Hello readers! Here is chapter six. I'm so sorry it took me so long to update, I have been supper busy with school, but I'm now on summer break and I will hopefully update a lot quickier.

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Rory woke up the day after Luke and Lorelai's party to the sound of banging from the floor above her. She rolled over and pulled the blanket over her eyes to block the morning sun. She reached up and touched her lips as if she could still feel Jess' kiss there. She still did not have the brainpower to decide how she felt about kissing Jess. She was not ready for the questions to come flooding on, what it meant, what was going to happen, if she still had feelings for him after all this time… She pushed the thoughts from her head, it was too early for these kinds of questions. Rory heard a loud thud and a muffled voice from Lorelai's room. She climbed out of bed and made her way up the stairs.

She was greeted in the doorway by the contents of Lorelai's closet heaped across the floor. "Uh, mom did your closet throw up?" Rory asked as she carefully made her way across the room to the bed. She moved a pile of clothes from the bed to the floor and made a clean spot for her to sit. Lorelai's head emerged from the closet.

"Oh hi. Um well Luke left early this morning and I decided I would surprise him and clean out the closet. I currently take up about 99% of it so I thought I would try to clear up some room for him," she explained as she tossed a blue shirt across the room.

"A very nice thing of you to do, but how is throwing every piece of clothing you own on the floor making your closet more organized?" Rory asked as she picked up some of the clothes from the floor and looked at them.

"Well you see I have a system," Lorelai replied as she emerged completely from the closet and turned to face Rory.

Rory looked around at the chaos, "A system?" She asked skeptically.

"Yes, a system. All clothes near the door are clothes that I am moving to the downstairs closet, and the clothes by the window are clothes that have been pushed to the back of the closet in the past years and I have forgotten about so I want to move them to the front, the clothes on the bed are yours."

"I have been looking for this shirt," Rory said as she pulled her white blouse from the mound of clothes on the bed.

"Yeah sorry about that, and finally the clothes over by my dresser are to give away" Lorelai pulled an empty hanger off the ground and used it to hang up a dress that was currently draped over her closet door.

"The give away pile is awfully small," Rory observed.

"Well it's a start, right?" Lorelai answered.

Rory pulled an orange top that was covered in rhinestones and sparkles out from a pile of clothes at her feet. "Mom, what is this?" She scoffed as she held it up.

"Uh, it was a gift," she said quickly as she snatched it away and stuffed it in to her closet.

"Mmhmm… And who gave you that lovely gift?" Rory asked.

"My aunt. Lucy" Lorelai said quickly.

"Ah yes, aunt Lucy," Rory replied sarcastically.

"Oh look! Your shoes!" Lorelai called out as she tossed a pair of back heals on to the bed next to Rory.

"I remember these. I haven't seen them in years. When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?" Rory asked as she pulled on one of the heals and inspected it.

"Um, it has been awhile" Lorelai replied. "Hey I'm hungry. Lets go to Luke's and get some breakfast."

"And leave your room looking like this?" Rory ask as she scanned the mess.

"Yeah, I'll finish when I come back," Lorelai said as she walked out of the closet and over to the door.

"Because you have such a great track record with finishing your projects," Rory replied as she walked out in to the hall after her mother.

They walked outside and in to the brisk morning air, and began making their way over to the dinner.

"So, was the party last night everything you hoped it would be?" Rory asked her mom.

"It was. I'm so glad you could be there," Lorelai answered as she put her arm around Rory's shoulder. "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah. It made me realize how much I missed everyone while I was away," Rory replied.

"And I saw you were wearing Jess' coat," Lorelai said causally.

"Yeah. He lent it to me, I was cold," Rory explained.

"And?" Lorelai prompted.

"And…well, he also kissed me," Rory admitted.

"No way! I can't believe you waited this long to tell me!" Lorelai exclaimed, almost jumping up and down

"Yeah well you were pretty busy at the party and we didn't get home until late so…" Rory replied.

"Well, come on. Details please" Lorelai pressed as the two of them walked through the center of town.

"Well we were just sitting and talking, and then he gave me his coat and then we kind of just kissed and then I left kind of suddenly and didn't see him the rest of the night," She explained.

"Can you imagine if you guys got back together?" Lorelai asked.

"No, I can't even imagine it…" Rory sighed as she played with the zipper on her jacket.

"Do you want to get back together?" Lorelai asked seriously.

"I don't know, maybe. I'm just confused. And it has been so long" Rory admitted as the walked past the market.

"Yeah, I know" Lorelai said soothingly as she gave her daughter a one arm squeeze. "Hey, lets stop by the market. I want to get some fruit."

"Really?" Rory asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, I think I'm getting sick so I'm thinking fruit would help," Lorelai explained as she picked up a peach from the crates outside the market.

"Very sensible of you," Rory replied.

"Peaches have always freaked me out, fuzzy food is just weird" Lorelai said as she put the peach down. "I'll just grab an orange. Vitamin C and all that."

"Good idea. You go in and buy that, I will go get us a table at Luke's" Rory said as she began walking across the street to the diner. She reached the door, and walked inside to be greeted by the regular morning bustle.

"Hey Luke!" Rory greeted as she sat down at the counter. Luke emerged from the kitchen with a plate of pancakes in his hands.

"Hi Rory. Let me give Kirk these pancakes and I will take your order" Luke said as she walked to the table by the window where Kirk and Lulu were sitting. "Here you go, blueberry pancakes, and Lulu your eggs are on their way"

"Thanks Luke" Lulu said with a sweet smile.

"Luke. Lulu and I have some big news. I thought you would want to be the first to know" Kirk stated suddenly.

"Oh, well ok" Luke answered.

"Lulu and I gave this a lot of though and it has finally happened" Kirk began as he looked over and smiled at his wife.

"Wait, Lulu are you…. I mean, you aren't pregnant are you?" Luke as in astonishment. Rory choked back a laugh when she saw the look of utter terror on Luke's face.

"Close, we got a puppy!" Lulu exclaimed happily. Rory saw Luke sigh in relief.

"Yup. He is just a little guy, only 5 months old. Damn cutest think you have ever seen."

"I have always wanted a dog, but my dad was allergic so I could never have one as a kid" Lulu explained.

"Well that is just great. Congratulations you two" Luke replied with a fake smile. Rory laughed, she had missed small town theater of Stars Hollow. The bell above the door rang as Lorelai walked in.

"Mom, you just missed Luke almost fainting because he thought Lulu was pregnant," Rory told her mom as Lorelai sat down.

"Really? Man, how did I miss that?" Lorelai asked sadly as Luke put a mug of coffee in front of them both.

"Luckily it was just them excited over some demented dog," Luke explained.

"Can you imagine little Kirks running around? Lorelai asked as she sipped her coffee.

"No, and I never want to. That is a scary image" Luke replied.

"It is kind of scary to think about" Lorelai agreed.

"Two blueberry muffins please," Rory asked.

"Oh, yes please," Lorelai agreed.

"Okay, coming right up," Luke took two muffins out of the glass case on the counter and put them in the toaster oven.

Lorelai pulled out the orange she had just bought and began pealing it. "So I was thinking we should have a spa day. Mani pedis, get our hair done, and facials."

"That sounds so nice. I haven't had a hair cut since I left" Rory answered.

"Well then it is settled, I will see if I can get out of work next weekend," Lorelai said.

"Do you need any help at the inn? I have so much time on my hands now, maybe I could help out like I used to in high school" Rory suggested.

"Just like old times! That would be great, you can come in with me later."

"Here you go, two muffins," Luke said as he put the food in front of them. "Is that an orange?" Luke asked in astonishment.

"Yes…" Lorelai replied as she finished taking off the peal and ate a section of the fruit.

"You're eating fruit?" Luke asked, still stunned.

"Why is everyone so shocked by this? You should have seen Taylor at the market when I was trying to buy it, he thought I was mocking his fruit stand or something" Lorelai replied as she ate another piece.

"It is just strange to see you eat fruit, but it is good. You should get more healthy foods, it is good for you, and helps you build a strong immune system" Luke answered.

"Yeah yeah yeah…." Lorelai muttered as she chewed on another piece of orange.

Luke smiled and went back in to the kitchen. Rory pulled off a piece of the warm muffin and popped it in her mouth.

Lorelai finished up her orange and looked down at her watch, "Is it already eleven? I have to get to the Inn."

"Okay, I'll come with you," Rory offered.

"I so missed having you around," Lorelai cooed as she kissed Rory's hair. The two of them picked up their muffins and left the dinner.

Later that day, Lorelai sat in the kitchen with Sookie while Rory helped run the front desk with Michelle.

"Do you think it is save to leave Rory with Michelle? You know how he gets territorial at the front desk," Sookie noted as she chopped up mushrooms for an omelet.

"She will be okay," Lorelai replied as she sipped a cup of coffee.

"So, are you happy with how your very late wedding party went?" Sookie asked.

"Yes, defiantly. It was so amazing. And everyone went completely over the top, which was not necessary," Lorelai replied with a smile.

"Of course it was necessary, this town loves you and had to wait much too long to celebrate you and Luke's marriage" Sookie said happily.

"But I'm glad we waited. It would not have been the same with out Rory there," Lorelai replied.

"Yeah, I bet you are happy to have her home. How long is she hanging around?" Sookie asked.

"I don't know. We haven't talked about it yet. I guess she has to start looking for a job soon. I hope she finds one near by" Lorelai said.

"There are lots of great newspapers around. I'm sure she will," Sookie answered.

"Yeah, that's true" Lorelai sipped her coffee and rubbed her hands over her face. "I think I'm sick" she stated.

"Is it a hangover?" Sookie asked as she poured the mushrooms in to a pan on the stove.

"No, I didn't even drink that much last night. Its different, but it doesn't feel like a cold…" Lorelai explained.

"Maybe you have the flu? It has been going around. A lot of the kids at Davie's school have been out sick with it" Sookie said as she tended to her omelet.

"No, I don't think it is the flu. I feel kind of nauseous and light headed" Lorelai described as she finished off the last of her coffee. She turned around and placed her cup in the sink and suddenly gasped and spun around "I think I'm pregnant!"

"What?" Sookie flung her spatula and a glob of eggs across the kitchen, which caused a bowl of tomatoes to crash to the floor. Sookie screamed, ran over to Lorelai, and grabbed her arms. "Oh my God!!!" Sookie screamed again.

"I could be wrong! But I think I am" Lorelai exclaimed. Sookie screamed for a third time and threw her arms around her friend. The two of the hugged and screamed for a few moments and then Rory poked her head in to the kitchen.

"What's with all the noise?" she asked as she looked over at her mother and Sookie.

Lorelai let go and caught her breath, "I think I'm pregnant," She explained. She felt her eyes tearing up.

"Oh my God, are you serious?" Rory exclaimed as she ran up to her mom and threw her arms around her. Lorelai simply nodded. They hugged for a few long moments and then Lorelai pulled away.

"I have to go tell Luke," She said as she whipped her eyes.

"Yes! You go home, and I will go to the dinner, tell Luke I will close up, and send him to the house" Rory said.

"Okay, good. I'll head home then" Rory hugged her mom again, and so did Sookie and then Lorelai headed out the door.

"Oh Rory, pregnant!" Sookie exclaimed. "I just can't believe it!"

"I know, me either. I should go to the dinner," Rory said as she began to walk to the door.

"Yes, go do that. I'll hold down things here" Sookie replied. She began humming and dancing around the kitchen. Rory laughed and left. She hurried across town and to Luke's dinner. Luke was behind the counter, sorting receipts. The dinner was empty.

"Luke!" Rory exclaimed as she opened the door. Luke looked up with a worried expression.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing, everything is fine. But you need to the house" Rory said quickly as she caught her breath.

"What? Why?" Luke put down the receipts and walked around the counter.

"Mom will explain. Just go over to the house" She replied.

"Okay… You sure everything is alright?" Luke asked in a worried tone.

"Yes, just go. I will lock up," Rory answered. Luke nodded and left.

Rory sighed and walked up to the counter. She rested her elbows on it and placed her face in her hands. Her mom was pregnant! She just couldn't believe it. She knew her mom had always wanted another kid, but this was so sudden. Rory sighed and then heard footsteps descending the stairs. She looked up quickly and saw Jess emerge from the stairway.

Rory and Jess looked at each other in silence for a moment. "Um, Luke had to go to the house…" Rory said to break the stillness.

Jess nodded, "Okay." He said simply

"And I said I would lock up and everything, since I don't think Luke will come back tonight, but I guess you could lock up. Luke didn't mention that you were here…" Rory babbled. She hated how she rambled on when she was flustered.

"Yeah, I can lock up. But you could stay and help if you want" Jess replied as he walked closer to her.

"Um sure. I would love to help" Rory said as she twisted ends of her hair around her finger.

Jess walked across the dinner to the door, locked the bolt, and pulled down the blinds. "Okay, all locked up."

"That's it?" Rory asked.

"Yup. In a normal restaurant, there would be an alarm to set, but Luke doesn't have one. I don't think anyone in this town has an alarm" He replied.

"We used to have one. Kirk installed it. It was awful, it went off if anyone walked through our living room and it was really loud and we didn't know how to turn it off and…" As Rory talked Jess walked closer to her. She let her rambling trail off when he stopped in front of her, only inches away.

"That must have been annoying," He said softly as he looked at her with those deep hazel eyes. Rory felt her pulse quicken.

She nodded. "It was." She said in a whisper.

Jess reached up and cupped the side of Rory's face. Her heart skipped a beat and thumped so loudly in her rip cage, she was sure he could hear it. He tilted his face down, and Rory closed her eyes. She felt his warm lips press against hers.

She felt as if her veins were pulsing with fire. She reached up and wrapped her arm around his neck. He put his hand on her lower back and pulled her body against his. Every thought was pushed away from her head. All she was thinking about was being in this moment, filled with perfect joy. Jess pulled away and rested his forehead against Rory's.

"Rory" He whispered her name. "I have the room upstairs to myself…"

Rory's heart began beating harder. She looked in to his deep eyes and nodded. Jess placed a small soft kiss on her lips and then grabbed her head and let her to the stairs.