New New Endings To The Journey

"Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One…"

Obliterating the number zero, the cheers rang out over the streets of New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Times Square in New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York in the year five billion (quite possibly the greatest, most fantastic such event in the history of the universe – at least in the Doctor's humble opinion). The sight was brought to the duo snuggled up on the couch in the library courtesy of TARDIS intergalactic cable television (and some last minute jiggery pokery with said connection when half of the wall-sized viewscreen went snowy five minutes into the opening festivities), but the Doctor and his Companion had become more enraptured in cuddling with each other than the surround-sound spectacle playing at life-size long before the countdown had begun. Still, the shouts of adulation were enough to pull them both out of their dozing reverie.

"Happy New Year, Rose," the Doctor whispered, turning his head to side and bending it slightly to catch his lover's mouth up in a celebration kiss, tasting the remnants of sparkling cloudberry wine on her succulent tongue.

Rose's eyelids fluttered open, brown eyes shining brightly as she smiled at him, before closing again as she leaned into the kiss. "Happy New Year, Doctor," she returned softly, after their lips had parted some long minutes later.

Twirling one strand of Rose's now-naturally brown hair around his finger, the Doctor mused, "So, it's a new year. In New New York and back in your time. Well, mostly. All things considered." Stopping his ramble in its tracks before it could run out of his control, he finished with, "At least it's been around a year since the last New Year I celebrated." Without Rose, was left unsaid, but palpable by his sudden, empty silence.

"Mm-hm," Rose hummed pleasantly, cuddling back against his side and twining her arm through his in response to his unspoken sadness. His tenth regeneration was chattier than the ninth, but no less unencumbered by heartache. "'S been about the same for me, I think. This one is better than getting pissed by myself on expensive champagne." Her eyes flicked with her own unhappy memories for moment, mouth twisting up in a frown, before she relaxed back against her Doctor.

"Me too," the Doctor agreed, though he'd gotten maudlin enough without being drunk on top of it. After a moment, he asked, slightly tense, "So, the new year…what do you hope it brings. They'd only been back together for a few months, and together for a few weeks, but oh, what months, what weeks! Still, Rose had changed quite a bit in those four years in Pete's World. Not just her appearance (which was more natural), or her knowledge (which was broader), but even her general attitude. It was like she'd undergone her own regeneration. She'd spent those years getting back to him, but having gotten him, was he still what she wanted?

Rose's gazes was clear, bright, and certain in her love. "More adventures with you – complete with happy endings," she said with a cheeky grin, and snuggled back into her partner's arms, dozing off.

The Doctor's smile grew slowly on his face until it shone brighter than the manic grin his previous regeneration had so-seldom worn. "Happy endings," he murmured. "Yes, that's what I hope for, too, Rose. What we have right here, right now."