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Title: What Holiday's Bring

Chapter One: Finding The Right Person


Twenty-three year old InuYasha Takahashi growled, looking up at the white ceiling from the spot on the couch. His head pounding from the conversation he just had with his supportivewife Kikyo. It was her fault that his neck hurt, her fault he had to come to his half brother, Sesshomaru's house the night before. Why couldn't she have just left him alone, instead of interrogating him.

Why are you home so late? Why didn't you put the clothes in the dryer? Why didn't you start dinner? Why didn't you make the beds when I left? Did you get a maid yet? Why didn't you give me a kiss? Are you having an affair?

Then she'd start bawling like a baby. He growled in irritation then grabbed the newspaper from the table in front of him. He flipped through it, looking for ads that were in there from maids. InuYasha stood, grabbed the phone from the kitchen then began the search.

The first ad he saw said:

Call Betty Stealer!

Your house will look spotless! Guaranteed money back.

Call 256-9862

InuYasha huffed, dialed the number then waited for a answer.

"Hello?" came a deep, husky masculine voice.

He raised an eyebrow, "Is Betty Stealer there?"

"This is she." replied the deep, nasty voice.

He paled, "Uh yeah…not happening."

"Wait! I need the mone-

InuYasha hung up, shivering, then scanning the page again. Another one caught his eye:


Call me today! I'll be waiting by the phone…..

My number:


InuYasha's eyes became slits, he growled out of frustration, then flipped the page. He looked at his next options:

Kaoru Maekawa

Your house will look brand new first day! You'll love me right away! If you're interested, call me!


He dialed the number and prayed that this one wasn't some psycho path. It rung, and rung. Finally, a quiet voice answered,

"H. h. hello?"

"Is this Kaoru Maekawa?" he asked, already knowing this was another crazy one.

She replied, "Y. y. y. yes."

"Um…yeah, I'm InuYasha Takahashi. I saw your ad in the newspaper." he started, raising an eyebrow when he heard her breathing into the phone. "I was…are you alright?"

Her breathing went up a hitch and she started screaming, "I DIDN'T BREAK THE EGGS! I DIDN'T! I SWEAR! HUMPTY-DUMPTY WAS PUSHED! IT WASN'T ME! IT WASN'T ME!"

"What the hell!" exclaimed InuYasha, removing the phone from his ear.

He kicked it, shutting it off. InuYasha growled, grabbing the vase on the table. About to chunk it at the wall, that is until a feminine voice warned,

"If you value your hand, I'd put the vase down."

He growled then slammed it down the flopping on the couch, "Why are you up so early Kita?"

"I could hear your growling from upstairs." she replied, flopping down beside him.

InuYasha snorted, "Keh! You heard my growling over Sesshomaru's snoring?"

"It doesn't snore!" she retorted, sitting up, pulling her wavy darkish red hair from her face, revealing disapproving hazel eyes.

He rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

"What's wrong? Kinkyho called again?" asked Kita, standing and walking into the kitchen.

InuYasha groaned, going into the kitchen and sitting at a stool, "Can't you ever give her a break? Call her by her real name once in a while?"

"InuYasha," started Kita, confusion in her eyes, "I did call her by her name."

He glared, "It's Kikyo."

"That's what I said! Kinkyho." she huffed, preparing coffee. "Anyway, what's wrong?"

InuYasha huffed, "I have to find a maid. If the media finds out Tokyo's richest man's son lives in a rat hole, there's going to be two pissed off people after me."

"Two?" she repeated.

He rolled his eyes, "My father and your mentally challenged husband."

"He's not mentally challenged!" she defended. "Stop picking on my fluffy!"

"Keh!" snorted InuYasha. "Don't you pick on my wife?"

Kita looked offended, "I'd never! Kinkyho is such bitter sweet child."

"Kita." he warned.

She rolled her eyes, "Lighten up, will you? I have the perfect person for you!"

"Are they sane?" he asked.

Kita thought, then nodded, "Yeah."

"Good at actually cleaning?" he asked.

She nodded, "Yep!"

"Do they look and sound like their right gender?" he asked. "And they aren't going to clean my house while screaming something about eggs…or are a stalker?"

Kita looked confused then nodded. She looked even more confused, shaking her head,

"I'm confused. What?"

"Just forget it. Any friend of yours should be find. Call them for me will you?" he asked.

She nodded, "Can do. Coffee?"

"Pass." he yawned.

She turned back toward the coffee maker, until she saw a hand pass by her arm and unplug the machine. Kita looked left then right. A familiar voice spoke in a nonchalant way,

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Fluffy! You're awake!" exclaimed Kita, turning around and hugging him.

When she pulled away, he was giving her a look. She laughed nervously, then sighed,


"You know what the doctor said. No more coffee." he said, taking the glass carafe then walked towards the sink.

Kita frowned, "No! Just one cup! Please! It needs me!"

"I change my mind." grumbled InuYasha, standing. "You're both mentally challenged."

Sesshomaru poured the coffee down the drain, ignoring Kita's whining,

"Why are you still here little brother?"

"I'm waiting for Kikyo to leave. Just give me another hour. I don't go to the office until twelve." he replied, leaving the kitchen yawning.

Kita stormed in front of mate, "Fluffy!!"

He walked around her and took the refrigerator. Taking out a carton of orange juice. Kita's eyes went huge,


"Hoshi…." he started.

Kita cut him off, "I have to call someone for InuYasha. Have to take a long shower too! See you when you get home. Bye, love yah."

Pecks his cheek then runs hauling ass out the kitchen. InuYasha called from the living room,

"Mentally challenged!"

Sesshomaru sighs mentally, putting the carton back in the fridge.

Scene Change

Kagome sighed, looking at the television bored. Like every other day, nothing to do. No school, no parents…no job. She was going to get evicted if she didn't get some cash soon. Her twenty-first birthday just past and she didn't have the cash to even drive over to Sango's place.

Did it matter? She was to depressed already. Kagome jumped when her cell began to buzz against the wooden table. She snatched it up and answered,


"Hey Kagome!" came a female voice.

Kagome smiled, "Oh hey Kita! It's been a while since I talked to you, what's up?"

"I have a job for you." she said.

Kagome's eyes widened, "Are you serious!?"

"Yep!" she replied. "Remember my brother-in-law? InuYasha? I took you to his house once."

Kagome thought then frowned, "That jerk that dumped the punch on me?"

"Uh…yeah." laughed Kita.

She frowned, "Please tell me I'm not working for him."

"Him and his wife need a maid. You're good a cleaning right?" asked Kita.

She groaned, "Kita! Of all people, why him!? I told you I never wanted to see his face again! Can't I be your maid?"

"We don't need a maid Kags." she said. "This is a take it or leave it type of job. He's in need for one badly and you're the first that came to mind."

Kagome sighed, "Alright."

"Great! You'll start next week. Starting off at fifty bucks a week. That should do you good, right?" asked Kita.

She gaped, "A…a week!?"

"Yeah! Doesn't it sound good?"

Kagome exclaimed, "Of course! Thank you so much Kita!"

"No problem. You know the address, and come around ten. That way you'll meet just InuYasha and Kinkyho will be at work. He'll give you the rest, k?" she explained.

Kagome nodded to herself, "Yeah! Thanks again, you're a life saver!"

"No problem, bye!" she said hurriedly.

Kagome hung up then squealed in joy. She looked down at her phone, then dialed a number. After a few rings, a voice answered groggily,


"Miroku, where's Sango?" she asked.

He asked, "Why so happy Kagome?"

"I finally got a job!" she replied loudly.

Miroku yawned, "That's great. One second."

After a few minutes, Sango answered, sounding just as tired as Miroku,


"Sango! I got a job!"

She paused then said in a shaky voice, "That's great Kagome."

"Sorry for waking you up so early, but you're usually awake by now. It's nine." replied Kagome.

Sango yawned, "I'm off today, sleeping in. Sorry if I'm not sounding to happy to you. I'm feeling a little grumpy today."

"Sorry." she apologized.

Sango laughed, "Don't worry. We should celebrate. How about I treat you to breakfast?"

"Sure you're ready to get up?" she asked.

Sango reassured her, "No, I'm up now. Be ready when I get there. Bye."


Kagome hung up then made her way to her room. The apartment floor creaked under her feet. For once, she didn't frown or feel the pang of depression. Soon, she'd be out of that hell hole and into her own home. Looking for a real job, or thinking of going back to college.

She smiled and hummed. Kagome took out a black long sleeve shirt and red skirt. With black stockings and black boots. She got dressed and by time she finished straightening her hair. Someone was knocking at the door. Kagome grabbed her cell, stuck it in her pocket, then literally ran to the door.

She opened it and there stood Sango,

"Hey, ready?"

"Yeah, just let me grab my keys." answered Kagome, running into the kitchen, getting her key and returning.

She locked the door from the inside then followed Sango down the stairs. Kagome asked,

"Where's Miroku?"

"Went over to InuYasha's." she said, before changing the subject. "Where's your job?"

Kagome smiled at her eagerness, "Well, Kita called me. She said that dog boy needed a maid."

"Whoa, wait! You're going to be working for InuYasha!?" exclaimed Sango, eyes bugging out.

She shrugged, "So what. This is strictly professional."

"Aha! You're joking right?" retorted Sango. "There's no such thing as a girl working for a man without anything going on."

Kagome crossed her arms, "First off, I don't know him. The only time I met him was at that party and I already know he's a huge jerk. Meaning, I wouldn't want him. Second, he's married."

"Yeah, to Kikyo. By what Kita told me, they'll be divorced before next year." snorted Sango.

She shrugged, "Doesn't matter. I'm completely focused on getting my life straight. No more being depressed. Time for a change!"

"Love works in mysterious ways." said Sango, in a suspenseful voice.

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Don't count on "love" even being in my vocabulary for a while."

"Whatever you say." she said, walking ahead.

Kagome frown, "I'm serious! Wait for me!"

Please Review! Okay! About Kita and Sesshomaru. Kita's full name is Kitahoshi, and Sesshomaru calls her Hoshi. It's not what Sango calls Miroku. That's Houshi, meaning monk.

Hoshi means star. Two total different things. So don't go telling me I made a mistake. I did my research!

Plus, here are the ages:

InuYasha Takahashi-23

Sesshomaru Takahashi-25

Kitahoshi Takahashi-22

Kikyo Takahashi-23

Kagome Higurashi-21

Sango Tsuyu-22

Miroku Tsuyu-23

Inu/Kik-married/mated…for now.




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