anymore. He had so many things he had wanted to say and seeing Ratchet right here, right now was just too much.


Ratchet waited until Wheeljack had stopped before taking the Engineer's hand. Wheeljack panted slightly as he unleashed his emotions that he had locked up within himself upon the Medic. He didn't flinch as Ratchet held his hand but he still gave him a heart-breacking glare. he wanted answers and he wanted them now. Ratchet looked at Wheeljack with a sad look in his optics and he held his hand gently and he did his best to explain.

'I wanted you to be happy. I thought that if I had left you would be able to move on and so would I. I thought that if I stayed i would just hurt you more and more. So I opened up this place where I can practice my medical skills and earn a small living. It's nice around here but I didn't mean to hurt you. I presumed it would be for the best for both of us.'

Wheeljack sobbed and shook his head.

'I was happy...I was happy because you where there but when you left...everything just fell apart.'

The Engineer began to cry and the tears fell into his hands. Ratchet sighed and drew him into a small embrace. The poor thing continued to cry into his chest as he held him tight and his sniffling was the only noise heard in the room. Wheeljack tried to stop crying and he almost smiled when he felt Ratchet's Spark pulse underneath his armour. He felt so warm and safe in these arms. After his sobbing had ceased Ratchet spoke once again.

'So how did you find me?'

Wheeljack looked up and made a small sniffle.

'Well...I quit my job and I smacked Neutron across the-'

'Whoawhoawhoa...you quit!?'

The Engineer nodded and told Ratchet everything. How he called up every Medical facility to find him, how he quit his job in front of everyone in the research center and how he smacked Neutron across the face. How Perceptor told him about this small job and that he had no idea this was where Ratchet was now working. The Medic had to stop himself from laughing after hearing about Neutron. In fact he almost fell over from the fit of giggles as he pictured in his mind of a cute little Wheeljack smacking that arrogant slag across the face and making him run off to his daddy. After Wheeljack had finished Ratchet then told his story.

'I decided to run a small practice here to start fresh. I didn't tell the other Medic's where I was going but they wished me the best and promised to look out for you if you got into trouble. When I first got here I was a little nervous but the community welcomed me. I made a few friends here to and about my receptionist...he's a little strange but he's a decent guy. I heard I was having someone come down for an interview to assist me in my work but I had no idea it would be you.'

Wheeljack chuckled and looked back up at Ratchet. His crying had now stopped.

'It's a small world after all I guess.'

Ratchet chuckled himself and petted the Engineer gently on his head.

'Still...wished I could of seen that Neutron when you smacked him.'

Wheeljack chuckled uneasily and soon there was an awkward silence. What should he say? Wheeljack was lost in his thoughts as he sat in front of the Medic. After a moment or so Ratchet spoke again.

'I'm finished for the day...want to go for a walk?'

It was dark now as the pair of them walked the streets of Tyger Pax. It was quiet and peaceful. Not as loud as Iacon or Kaon but it still had some of the charm that most cities had. Wheeljack felt slightly giddy as he walked next to Ratchet in the dimly lit streets. Ratchet himself seemed to be in a happy mood as he walked quite close to the Engineer. There was silence for a while but Ratchet broke it.

'Are you still mad at me?'

Wheeljack looked up and tried to find the right words to say.

'Well...I was hurt...it was wrong what you did...but when I left you it felt like a part of me had just died.'

Ratchet grumbled and looked like he was smacking himself. He didn't mean to hurt Wheeljack for he truly believed that what he did was for the best. Wheeljack had to grab his hands to stop the Medic from smacking himself any longer. Last thing he needed was a Medic in need of a Medic. They stopped in the middle of the street as Wheeljack continued with what he had to say.

'I mean I had no idea what you were like before I met you and I guess you really didn't know me either. In a way we kind of the same...we were both lost and we were both trying to find reasons to be happy. It took me a while but I finally figured it out.'

Ratchet tilted his head as he listened to what Wheeljack had to say.

'Before I met you I was only concerned with making other mechs happy. When I realized what made me happy I was almost too scared when I realized I was about to loose it. So I decided to get it back. It took me awhile but I found it at long last.'

Ratchet flushed a little as Wheeljack gazed up at him lovingly. Then the Medic smirked and wrapped an arm round the Engineer's shoulder's.

'Yeah you're right about that. I guess that I led myself to believe that I wouldn't be able to find any happiness so I went around bars and clubs to seduce the first machine I found. When I found that happiness I refused to acknowledge it at first but then I became scared cause I thought I would loose it. Then I did loose it and I fell into despair. I also realized what a slagging idiot I was and that i didn't deserve you. But now my happiness is here but I'm not too sure if it's gonna stay or not.'

Wheeljack felt his cheeks heat up and one of his wings began to twitch when Ratchet looked down at him with those beautiful optics. Ratchet smiled down as the Engineer was starting to get excited, his Spark was pulsing fast and his engines were making funny noises and the Medic had guessed that this is what Wheeljack is like when he's nervous. Ratchet's own Spark was pulsing slightly fast but he was holding back on his urges, he didn't want to ruin this moment after all. Then he took Wheeljack by the hand and looked down at him with a determined look upon his face.

'I don't suppose...we can...start over?' quiered Ratchet, his white face heating up.

The sudden proposal made Wheeljack's Spark pulse a little too fast and made him speechless. He looked up into Ratchet's optics that looked down into his waiting for an answer. What could he say? Could he do it? Could he live happily ever after with the Medic who was his true happiness? What happens if something happened in the future that would jeopardize their relationship? No. That was when and this is now. All that was important was being here right now with the Medic who held him close. Ratchet rested his helm against the Engineer's as he waited for an answer.

'Is it alright?' he squeaked at last.

Ratchet nodded an gently pressed his lips against his. The kiss brought back so many wonderful memories for the Engineer and he stood on his tips of his feet so he could get a better taste. Ratchet now wrapped his arms around him and the kiss deepen. However before Ratchet could even think about making it even more passionate an older mech walked past them cackling away.

'That your sugar bot there Ratchet?' he cackled as he walked off.

Both of the mechs went bright red and quickly broke the kiss off. They looked at each other for a moment before they began to laugh.

'So you got somewhere we can crash?' asked Ratchet.

Wheeljack blushed but nodded, pointing to his temporary accommodation. As Ratchet took him by the hand and led him away the Engineer suddenly got excited but scared at the same time. However when Ratchet opened the door to his room he looked around in shock.


Wheeljack chuckled a little as Ratchet started having yet another fit about his living conditions. It was only temporary and it wasn't as bad as his old home but Ratchet was still angry about it. He pointed out the cracks in the wall, the damaged security system and a broken window. He couldn't take it anymore and he suddenly grabbed Wheeljack's belongings.

'That's it! You're staying with me!' he snapped.

'W-well it's only for tonight!' squeaked Wheeljack.

There was no point in arguing with the angered Medic so he packed up his belongings, thanked the femme who lodged him and winced as Ratchet told her off. Afterwards she promised she'd fix the place up and gave Wheeljack a discount. Soon the Engineer was walking down the street towards Ratchet's new home and as they got closer he began to wonder what it was like. Was it big and fancy like his old one? Was the berth huge? To Wheeljack's surprise he found himself standing outside what looked like an old workshop now being used as a home. Upon entering it was quite messy and it looked like Ratchet had been working on it.

'You live here?' cried Wheeljack looking up at Ratchet who blushed a little.

There were boxes and broken equipment that looked like someone had been working on to fix them. A suitable berth was sitting in the corner which was large enough for one mech and a few more strange devices that caught the Engineer's interest. Ratchet made a nervous chuckle as he switched on some lights.

'Well it is a bit of a dump I admit. But I'm working on it...just need to fix the lighting and the other things. I got it quite cheap too!'

Wheeljack had noticed that Ratchet was a tad bit more tired than he normally was which explained why he called out for help. Ratchet put some of Wheeljack's belonging's in a tidy pile in the corner and almost jumped up when he felt the Engineer hug him from behind. He could feel his Spark pulse in his back and his vents hum in his audios.

'I don't care where we are...I'm just happy you're here.'

Ratchet smirked and gripped the hands that were wrapped around his chest. For a moment they stood there just holding each other until Ratchet felt the Engineer nuzzle his shoulder. Twisting his head round he found Wheeljack was wearing his mask and it gave him the opportunity to capture a kiss from his lips. It was a difficult kiss so Ratchet pulled him round and pressed him up against the wall, his kiss now deepening. Wheeljack made a muffled moan as their glossa's licked and groped each other. Wheeljack shuffled slightly so he was in a good position against the wall and spread his legs slightly so Ratchet could lean in closer. When he felt his groin area rub up against his Ratchet made a muffled growl and trailed his hands down Wheeljack's body until they run under his thighs. The Medic surprised Wheeljack when he suddenly raised his legs which allowed the Engineer to wrap them round the Medic's hips. Ratchet broke the kiss and started to nuzzle Wheeljack's neck. He continued to rub his groin up against Wheeljack's own and the sounds he made were enough to get Ratchet even more aroused.

'Oh Ratchet...p-p...p-please...'

Ratchet smiled against Wheeljack's neck and trailed one of his hands down Wheeljack's aft and wedged the cod pice off. The metal dropped to the floor and Wheeljack whimpered as he felt the Medic's fingers trace around his ports. He was already starting to lube up and he quivered as the sensations of Ratchet's kisses and touches. Ratchet slipped a few fingers into Wheeljack's ports and the Medic smirked as he heard the strangled cry of pleasure.

'P-p-please...more p-please...' he cried out.

Ratchet pulled back slighly to see a sight that was so delisicous the Medic thought he would come right there and then. Wheeljack's face was flustered and his drooling at the mouth as he was trying to crontrol his senses. His arms were clining to the wall behind him as he tried despretly to keep his position. He had a clear view of Wheeljack's bonding system and his fluid's were dripping out slowly and some of if was trailing down the Medic's red hand. He was even bucking his hips to meet with the thrusting of Ratchet's fingers.

'You're so hot,' purred Ratchet as he slipped another finger into Wheeljack's ports earning yet another cry.

Once he was sure Wheeljack was perfectly lubed up he retracted his fingers and Wheeljack flushed madly as he watched Ratchet lick off his fluids from his fingers. Once his fingers were clean he leaned down to kiss Wheeljack again and the Engineer groaned as he tasted such sweet flavours from the Medic's mouth.

'It taste's...so...sweet...' gasped Wheeljack, his face showed that he was just begging for more.

Ratchet smirked and then he removed his own cod piece. Wheeljack bucked his hips as he prepared for an intercourse.

'Don't be so inpatient,' teased Ratchet as he made sure that Wheeljack was in a comfortable position.

Wheeljack whined and bucked again. Ratchet smirked and he grabbed Wheeljack's chin so he could kiss the Engineer, catching his sudden muffled cry as he penetrated him. Wheeljack suddenly arched his back and cried out in Ratchet's mouth as he felt the link up and Ratchet's energy pouring into him like a warm flood. He wrapped his arms round Ratchet's neck and shivered as he tried to adjust to the Medic's mass. Ratchet broke the kiss once again and grunted when he managed to bury himself fully into Wheeljack's ports. He waited until the Engineer had calmed down before gently moving in and out of him, keeping a slow and steady pace.

'O-oh Ratchet...oh Primus...Ratchet...oh...'

Wheeljack gasped and moaned, bucking his hips so he could meet Ratchet's thrusts. The Medic growled and increased the pace slightly, he licked and nipped at the exposed wires on Wheeljack's neck.

'You want more?' Ratchet purred as he rubbed his hands up and down Wheeljack's thighs.

Everything he did make Wheeljack cry out in a fevered ecstasy. He was so worked up he could only nod and make a begging whimpering noise. He looked up at Ratchet with his large blue optics and they said it all. Ratchet growled as he increased the pace once again and kiss him like a wild animal.

'Anything for you,' he purred after breaking the kiss which left a thread of saliva from their lips.

Wheeljack continued to cry out in pleasure and tried his best to pleasure Ratchet by kissing and licking his chest. Ratchet moaned as he felt the Engineer's glossa trail across his chest and in turn he licked his head fins. Soon he was reaching his peak and he was ready to unleash his pent up energy into his beautiful Engineer. Wheeljack's ports were overflowing with his fluids and he could tell that the Medic was ready to come. Gripping Ratchet's shoulders and resting his helm against his, trying to keep his panting and gasping under control. As Ratchet's pace increased and got harder the Engineer did his best to keep his position as he once again said the words he uttered long ago.

'R-Ratchet...I-I...I love you!' he gasped.

He arched back suddenly and cried out as Ratchet released his Energy into him, his Spark overflowing with so much information that filled him with so much pleasure. However what really made it special, what really made it so beautiful was that Ratchet answered back.

'I love you too.'

Although it was a tight squeeze Ratchet was able to snuggle up with Wheeljack on the berth and the pair of them laid there. Wheeljack hadn't noticed it before but right above the berth was a large glass window and through it they could see the stars that hung in the night sky. They gazed up as they held each others hands. Right after the bond Ratchet carried the worn out mech back to the berth so he could rest but was a little puzzled when Wheeljack suddenly reached for one of his bags and pulled out his old tool which he thought he lost ages ago.

'I wanted to give it to you some time ago but...after everything that had happened...'

Wheeljack fell silent but he flushed bright red when Ratchet held him in his arms and kissed him on the helm.

'Thank you so very much,' he sighed.

Then the pair of them found themselves lying on that small berth together looking at the stars. It was the only romantic thing in Ratchet's new home since they were surronded by dirty old equiment and piles of dusty boxes.

'It's a dump but this place does have it's charms,' sighed Ratchet.

Wheeljack nodded and snuggled up closer to the Medic.

'It must be nice to have a view like this.' purred the Engineer.

They gazed up a little longer and enjoyed each others company.

'So what now?' asked Wheeljack.

Ratchet pondered for a moment and chuckled.

'Well I could get a bigger berth...and I guess the job is yours.'

Wheeljack giggled slightly and wrapped his arms round the Medic.

'I don't have any medical skills though,' he mumbled.

'You can still fix the spare parts,' chuckled the Medic.

'What about this place? I can fix it up!'

'Well...I dunno...it's a lot of work.'

'Are you kidding!? I can see it now! A high tech security system, a state of the art Energon preparation center over there and a little workbench over there with some decorative sculptures here and there.'

Ratchet chuckled and had to silence Wheeljack with a kiss which he had already melted into. Wheeljack was a energetic as ever and it made Ratchet so very happy that he was now back to normal. He broke the kiss and smirked down at the Engineer who was blushing slightly.

'OK, OK...you can do whatever makes you happy,' chuckled Ratchet.

Wheeljack smiled back at him and yawned. He snuggled up to him once again and drifted off into a peaceful recharge. As his optics dimmed he muttered a few but sweet words.

'I love you Ratchet.'

Ratchet smiled and gently kissed him upon the helm before he drifted off to sleep.

'Love you too,' he murmured.

Many Stellar-cycles later....

Ratchet grumbled as he tried to place Sideswipe's arm back onto his body. The stupid Autobot had gone off to practice Jet Judo and fell into a ravine and his brother, Sunstreaker, had to carry him in. It was going to be a very, very long job and Sideswipe wouldn't shut up so when Sunstreaker found an old picture of the Medic with Wheeljack in his younger days he told them the story of how they met. It had shut the pair of them up and brought back many memories to the Medic.

'So you got your happy ending?' asked Sideswipe, trying not to wince as Ratchet pulled and tugged at his damaged limb.

'As happy as it could get,' replied the Medic,

'After Wheeljack moved in with me he started working at building our little dream home whilst I fixed damaged machines. We were happy until a few hundred Stellar-cycles later when this dam war started up!'

Sunstreaker looked at the photo again and was a little shocked when he discovered that Ratchet was quite a handsome mech back in the day. Plus Wheeljack looked so cute without his mask. He still couldn't believe that the grumpy and foul tempered Medic he knew today was a charming and seductive mech back in his youth.

'I still can't see you as a perverted sleeze-bot!' he sighed.

'Whatever happened to your old Medic buddies? And that Neutron jerk!' asked Sideswipe.

Ratchet sighed as he added the finishing touches to the red Autobot's arm.

'Silver-Jade is now an Autobot Medic working somewhere back on Cybertron. Bolton, sadly, died at the start of the war and you know full well what happened to First Aid. As for that Neutron jerk he ended up joining the Decepticons but I heard he was killed by Megatron when he tried to smuggle in his secret supply of Energon.'

The twins fell silent as Ratchet finally finished his work, the Medic now looked tired and grumpy. He didn't like talking about the past alot but it was nice to hear him talk. After Ratchet gave him the thumbs up Sideswipe hopped up and tested his fixed arm.

'As always Ratchet you do the best patch up jobs!' he chuckled.

Ratchet sneered and folded his arms.

'Good...then I hope you won't mind to cover my shift while I take my long awaited break which I lost because you decided to be a reckless idiot!'

The twins cried out in agony as the Medic walked off and out of the med bay. Ratchet snickered to himself as he heard the twins cry in despair after getting tasked to watch the med bay all by themselves. The moment he got out into the hallway he heard a tutting noise to his left and looking up he smiled when he spotted the Autobot Engineer standing there with his arms folded.

'You're not really going to make those two watch your med bay are you?' he asked.

Ratchet smirked and shook his head.

'I'm not that stupid or insane! Perceptor is on his way to take over...I just thought it would be fun to tease them a little.'

The Engineer still gave a disapproving look as the Medic chuckled.

'Aw c'mon Wheeljack, I was only having some fun.'

Wheeljack sighed and walked up to the Medic, giving him a little tap on the helm. At that moment Perceptor showed up with a few files in his hand and the twins popped their head out of the med bay, hoping that they could convince Ratchet to let them go.

'Please Ratchet! We don't want to be in here!' wailed Sunstreaker.

'It's fine you idiots! Perceptor has agreed to cover me!' snapped Ratchet.

Perceptor chuckled as Ratchet continued to scream and shout at the sobbing twins, well they were really pulling the whole crocodile tear thing but he guessed that the Medic already knew that. Wheeljack smirked and grabbed Ratchet's hand, trying to drag him away.

'C'mon you...let's just sit down and have a nice, peaceful and quiet break together.' chuckled the Engineer.

Ratchet finally gave in to his Engineer. Perceptor waved as they walked off and tried to calm the twins down.

'Perceptor! Can't you tell Ratchet to be nicer to us?'

Perceptor didn't hear them for he watched as Wheeljack and Ratchet walked off together hand in hand. He was so happy for them after he heard that they found each other in Tyger Pax and lived together for a while. He went down to visit them occasionally and he was happy to see that they were truly happy together. He even heard that Ratchet had been attending classes to control his sexual urges and he even took Wheeljack to one. As time passed Ratchet did get a little grumpy at younger bots and he often told them off or told them scary stories to scare them away. Wheeljack had even opened a small workshop so he could tinker away at his little ideas. Their relationship had never been so strong and when he went to visit them on holidays he often saw Ratchet's old Medic friends pop in to say hello. Those days seeing the Medic and the Engineer were so special to him now and he wished for the day when the war would end so those days would come back. As the Wheeljack and Ratchet disappeared down the hallway the twins once again tried to catch Perceptor's attention.

'Perceptor! Pleeeease!'

Perceptor looked back at the twins and smiled.

'Sorry...it's just that every time I see them I feel so very, very happy for them.'

The twins rolled their optics and ran off as soon as Perceptor entered the med bay. As the Autobot scientist sat at desk within the med bay ratchet and Wheeljack walked together back to their room. They held each others hands and looked at each other lovingly. Even though that they were trying to survive a war together the two of them had never been so happy together and they planned to keep it that way for as long as their Sparks functioned.

The End