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Chapter One: Discovering the truth

Hermione was looking through a box that was labeled that said" Hermione's birth records".' What could that mean?' She opened the box and started looking through the papers. When she found a envelop. She noticed that it had said "Hermione Lupin"

"What the heck?" Hermione said as she opened the letter.

Dear Hermione,

If your reading this letter then i'm no longer with you and your with an adopted parents and your biological father is Remus John lupin and i have been keep you from him because i didn't want you anywhere near him. I have hated you from the moment i found out i was pregnant with you. if you had been a boy then i would have love dearly. Well to get to the get to point apparently the glamer charm i will come off after your finished reading this letter.


Carmen Black Lupin

Hermione went to look in the mirrior and saw that she had sandy blond hair with percing blue eyes"WHA?!!!" she screamed. " Wow i look like a female version of Lupin."She said and then realized." I'm a Marauder's daughter."She called out for her mother and father.

" Mom, Dad, what is going on with me?" Hermione asked.

" Well Hermione. What we should have told you along time ago. But your adopted and we never knew who your mother was." Her adopted mother said as she looked like she's about to cry.

"Mom it doesn't matter if your my real mother or adopted mother. As far as i can see your my real mother." Hermione said." I'm going to see Remus and the others."

All of a sudden deatheaters came swarming in."Hermione get out of here now!!!!" Her adopted father yelled.

The deatheaters went to grab Hermione but she ran to the fire place and got some floo powder."Number Twelve Grimmauld Place!"