Just fluff, in time for New Year's Eve.

Genre: Romance/ (Attempted) Humor

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Warning: Slash

Summary: Draco discovers lattes!

Spoilers: None. Harry and Draco are adults now.

Disclaimer: I obviously do not own if I'm writing a fanfiction

Magic Lattes

Harry tapped one finger anxiously on the arm of the couch. Draco had said he would be gone for only a few hours when he left at noon, and it was already growing dark!

Harry sighed and stared blankly at the flickering television screen. He had forced Draco to get one, even though the blonde man would have nothing to do with a Muggle invention. Still, Draco had been very interested in the contraption when they had gone to look for one, even if he wouldn't admit it.

The sound of the apartment door slamming open startled Harry from his musings.

"Draco?" He called warily, for the other man was not known to slam doors. There was no answer, so Harry crawled off the couch, groaning as his bare feet hit the cold floor.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked, walking into the kitchen and spying his lover curled on the tiles. He appeared to have something in his hands.

"Oh, Harry!" Draco exclaimed, looking up. His bright grey eyes flashed. "Harry, you have got to try this!"

"What is it?" Harry sat down next to Draco, shivering as a bit of exposed skin came in contact with the floor.

"It's called a latte!" Draco said, proudly showing off the cream-colored cup in his hands. "It's the most magical thing I have ever tasted!"

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Magical? You're sure it's the most magical thing you've ever tasted?"

Draco frowned. "You're right, of course."

"Of course."

"It's the most, the most," Draco tapped a finger to his chin. "It's the most Muggle thing I've ever tasted. Absolutely ordinary. But still, it's perfect. I suppose you could compare it to Hermione."

Harry feigned shock. "Merlin, Draco! Are you having an affair?"

"Oh, you know I wouldn't do that to you, Harry!" Draco took another sip from the cup, and Harry grinned.

"I suppose I should be glad you're actually acknowledging my friends existence."

"I- I like you're friends, Harry! Remember that time with Ron, and the spiders? No one was there to help him, but brave, sweet, kind-"

"Careful, I think you're heads swelling."

"-loyal Draco. I helped him, didn't I?" Another sip from the cup.

"Yes, yes you did. And I'm grateful for that." Harry leaned down and kissed Draco on the lips. He pulled back in shock.

"How many of those did you have?"

Draco shrugged, attempting to look innocent. "Only a few."

"Only a few?" Harry asked, glaring at the man. He felt like he had drunk one himself, just from kissing Draco!

"Maybe it was more like a dozen, okay?"

"Blimey! How are you not bouncing off the walls, or dead from caffeine overdose, or something?"

Harry was answered with a cool smile. "Maybe I just hide it well."

"Draco Malfoy, you are just the strangest wizard I have ever met."

"That's a lie!"

Harry smiled wistfully at Draco's outraged expression. "Okay, you're right. Now, could you please put down the coffee?"

Draco obliged, standing up and brushing himself off. Harry returned to his spot on the couch, thankful it was still warm.


Harry opened one eye cautiously. "Yes, love?"

"Was the fifty dollars you left on your desk this morning anything you would be concerned about losing?"


I'm not very pleased with this one. It just popped into my head. I'm not good with ideas that pop out of nowhere!

The strange thing about this is, well, I've never really had a latte. I do like coffee, though!

Anyways, Happy New Year, everyone!

I know it's not New Year's in this story, but its winter, okay? Is that close enough?

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