Strong walls shuddered and groaned with the collapse of the earth master atop his little scientist, two voices breathing heavy pants in each other's ear. Eyes dazed with raw ecstasy locked and they smiled. A tender hand from the giant brushed against bony cheeks admiring Vexen's supple skin. He was so small and fragile. Porcelain beneath his touch. One false move could snap his beloved in two. Yet Vexen danced with this danger addicted to the thrill of the mighty drug sedated in his arms.

Lexaeus gently brushed at the scars littering Vexen's chest, some red and ugly, unhealed. The scientist winced, squirming away from the painful touches. He had suffered great punishment from Marluxia for his failure with the replica. As if threatening the elder with Xemnas wasn't enough the flowering sadist had to have "fun" with him before he was satisfied. Vexen could hardly describe being bound by thorny vines, whipped, and raped as fun. It wasn't unusual for Vexen to stumble into the basement and crawl into bed covered in blood. Lexaeus, the strong and silent, would cradle his beloved in his arms and gently treat his wounds, purifying the blonde's body of any trace of Marluxia once he was well enough to do so.

Lexaues was not a vengeful person. Holding grudges was pitiful and immature.

He hated Marluxia.

Vexen endured far more than physical pain at Marluxia's hands. Emotionally the rapes had begun to take a strong toll on Vexen. He wouldn't change in front of Lexaeus anymore. Stripping him for sex was a chore in itself, the blonde often retaliating terrified to let Lexaeus see his body. Patience was a long rope for the Silent Hero and it was wearing dangerously thin. If he was going to be destroyed for defending his Academic against a rebellious rapist than so be it.

"Vexen.." He feathered soft kisses along the scars, "You know you're beautiful.."

"Don't start that." Vexen hissed, trying to pull away, "I'm nothing special."

Strong hands kept the blonde pinned. The scientist kicked and bit at his lover trying to scramble away. Vexen loved Lexaeus but the man was a danger in himself: He didn't always know his own strength.

"You are special!" The grip tightened and Vexen winced. "To me you are! I don't give a DAMN what Marluxia says about you! You're beautiful! My Even, my quirky scientist. My heart!"

"You're blind, Lexaeus! I'm nothing! Do you hear me?! I'm nothing! I'm a FAILURE as a scientist!"


A hard smack threw Vexen's head back, then silence, and he screamed, scrambling away from his stunned lover. The world froze for an instant, steel and emerald battling back and forth the questions unspoken. Why did he hit me? Why did I hit him? It was an accident, wasn't it? I thought he'd never abuse me, why did he...?

Finally Lexaeus found his voice, reaching for Vexen. "V-Vexen, I-"

"GET OUT!" Vexen's voice threatened to break, pointing at the door. "GET OUT OF MY BEDROOM, GET OUT OF MY LAB!"

"Vexen I..." Lexaeus tried to reach for him, the blonde smacking his hand away.

"I SAID GET OUT OF HERE! I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU IN HERE OR MY LABORATORY AGAIN! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Lexaeus stepped back from the bed picking up his coat from the floor and pulling it on. Across the room Vexen collapsed to his knees, fighting the shuddering wracking his tiny body threatening sobs. Pain knotted Lexaeus' stomach, stinging his chest with bitter regret. His instinct screamed to run over and coddle the blonde and make him stop crying. To soothe the burn of his cheek that was a thousand times more painful than any of those scars weaved across his back.

Lexaeus dragged himself out the room and through the lab, tears burning his own eyes as the screams of frustration and betrayal echoed through the hollow room. Nothing Marluxia had ever done to Vexen hurt more than that simple slap on the cheek. He could be beaten, raped, and tortured as long as Lexaeus was there to bandage him up and protect him in the end. Now the one he cherished the most had turned his back on him.. But.. Lexaeus punched the nearest wall shaking loose dust from the cieling. It was an accident...

Slumping down against the wall of some bright white room upstairs Lexaeus lay his head back against the wall and allowed himself the privelege of a few stray tears.

If he had a heart, this is where it would break.