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Full summery: Fluffy Truman is a toothless half bald rabbit, so intelligent that he can tie his own shoelaces- and other people's as well! What of Fluffy Truman you ask? This is the story where a certain sort of famous wizard, a nose less clown, and a tennis shoe without laces meets Fluffy Truman. Of course, with meeting Fluffy Truman, they are all (the wizard, clown, and clearance shelf reject) elevated to a higher existence. We just hope this can happen to you too.

Fluffy Truman, a misunderstood, half-bald, toothless rabbit stood- or really sat- outside in the rain. Poor Fluffy Truman. (At this point we feel we need to inform you that yes, we feel the need to call him Fluffy Truman rather than just Fluffy. Or Truman. Live with it suckers! We control this! Even if it is the last thing we do, no one may ever call Fluffy Truman just Fluffy! It just ruins his self-awareness therapy!)

Fluffy Truman was wallowing in his own self pitty, he had come all the way from Paris on the back of a motorboat sales man's car. Or maybe on the back of the motorboat sales man, he wasn't really sure. But what he was sure of, was that either the car- or the salesman- smelled. Like fish. Maybe the sales man was from- no; let's not go there.

He scratched his head. He had left Paris after the huge scandal where the press had found out about his baldness. He knew that he couldn't hide under the pink hair suit, and its warranty had long worn off. Stupid "It'll look natural!" tag. Of course, he still thought bunny suits were cruel.

Fluffy Truman suddenly saw his chance to escape from his self-pity. As he sat on the sidewalk in the rain, he saw a cloaked figure appear through the mist. He heard the figure speaking to something- maybe talking to itself.

"No! This will not do! I need all of my photographs by this Sunday! My adoring fans will not wait to see all of magical me!"

Fluffy Truman only then saw his face! EWMYGOUD! He was, like, a freaking god! Holy crap! When had Privet Drive become Mount Olympus? What kind of name was Olympus? Forget Olympus, what kind of name was Privet? What does "Drive" mean anyway? … Let's move on…

Fluffy Truman was amazed by his luck. Fluffy Truman leaped out onto the middle of the sidewalk into the god-man's path. The cloaked figure walked along talking to himself until his came to the place where Fluffy Truman stood.

"Hello little bunny!!!!" the figure said to Fluffy Truman. Fluffy Truman almost fainted in delight! The god-man had spoken to him- Fluffy Truman- in person! "Awww! Look at the cute little bunny! Do you want a signed photograph too?" The man looked at Fluffy Truman in a way as if he expected him to talk back- so Fluffy Truman did.

"Pardon me sir- but aren't signed photos rather fattening? I'm on a diet and I would just like to know how many fat calories are in a "signed photo". Weight watchers have been helping me loose weight and it has been working out so well! I can't stop now!" Fluffy Truman informed him.

"Silly rabbit!" the cloaked man replied- not at all bothered by the fact that a rabbit had just spoken to him. "Tricks are for kids!" This statement made Fluffy Truman very confused.

"No, my name isn't tricks," Fluffy Truman told the man. "My name is Fluffy Truman!"

The cloaked man wasn't a very good listener. It appeared that all he had heard was "I can't stop now!" And then decided to respond to that statement.

"I'm sorry about your marijuana problem. Do you want a signed photo?"

Fluffy Truman was aghast. "MARIJUANA IS A BAD WORD!" he yelled, and fainted to the ground in a puff of imaginary smoke.

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