Blossoming Burnt Petals
By Ayesha Raees

Chapter one
Despise Despite Understanding

I seek water
that doesn't drip down my cheek


That tastes sweet


That heals my wounded meat.

We seemed to be worlds apart yet the only thing similar was that we both were quiet and alone.

He sat beside the window, looking lost where I sat in the corners of the classroom, hiding within the shadows.

I was literally alone. I had no friends and nobody noticed me.

But he was a real mystery to me.

He was surrounded by people all the time but I had never seen him smile or talk. He was just quiet.

Maybe he was mute.

For some reason… I despised him. Maybe that was the reason why I looked over to him at times and I felt my face, surprisingly, turning into harsh a frown.

The reason I hated him, maybe, was because of his ungratefulness to God. I had nobody but Him. Yet he had so many people around him and yet he still brushed them away like dirt.

It made me feel angry.

I would have given away everything to have someone come over to me in lunch and eat with me. Even if she or he wouldn't be of the best nature.

There was reason why I was always left alone.

Yet he did not.

He was perfect in every sense. He was rich, he had looks, he had grades, he was excellent in sports and everybody died to be with him.

But I, on the other hand, was like a black ink smeared on a white shining surface. I had no looks and this I knew quite well. If I said I looked good… that would actually be a part of self pity… so I KNEW that I didn't have any looks. I had WHITE eyes and I was the clumsiest person in the history of clumsiest persons.

I had no friends because I was shy and unconfident to make them.

And I don't think so they even knew about my status and wealth.

Yet… that was the reason I despised Uchiha Sasuke. I had never talked to him or even LOOKED at him for another reason except to show my hatred towards him.

And I knew, as my teacher lectured about Velocity graphs, from the bottom of my heart, that he absolutely had no idea that I existed in the very same classroom as him and hated him more than a thousand suns combined.


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