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Chapter Three:Talking With Hermione

The next morning Hermione and the others woke up early. They began to talk about all that had happen. With Hermione crying and shacking like a what seemed like an eternity Hermione stopped crying and some what shacking. They finished talking about it.

They suddenly heard someone at the fire place so they went to the living room and saw that it was Harry Potter. Hermione rushed over and helped him up and Remus cleaned him up.

Harry then looked at the female that had helped him and said," Thank you. I don't mean to be rude but who are you?"

" Oh well we lets sit down and then we'll explain to you everything." Hermione said as they went to sit on the couch. It to about an hour to explain every thing and when it was all said and done. Harry looked like a deer in the head light. He quickly recovered from it and then pulled Hermione into a hug. Hermione gave a small smile glade that Harry hadn't rejected her. when he pulled back from the hug and said," Well 'Moine looks like I'm not the only Marauder's kid and your also the niece of another Marauder too."

Hermione gave a small giggle and said," Yup but how are we going to tell everyone. What if they reject me and say that.." Before she could finish what she was saying Harry cut her off saying that if they did that then they would have to leave and not talk to them again. That they would better off with out the other then.

Remus and Sirius nodded they're agreement and said that it would be fine.

Remus wrote a letter to the others and sent it to them. Within 15 minutes the Weasleys and other order members appeared.

Ginny Pov:

'Who is that bitch sitting next to my Harry.' Ginny thought as she started to turn red in the face."Harry, Who is this little bitch that sitting next to you Hm." She asked as she began to glare at Hermione.

'Well this is never going to change.'Harry thought as he answered her," Ginny i broke up with you months ago when i found out you cheated on me with Dean."

The other weasley's looked at Ginny with a lot of anger. Fred was the first to talk," Ginny, that is not the way Mom and Dad raised us and you know it." The others nodded their heads in agreement.

"Oh and Ginny, the girl your glaring at is Hermione. She also the daughter of Remus Lupin and is the niece of Sirius Black." Harry added in with a loving look at Hermione who blushed.

"What? That has to be lie. Lupin was never with anyone."Ginny sneered

"That would be were your wrong." Sirius interuped and continued," Moony here was with my twin sister Carman and aparently my sister hid Hermione because she hated the fact she was a sister alway wanted to be the center of attention."

"I don't care i want her to stay away from MY Harry." Ginny sneered possessively.

Harry sighed," Ginny i don't like at all right know because you cheated and the fact you've always hated Hermione for the fact she was always closer to me."

"Your just as bad as my sister and as of right know if your going to behave this way towards my niece then you going to have to leave." Sirius said. Remus nodded and then added,"If there is anyone who agrees with her then you can also leave. Because I will not allow any one come in between me and my daughter and that means everyone of you."

"That was well said Moony my old friend." A voice came from out of nowhere. When they looked in the direction that the voice came from they saw that it was James and Lily Potter.

At first they couldn't believe it. So they decided to test it.

"James what was the one thing that I feared most?" Remus asked.

"That the one day if you ever had kids they would reject you and it looks like that will never happen. Because she loves you very much." Both James and Lily answered together.

"This so touching but can we get back to what were talking about." Ginny said ruining the moment.

The others looked at her in disbelief. Her brothers grabbed her and left but not before saying they were happy about very thing that happened except how Ginny acted. The other Weasleys followed.

Minerva was the first to say," Welcome back Lily and James. And Hermione I'm so glade your a live and with us now. But wish you could have been with us from the beginning. The others nodded.

Albus then asked," Hermione are you going to stay with Granger as you name or go with Lupin as your last name."

"I think that I'll change my full name to Hermione Jane Black Granger Lupin but for short Hermione Lupin."Hermione smiled.

The others smiled and nodded at that.

Sirius then asked," Why you keep Black in as one of your last names?"

"Because your my uncle and I may not like my mother but I love you very dearly uncle Sirius." Hermione said as she was suddenly pulled into a tight hug.

" Well i love you too sweety." Sirius said."Guys we need to go to the minstry of magic to let them know your alive.

They nodded in agreement and left for the minstry.

End of Chapter Three

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