A/N: Hello readers! I love Gilmore Girls, and I was upset with how it ended. I mean, Rory ended up with no one?! So I am going to write what I think should happened after the series finally. Enjoy!

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Rory sat in the old gazebo with a book on her lap, looking out on to her town. The spring air was warm on her face, holding the promise of a hot summer just around the corner. Familiar faces smiled at her as they waked by. Her beautiful little town had not changed at all while she was gone. It stayed the same as it when from her childhood, waiting for her to return.

19 months. 19 months she was away from her beloved town and friends. She had gone on the Obama campaign trail, her first reporter job. It had been a long year and a half, with long bus rides, cramped hotel rooms, hot afternoons, and some pretty gross meals, but Rory was so glad she went. In no time at all she has risen to the top of the group of new reporters and was writing top-grade articles. She had done more writing then she had ever done in her life, and loved it. Rory was happy to be home though, beyond happy. She had missed her town and her mother so much.

Her mother. She looked up and through the window of the dinner. Lorelai was laughing at something Luke at said. They were both behind the counter, and Luke was refilling the coffee maker. Lorelai was trying to snack the bag of coffee beans from him, but Luke was holding it away. She laughed and kissed him. Rory smiled as she watched her mom and step dad.

After all Luke and Lorelai when through, when they got back together on Rory's last night in Star's Hollow, they decided to not wait any longer, and they eloped a few days later. They moved in to Lorelai and Rory's house and had been happy, married, and in love since. The citizens of Star's Hollow felt cheated that they didn't get to throw Luke and Lorelai a big wedding in the square. They insisted on a wedding celebration where they could pronounce Luke and Lorelai married after so long. But Lorelai would not have the party until Rory came home. So they waited, and now that they were home, the people of Star's Hollow were cooking up a party no one would not soon forget.

"I thought I would find you here" A voice called from behind Rory. She turned around and smiled she saw her best friend.

"Lane, I missed being home too much" Rory said with a sigh as she stood up. Lane was pushing a large stroller that held her toddler twin boys.

"We missed you too. You were gone to long" Lane complained as she hugged Rory.

Rory smiled and hugged her friend back. I shrill squeal erupted from the stroller and Rory laughed and bend down so she was face-to-face with the twins.

They both had dark hair that was getting too long and hanging in their eyes. They had pale skin, light brown eyes, and rosy cheeks. "Hey Stevie" Rory cooed taking the hand of the boy closer to her. "And hello Kwan. You boys have gotten so big!" Stevie giggled and cried, "Hi! Cher-tos! Hungry!" Lane laughed and pulled a bag of Cheerios from the bottom the stroller and handed them to her son. Kwan was the quieter one of the two, and simply smiled and looked up at Rory. Rory was sad she had missed the first year of them growing up, but Lane had sent her tons of pictures. She could have made a flip book of them growing with the hundreds of pictures her friend had sent her.

Rory talked more with Lane, and played with Stevie and Kwan for awhile longer, and then meet up with her mom in the dinner. Babette greeted her at the door. "Oh sugar! It is so good to have you home, we missed you so much" She exclaimed in her raspy voice, "I know your mom was getting in to all sorts of trouble with out you here" She said pointing with her thumb over her shoulder, laughing at Lorelai and Luke kissing behind the counter. Rory smiled and laughed too. She walked up and sat on one of the bar stools. "Oh get a room" She called as she sat down, causing Lorelai to snicker and throw a packet of sugar at her. Rory grabbed another packet and threw it back.

"No throwing food" Luke scolded lightly taking the box of sugar packets away from them. Lorelai pouted and Luke kissed her on the head. "I will go make you a burger Rory" he replied and headed in to the kitchen.

"Oh, I don't think I can eat any more" Rory called after Luke. Between Luke and Sookie, Rory had eaten more then enough the past few days since she had come home. They were both convinced she had been malnourished while she was gone.

"Let him make it. Luke likes cooking for you, and I will help you eat it" Lorelai said as she walked around the counter and sat down next to Rory. "So I was thinking we should have another movie marathon tonight"

"Pizza, junk food, movies, and going to bed with a stomach ache? I'm so there" Rory replied.

"I was thinking, Brat Pack. Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Sixteen Candles" Lorelai answered.

"Perfect! I bet Molly Ringwald has missed us"

"Molly Ringwald?" Luke asked as she walked out with Rory's burger.

"Oh yeah, us and Molly go way back" Lorelai replied with a smile as she stole some of Rory's fries.

"Right, I should have known" Luke said with a sigh.

"Oh, Rory! I have to show you the new clothes I bought Luke. They are upstairs, let me grab them" Lorelai exclaimed suddenly as she jumped up from her stool. "Wait here" She called as she hurried up the stairs.

"Can I have some coffee Luke?" Rory asked, biting in to her burger.

Luke poured her a mug of coffee and turned to hand it to her and hesitated.

"I have only had one cup of coffee today, I swear" Rory answered reaching for the cup.

Luke laughed uneasily and replied, "No, it isn't that…" He set down her cup and looked at her. "I'm not sure how to say this, but I have to tell you" Luke looked uncomfortable and Rory wondered what he could be talking about.

"What's up?" She asked

"Well, since your mom and I are having the big party in a few days, and we didn't have a wedding, and we invited lost of people" Luke began as he mopped the counter with a rag "Anyone we were close to and..." He paused.

"And?" Rory prompted.

"And I invited Jess," Luke finished looking up at her. Rory was stunned and didn't know what to say.

"I know it might be weird, having him come back. But he is my family, and I want him to come" Luke explained.

"No it is fine, really Luke. Jess and I... well it was a long time ago. I'm glad he is coming. He should be at the party" Rory said quickly.

"Ok, good," Luke said as he let out a breath "I just thought I should tell you…" Lorelai shot through doorway at the moment, her arms full of shopping bags. Rory smiled as Lorelai began pulling out clothes, and she tried her best to focus on what her mom was saying, but her mind was elsewhere.