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Summary: Bella Swan's father dies in a car chase, and she is forced to go live with her mother in a small and boring New York town. But when she finds out she lives by a certain bronze haired, green eyed boy, how boring is that town? All Human, normal pairings.

-Chapter One-


"Bella?" my adopted little sister, Samantha, said. She gripped my hand as our plane lifted off the ground. Her eyes were full of fright and excitement. I wondered how this little girl could hold so many emotions at one time the day after our father's funeral.

"Yes?" I replied, giving her fragile looking hand a squeeze. She held onto my hand even tighter, and although the pain was pretty unbearable, I didn't wince. So much for fragile.

"I'm scared," she said, her soprano voice squeaking with fear. I nodded, and she noticeably bit her tongue.

"It's alright, Sam," I reassured her. "The flight will be fun. I promise." She nodded, but the freaked look in her light green eyes didn't leave. I saw a tear escape and fall down her face. She really was scared.

I wiped her tear and brushed a stray blonde strand of her angelic hair away from her face. "Don't worry, sweetie, I won't let anything happen to you."

The whole reason we were here was sad and horrific at the same time. It was January 27, halfway through my sophomore year in high school, and yet here I was, on a plane, my arms wrapped around my sister's small body, calming her down mournfully. Just a week ago, my father, Charlie Swan, was doing a car chase when a drunk driver (not surprisingly backup for the chasee) ran into the driver's side of my father's cruiser. My father was killed immediately and was on Life Support before the doctors realized they really could do nothing. Whether I liked it or not, I had to move in with my crazy and slightly irritating mother. Sure, I loved her to death, but Sam had never met her-or thought of her as a mother. I had to convince Renee not to hover over Sam, which I figured was something she most likely couldn't do. Sam and I were sharing the extra room in my mother's new house in a place called Mayville, New York. The school near where she lived was tiny-only 323 students and 30 teachers. That's only about 10 students per class. Not like Forks was any different, but in each of the classes I had, there were at least twenty students. For the rest of the year, my mother would somehow home school us, and then we'd both start our next year the same day as everyone. She would be starting seventh grade, and I would be starting eleventh. Great, junior year at a brand new school. Just on the top of my To Do list.

Sam had fallen asleep, so I decided I could definitely get some shut eye before she woke up and freaked out again.

"Bella?" I heard. I opened my eyes to a peaceful Samantha (I know, wow.) "We're on the ground now."

Oh. So that was it.

I yawned, realizing we were the last people on the plane. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Sam! You should've woken me up earlier."

"Oh, don't worry about it. No one heard you blurt out those nasty comments about Mike Newton. That was pretty mean, if you ask me. I think he's quite cute."

I rolled m eyes. "You just wait," I said. "Some guy will stalk you and then you'll understand how I feel."

Sam laughed, and I grabbed our bags. The attendant smiled as we left the cabin. "Have a nice day."

I nodded and smiled. That's what Charlie, my father, would do. Smile and nod.

Renee tried to make small talk on the way to her car. I pulled her aside and whispered, "Mom, you're hovering. Sam is shy, give her time."

My mother nodded. "I'm trying Bella. You worry too much. We'll get along fine, I can tell."

After that, she said nothing else, though.

As Sam and I slid into the backseat of Renee's Honda Accord, she whispered to me, "You really don't have to sit back here. Go sit up front, Bells.

I shook my head. "Who'll keep you company? We have limited time together, Sammy."

She frowned. She hated it when I called her Sammy. "All right, but when you get uncomfortable, don't blame it on me."

My mother came into the car then, and Sam's conversation with me ended.

At home, we were welcomed by Phil, who took me to the garage right away, with Renee and Sam at my tail. He showed me the brand-new silver Ford Focus he had bought me.

"Wow," I breathed. I didn't speak Car and Driver, sure, but I most definitely knew what a Ford Focus was; my dream car. Great stereo, soft seats, not too big, not too small. And silver. Sam's mouth looked like it was permanently stuck open, but she caught herself and said quietly, "You're so driving me to school."

Renee smiled, and Sam blushed-a rarity. "Your voice is very pretty," Renee reassured her, thinking the wrong thing. Sam wanted to give Renee the idea that she was quiet and gothic. But it hadn't worked.

Phil smiled. "So you talk?"

Sam managed to smile, and said, "Yes."

"A lot," I added, earning a smack from Sam on my arm.

So far, it seemed like all was going well. And I'm pretty sure that it all will.

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