Blossoming Burnt Petals

By Ayesha Raees

Chapter Thirty
Standing Up

And sometimes, you need to
come between colliding worlds
Rather than runaway
with tears your own
Blame is your own

It was an epiphany, nothing else nothing more. I didn't know what I was going to do, I didn't have anything planned but recently, I realized one thing; jumping in sometimes was better than planning out. Plans carefully constructed resulted in never working out and instant depression. Instant depression was something I did not want anymore.

There is always opportunity; we just have to embrace it in any of the chances it chooses to present itself best.

Opportunity came then. It was a yell and a sudden scream. Naruto and Sakura stopped talking, as though hearing it too. We both stared at each other in confusion. There was a yell and the floor was vibrating.

"A…fight?" Naruto muttered, heaving himself up from the ground, "I will go see,"

Sakura got up too, her eyes brimming with curiosity and a kind of excitement, "I will come too," she stopped and looked down at me, "Come,"

She stretched her hand out and I stared at it, touched to the core. Sniffing in my over-powering emotions, I took it and she, powerfully, heaved me to my feat. I stood there feeling giddy in sudden happiness, in sudden feel of being in acquaintance. I felt my smile a little but it was overlooked by the both of them. Thankfully.

The yells grew louder as we went downstairs and in the corridor, there was a riot of teenagers running and exclaiming. In the rush, I stood still, like a deer with big eyes, as Naruto and Sakura broke into a run.

It came flashing but as a blur. A heart-attack but still alive. My breath came out in heavy pants and I stood frozen and still.

"He just attacked him!"

"The Hyuuga had it coming! That pompous brat!"

"I never thought Uchiha was this savage"

The voices. The dialogues. The constant exclamations. My eyes widened in shock.

"Do something. You have to do something"

"What do you want?"

"Do something!"

I broke into a run. The crowd around the two fighting guys parted naturally as though God parted a pair of red-curtains especially for me. There was a lot of light. There was a lot of life. I just ran forward.

Erm. Hello guys. *small scared face* I... had stopped writing. Honestly. I was just too busy. But today, at 4:00 AM, I wanted to write something so badly. So badly. And i decided to write this. I decided to stand up and continue doing things that makes me happy and take a break from the real world. I decided to write this fanfiction.

I have grown up. It has been a very long time. My writing style has changed. Maybe, better. Either way... I hope this was enjoyable for you. :) More updates, yes, soon.