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Chapter two - Team Seven

Sakura woke up after a nice cat nap and stretched her body like a cat by sticking her butt in the air and pushing her arms forward. She yawned and looked outside her window, she noticed that it was about time for her to get ready for school. Nightmare was on the ground staring at her twitching his tail back and forth.

She looked at him with her cat eyes and she broke out in to a wicked smile. She got up and went straight to her closet. She frowned when everything she saw was either pink or too girly for her taste. Then she smiled again and stretched her hand to the back of her closet and pull out any old box.

She put it on her bed, Nightmare jumped beside it and read the word on it, 'In case of an emergency,' he read out loud he shook his head and turned towards her, watching what she was going to do next.

"You know what?" she looked at him with her wicked smile, "It's time Sakura Haruno became her own woman...a cat woman," her voice just screamed sex appeal. Nightmare had to admit she was the perfect cat woman by the way her attitude was adjusting to her cat instincts.

She opened the box and purred when she saw the outfit, she promised to herself she wasn't going to ware that outfit until Sasuke asked her out but as you see there was a change in plans.

The outfit she put on was a short black dress with a low cut V showing a bit of cleavages - the low cut V had fish net covering that are - she put on some fish net shorts under it. She put on leather black gloves that reached her elbow and they had sharp diamond claws on top of the fingers. Instead of ninja shoes that she would usually wear she put on four inch sexy high heels. She walked up to her full body mirror and looked at herself making sure she looked like a real cat woman.

She noticed her body was fuller - more toned, muscular - then before, she had all the right curves then before. Her breast size seemed to grow out one full size and stuck out more then before for sure. She turned her body around and looked at her butt to see that if it also changed, it was. It was more fuller and seemed to scream 'grab me' right on the spot.

She looked over her body one last time and felt there was something missing, she walked back up to her bed and looked into the box looking for something. Nightmare was observing her closely, he really liked the outfit she was wearing.

She pulled out a black choker that had a bell on it, it jingled as she put it on her neck. She walked back to the mirror and did a sexy pose, "Now that the outfit is done let do something about my boring hair," she pouted cutely when she looked at how her hair was straight and boring it was.

Sakura started to mess up her hair making it wild and sexy. She purred when she looked at herself in the mirror, she looked hot and untamed just the way she liked it. "Hmmm...what am I missing here?" she asked herself.

Nightmare knew right away what she was missing, he jumped from her bed and jumped onto a near by desk. He grabbed what she was missing with his mouth and jumped to Sakura's leg. He rubbed his body against her leg to get her attention. She turned to him and smile brightly when she knew what she was missing, "My headband that was what I was missing! Thank you Nightmare!"

Nightmare nodded his head when she took the headband from his mouth. She wrapped her head band in it usual place it was in yesterday. She looked at herself once again, Nightmare jumped to her window and opened it up by pushing it forward with his body.

'Sakura it is time for me to leave you now,' he said as he got ready to jump. Sakura jerked her head to his direction,

"What ?! Why!?" she yelled at him, her eye showing panic, she didn't what the only person who could understand her go.

Nightmare sighed, 'You are a cat woman. You don't need anyone to tell you what path you must chose. That my child is up to you.' Nightmare turned to her, 'Remember cat women live a life untamed and free of fear live it to the fullest,' he said as he jumped out of the window.

Sakura ran up to the window to stop him only to see he disappeared from sight again. She sighed for a moment but then she grinned,

"Hmmm...I guess that means I have to open my own path then...What a purrrrfect idea," she crouched down when she stepped on the window frame and jumped off landing on a near by building. "Lets have some fun this morning," she started jumping from building to building with inhuman reflexes.

She saw a familiar building and decide to stop by there for a bit of excitement. She landed on top of the door frame waiting for the person to walk out. The door opened and Ino came walking out with her usual outfit.

"Hello Ino-pig," Sakura purred it out. Ino jumped and shrieked from the surprise of hearing someone voice in the morning. Sakura laughed, "Man Ino-pig I don't want you to have a heart attack just yet or all my fun would be ruined." she pouted.

Ino turned herself to Sakura's direction ready to yell or glare at her but was shocked to see Sakura so...Different. "Hey forehead what happened to you? If this is a trick for Sasuke to fall for you think again!" Ino pointed at her glaring at her with hate.

She smiled wickedly, "Oh if only looks could kill." she was clearly teasing Ino, she crouched down and jumped down from the building next to Ino, "Oh and by the way Sasuke isn't worth my time now," she started walking towards the school.

Ino was stunned for a moment and started to run up next to Sakura, "What do you mean!" she yelled as Sakura winced. Her hearing was very strong now and Ino was going to make her deaf if she continued to yell this loud.

"Please Ino-pig be more quiet," Sakura said as she winked at a near by guy who was giving her looks the guy fainted on the spot, Ino glared at her, "Plus why would I go after someone who wouldn't even look at me twice." Ino never really thought of it that way before, "So as you can see I've moved on," Sakura for once had a serious expression on her face.

After that Ino and Sakura walked in silence, Ino had admit she was jealous of Sakura because of all the looks she was getting from man and how some of them were trying to get her attention but failing badly. She try's so hard just to look beautiful but here Sakura was all sexy and she doesn't seem to care, she just hopes that Sasuke wouldn't fall for her charm.

They both finally arrived at school, Ino raced to the classroom quickly while Sakura took her sweet time to get there. Once there she was greeted with the sight of Naruto on Sasuke's desk and them having a glaring contest. She then noticed if Naruto didn't move the person behind him would push him in to Sasuke but she smiled Scandalously and decide to join the show.

She started walking towards them while swaying her hips back and forth, she didn't really care that all of her class boys population was looking at her besides Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke's fan girls were surrounding the table yelling at Naruto to back off their 'poor' Sasuke.

"Hey Naruto," Sakura said. Naruto stopped glaring at Sasuke and turned to her and lets say he had a bad nose bleed that made him fall from the desk side ways. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Naruto and turned towards Sakura. Sasuke's eyes widened and now he could see why he had a nose bleed...Sakura was hot...Sasuke mentally slapped himself and went back to his cold image.

Sakura giggled at this she never saw Sasuke lose his cool before so she made a mental note to do that again. She turned away from the scene and took her seat by Shikamaru who was 'surprisingly' asleep. She noticed Choji has stopped eating his chip and looked at her his mouth wide open, she waved at him and batted her eyelashes. Choji blushed and started to eat his chips again, she laughed again.

Shikamaru groaned, "What's with all the noi- Sakura?" Shikamaru was shocked to see her so...so..so...sexy. "What happened to you?" She smiled and rolled her eyes,

"A lot of people keep on asking me that question," she put her head on her desk and stretched out her arms unnoticed by her she was purring.

"Sakura? Are you purring?" He asked as his eyebrows shot up his forehead. She was about to answer that but Iruka walked inside the room and everyone quickly went to their seat waiting for Iruka's instructions.

He looked around the classroom and saw Naruto on the ground with blood coving his body. Iruka's eyebrow twitched and he walked up to him, "Naruto you idiot wake up and go to your seat!" he yelled as Naruto jumped up immediately and ran to his seat in front of Sakura.

Iruka huffed and walked back in front of the class, "Okay everyone I will be assigning you into squads of three," many of the students moaned from disappointment and some of Sasuke's fan girls were beaming because they believed that they will be on his squad. "I will start to announce the squads," he took out a piece of paper, he started to read the names out loud.

Naruto turned around to look at Sakura, he grinned, "Wow Sakura you look good, believe it" he gave her a thumbs up.

She smiled at him sweetly, "Thanks Naruto," her cat eyes looked at him closely. Naruto blushed and stuttered,

"You-yo-your we-welcome," he turned forward to try and hide his blush. Sakura clearly saw it and she felt eyes on her and looked to see Hinata looking at them. Hinata saw that she was caught and turned her body forward blushing madly. She smile, "I guess a little match making should be a little interesting," she whispered to herself.

"Sakura Haruno!" Iruka called out her name, Sakura turned forward to listen to who's team she was on, "Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto jumped from his chair with his arms sky rocked to the air. She laughed lightly she loved Naruto's childish attitude. "And Sasuke Uchiha!" Naruto slammed his face on the desk.

"What!" Naruto yelled, "Why put me on a team with Sasuke, believe it?!" Iruka looked irritated and just blew up,

"Because Naruto, Sasuke has the highest scores while you have the lowest scores. We have to equal out the teams so you have no choice but to be his team mate." Iruka smirked when Naruto dropped his head in defeat.

"Just don't get in my way loser," Sasuke said in his usual cool manner. Naruto jerked his head up,

"What was that bastard!" he yelled pointing his finger at him.

"Now now Naruto be nice," Sakura said in a teasing manner that left Naruto blushing and if you looked closely at Sasuke he had a hint of red on his cheeks. Ino noticed this and glared at Sakura with all her hatred, 'Why is Sasuke now starting to notice her! why? why? WHY?!' she yelled in her mind.

Iruka cleared his throat to get everyone's attention, "Okay after lunch you will get to meet your new sensai." The bell rang everyone got up and left their seats except Sakura who decide to jump out the window instead.

Sakura wanted to take a cat nap, so she stretched herself on a tree branch like a cat, unknown to her a pair of oxyn eyes were looking at her with interest. Thirty minutes pasted and the bell rang again but she ignored it and just watched the classroom fill up with her class mates since the tree she was on was next to her classroom.

Little by little students in pairs of three left the classroom with their new sensai. Sakura watched as Naruto and Sasuke were the only ones left in the classroom even Iruka left the room. She sighed and jumped back inside the classroom to hear Naruto argue with Sasuke about a stupid thing.

"You know Naruto, Your a lot cuter when your quite," she said as Naruto chocked on his own spit and then he became silent while blushing again. Sasuke's eyebrows twitched he turned his head away trying not to show his emotions. Then the door finally opened to show a man in his early twenties and silver hair but what caught her interest was the mask that cover his mouth and nose and how his headband covered one of his eyes. 'Ohhh..what do we have here what is under that mask?' she asked herself, a cat just loved to play before they attach.

"Yo. Sorry I'm late," he closed his eye and rubbed the back of his head in a lazy manner, "Meet you guys up top," he pointed up and disappeared with a poof.

"Wow are sensai seems fun," Sakura said sarcastically as she left the classroom with Naruto and Sasuke close behind her. They reached the roof and saw their sensai seating on a rail waiting for them.

"Take a seat and tell me about yourselves," he said shrugging his shoulders.

Sakura seat down on the concrete stairs between Sasuke and Naruto. "What should we say sensai?" Naruto asked.

He put his thumb under his chin, "Hmmm...your name, hobbies, likes, dislikes and a dream for the future," he looked at his students, "I'll go first so you get the idea. My name is Kakashi Hatake. I have hobbies. I like a lot of things and dislike a lot of things. As for my dreams for my future..I never thought about it before. Okay lets start with Blondie over here," he pointed at Naruto. Everyone just looked at him weirdly, 'Well that was a waste of time,' Sakura purred in her head.

Naruto broke out in to a grin, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. My hobbies are comparing ramen flavors. My likes are ramen, Sakura, and training. My dislikes are Sasuke and waiting three minutes for ramen to cook. And my dream for the future is to be the greatest Hokage so everyone with start respecting me! Believe it!" he yelled playing with his head band.

Kakashi's eyes widened a bit, 'He grew up in an interesting way,' he tuned to Sasuke, "Your turn,"

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. My hobbies are training. I don't like many things and I dislike many things. My dreams for the future I will make into a realty I will kill a certain man and restore my clan." he said in a dark voice. Naruto moved away from him with sweat on his temple.

Kakashi just looked at him blankly, "Okay lastly Pinky," Sakura hissed at that name her hair was stood up with her eyes glaring at him. Kakashi's eyes widened a bit because this was expected from her.

She growled like a feline, "My name is Sakura Haruno," she switched to a wicked smile, "My hobbies are sleeping and playing around with people. My likes are fish, yearn, and cats. My dislikes are dogs, water, and being told what to do. As for my dreams for the future, " all the boys gave their attention to her, "Is to make my own path and find out who I really am," she purred.

Kakashi looked at her, 'She's like a cat by the way she acts.' Kakashi stood up, "Okay your all unique and have your own dreams that's good." He turned from them. "Tomorrow you have your fist mission."

Naruto stood up, "Really what kind!" he yelled getting excited. Kakashi looked at him,

"A survival mission but not just any ordinary survival mission if you fail your going back to them academy. Oh and remember to not eat breakfast or you'll puke," Kakashi poof away leaving them to their thoughts.

"What the hell!" Naruto yelled. Sakura looked amused at him,

"Soooo...That means that tomorrow will be the purrrrfect day," she said. Both of the boys had shivers sent down their back as they watched her jumped from the roof.

"Man she's hot!" Naruto said blushing slightly. Sasuke got up and stuffed his fist in his pockets,

"Hn," Sasuke said as he left.

"Hmmmm...Tomorrow was really going to be a fun day...mmeeeoooowww," Sakura said as she landed on a tree branch and broke out laughing.

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