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FULL PLOT: What happens when the cocky jock (Randy), the popular cheerleader( Torrie), the pesky class clown(John), an obnoxious rebel(Jeff), a preppy rich girl (Melina), the school slut(Eve), a shy(Kelly), and the brain(Matt) stuck in Saturday detention? Will there be a whole bunch of CHAOS, or will these eight teens from eight different social groups find they have a lot more in common than they thought?

Chapter #1: Getting into trouble


In high school they are only three rules you must follow from your freshmen year to you senior year, in order to survive. Rule #1: Find your place. Coming into high school teens look to find the perfect friends to help them get through the school year, so come freshmen year you have to make the right decision, because no matter what happens you are stuck in the first group you choose. Rule #2: Know your place. It is against the "rules" to socialize with anyone other then those who are in you clique. Rule # 3: the most important rule of all STAY IN YOU PLACE. You can't switch social groups throughout high school, that's why ninth grade is very crucial for some of those kids that come in confused; if you start with them you must finish with them.

Being a teenager we look at high school as a way to define ourselves. There are so many different cliques to choose from. You can be a jock, or a rebel, or a popular cheerleader, book worms, brains, rockers, class clowns, sluts, preppy rich kids, a wannabe, a shy, a skateboarder, an outsider, a burnout, or an average, and tons more.

When entering high school it's up to you to determine what clique you want to be in and it is up to you to stay in. If anyone of any of the cliques were to ever collide…you're dead!

Well…It was never spoken that anyone ever tried to become friends with someone out of their social group. So no one really knows what would happen if different characters collided. And no one wants to know.

"I'm Torrie Wilson by the way" I am captain of the cheerleaders, making me apart of the popular cheerleader social group. One of the best groups to be in, in high school, because absolutely everyone worships the group you walk on. The worst part is I only get to date male cheerleaders. Most are fags but some a nice looking straight ones, that still aren't my type so I'm walking around single…for now. You would think the cheerleaders dated the jocks, but like rule #3 say "STAY IN YOU PLACE" and dating a jock for a cheerleader is not alowed.

I absolutely love having cliques and rules. It made me into the beautiful confident person I am today. It gives people a label to put on you, and the label people tend to use on me and the rest of my clique is…LEADERS!!! And we are….

Torrie walked the halls with her best friend Maria, who happens to be the co captain of the V.K.M High School cheerleading squad. Since it was Friday and they had a big game that night they wore their full uniform to school, like all cheerleaders do, day of the big game.

"So text all the girls and guys and tell them meet in the gym at exactly 4:00: Torrie told Maria. Torrie was top dog of the cheerleaders, everyone else were her puppets. Being captain she was the girl that was allowed to kick people out of her clique, so the other cheerleaders feared her.

Torrie entered Mr. Flair's Physics class. Unfortunately the whole class wasn't cheerleaders, so Torrie had to be very cautious, there was only two cheerleaders in the whole class, Torrie and Maria, so they were only allowed to work with each other, and lucky for Torrie, she made Maria do all the work.

"Good Morning students…" Mr. Flair smiled, but stopped when his eyes widened and mouth dropped seeing one of his students walk into the class

All eyes turned and saw what Mr. Flair was so heated about including Torrie "That's Melina…she's a prep…daddy's rich mommy's good lucking"

"Sorry I'm late…" Melina spoke with a smile. Melina was wearing a black mini skirt, with a nice silk halter top, and white knee boots to match.

"Where do you think you're going?" Mr. Flair asked Melina as the class stared on "

"To my seat" Melina answered

"No you aren't you're going to the principals office immediately" Mr. Flair ordered

Mr. Flair was the teacher every student hated, because one little mistake he's the one to always send you to the principals office, and make it seem bigger then it really is. He loves getting us into trouble.

"For what" Melina asked

Though everyone thinks preps are these rich stuck up kids, they can be very feisty as well.

"Don't talk back to me…I warned you about the dress code, three times earlier this week and you still continue to break it…Principals office now" Mr. Flair spoke as he pointed to the door.

"Ugh…that's so not fair" Melina stomped as she stormed out of the class

Mr. Flair walked to the door and watched Melina walk towards the principals office "And don't try leaving again, because I'll alert Mr. McMahon right now to let him know you're on your way."

Melina turned and rolled her eyes at him, before flicking him off.

From a distance Mr. Flair saw another one of his students in the hall way. "Hey…you come here" Mr. Flair yelled down the hall, as the girl walked towards him.

Torrie stared "Her names' Kelly. She's your typical shy. At one point I thought she was mute, because she never talks, I noticed she barely talk to the people in her clique. She is such a goodie goodie.

"Aren't you suppose to be in here" Mr. Flair asked intimidating her

"Um…Yes sir" Kelly answered shyly

"Right….I thought so…Can you do me a favor and look at that clock up there and tell me what time it is" Mr. Flair asked

"Um…It's… 9:00… sir" Kelly stuttered

"Right…and what time does my class start" he continued to yell at her

"8:30" she answered

"So if I didn't know better I'd say you were skipping my class…right or wrong"

"Wrong" Kelly started to cry "I was just late coming…"

"Excuse me…did you just say I was wrong" Mr. Flair eyes widened

"Well…um" Kelly continued to stutter

"Well, you just go to the principal's office and tell him how wrong I am" Mr. Flair spoke as Kelly stared before slowly walking to the office.

"Now, back to today's class…as you know we have our final exam today…and on top of that I have a little announcement" Mr. Flair had the class full attention. "So the quicker you get done with the final the quicker you get to here my great news" Mr. Flair spoke with sarcasm

Mr. Flair spoke as he went down each row and passed out his exam. Now you know my rules, so no need for me to waste my precious breath and restate them. Torrie watched as Mr. Flair reached the last desk.

That's Eve…some are nice enough to say promiscuous…and others like me aren't afraid to say slut, whore, tramp, all the above.

When Mr. Flair sat an exam on Eve's desk, she grabbed his arm and smirked. "How about we forget this whole test, and you can give me an A for something else" Eve whispered as her cleavage began to show as she leaned forward.

Mr. Flair smiled "I have another idea" he said taking up her test "How about you go tell Mr. McMahon what you just told me" Mr. Flair smiled, as Eve rolled her eyes and left, the classroom,

"For the rest of you…you may began the test" Mr. Flair announced

Torrie took a deep breath and flip her test over and started. "What the hell" Torrie thought, though she wasn't surprise Mr. Flair test were always hard. Torrie looked around her trying not to make it obvious. Her eyes widened as she saw the brain and the jock communicating.

The tall one with the nice body and blue eyes, is Randy Orton, he's a jock. Football, basketball, baseball, swimming, you name it he does it. Too bad he doesn't have the same smarts in school as he does in sports. "Can you say dumbass…because that's what he is"

The one with the dark long hair is Matt Hardy, "the brain", the kids a freaking genius he knows everything….He had the opportunity to skip two grade levels but didn't take it. He said he wants to experience each grade level. I think that's the dumbest thing he ever did.

"Come on kid let me see" Randy mouthed to Matt

Matt rolled his eyes "No…" he mouthed back

"Don't be such a geek" Randy whispered

"Leave me alone" Matt said aloud

"Mr. Hardy, and Mr. Orton" Mr. Flair smiled at the guilty two as Torrie quickly put her eyes back on her test. "Well…looks like we have two cheaters" he said standing in the middle of the two boys. "Do you know what prize cheaters get" Mr. Flair sarcastically replied

"No, what sir" Randy smiled back as Matt rolled his eyes at the jock's stupidity.

"A free round trip to the principal's office" Mr. Flair laughed grabbing the two boys by the collar and leading them outside his classroom, and slamming the door behind him.

"Now…anyone else…." Mr. Flair started but once again was interrupted, this time by a seem to be panicked girl that entered his class room

"Mr. Flair come quick…someone broke into your car" Torrie stared and watched Mr. Flair expression, she knew it wasn't true because usually it's a teacher's pet telling on people but this chick was a rebel… Candice Michelle.

Mr. Flair quickly ran out of the classroom and to the aid of his car. As he ran down the hall, Torrie watched another rebel enter the room…

Jeff Hardy, brother to Matt Hardy. Which people still find hard to believe, including me. Though they're brothers, the barely talk, I don't know if they talk at home but from the looks of it, they have nothing in common, so I don't see what'd they have to talk about. Jeff is a hardcore badass, fear nothing or nobody. Besides the class clowns, his crew is the only crew that practically lives in the principal's office.

"Come on Jeff he's coming" Candice said, seeing Mr. Flair on his way back in the building before taking off.

The other students in the class just stared, people were too scared to say anything, because Jeff was head of the crew nobody wanted to fuck with, including me.

"Wait, I can't find the answer key" Jeff continued to look not realizing that Candice had left

"That little liar…Wait till I find…." Mr. Flair went back into his class out of breath from the running. When entering, his classroom every student immediately paced their eyes back on their test.

Jeff froze hearing the man's voice

Mr. Flair looked at Jeff as he stood guilty behind his desk

"Mr. Hardy…can I help you" Mr. Flair asked folding his arms

"Ummm…nope" Jeff said as he tried to exit but Mr. Flair grabbed his shirt

"Not so fast…I suppose you're looking for this" Mr. Flair spoke pulling out a folded sheet of paper from his pocket that read answer key

"Uh…no I'm not…what makes you think that" Jeff asked

"Because, you've tried this little trick with me many times before and I finally caught you" Mr. Flair smiled

"Yep, and I'm sorry sir" Jeff said "So just send me to the principals office and I'll be on my way" Jeff smirked thinking he was going to run for it when he dismiss him, but somehow knew Mr. Flair knew better

"Not so fast…I think I'll walk you down there myself" Mr. Flair smiled as he walked Jeff to the principals' office.

Torrie stared around her and then at the clock which read 10:00, and knew they got out of class at 10:15, so she had 10 minutes to answer 45 questions so she got to work since Mr. Flair always collected the test 5 minutes before the end of the class period.

10 minutes passed. Mr. Flair was at his desk filling out forms before he yelled "Times up"

Mr. Flair went down each row collecting the exams. "Now for my announcement" he said as the whole classed rolled their eyes.

"We have the annual science fair coming up, and normally I'd let everyone choose their own partners but today, I'm going to choose"

The whole class gasps, at the thought of being paired up with someone outside their social group.

Mr. Flair picked up a hat with paper in it ad showed the class "In this hat there are all of the ladies name. Each guy will pull a name. The girl you pull is the one you will be assigned to work with.

Torrie's heart dropped, she knew she would be paired with someone outside her clique, because the only cheerleader in her class was Maria.

"Yo teach..." Torrie rolled her eyes at the sight of the most obnoxious guy in school… John Cena

"Yes Mr. Cena" Mr. Flair prepared himself for a smart remark

"This whole fair thing…um…yeah…I'm not doing it so do I have to pull a name" John asked

Torrie stared at him with a very annoyed look "That's John Cena…he's considered to be a class clown…I think he's just very annoying"

"Mr. Cena…this project is half of your grade, if you don't do it you will fail…You being a senior that wouldn't be a smart thing to do" Mr. Flair told John

"Yeah…whatever…. if I fail this year I'd become a drug addict like you son" John smirked as three people from his crew that was in his class laughed

"That's it Mr. Cena…Go to the principal office now" Mr. Flair yelled, as John got u without a fuss

"Surprise, his smart ass doesn't have anything else to say" Torrie whispered to Maria who smirked

"Yo cheerleader…you got something you want to say out loud" Layla spoke towards Torrie. Layla was also a class clown, so she took up for John who had left.

"Yeah I do…stop talking to me" Torrie shot back

"You wanna take this outside" Layla stood up

"Ladies that's enough" Mr. Flair tried to stop the chaos

"Who needs to go outside" Torrie stood face to face with Layla before slapping her in the face

"THAT'S IT" Mr. Flair yelled "Ms. Wilson…the principal will be alert of your arrival as well" Mr. Flair told a shocked Torrie as he pointed towards the door

"But, that's not fair she started it" Torrie objected

"And being a "leader" it's up to you to stop it…so go" Mr. Flair told Torrie as Layla smirked

Torrie rolled her eyes and grabbed her things as she headed to the principals office

"I suggest you sit down, and get to work, or you'll be next" Mr. Flair told Layla, who sat down, as Maria rolled her eyes.

Back at Mr. McMahon's office:

"This is an outrage" Mr. McMahon paced back and forward in his office, as all eight students sat in the chairs side by side and stared at him, and gave rude looks to one another. "It isn't 2 period yet, and I already have Torrie Wilson, John Cena, Randy Orton, Kelly Blank, Melina Perez, Jeff Hardy, Eve Torres, and surprisingly Matt Hardy in my office." Mr. McMahon finished

"With all do respect sir, you can see we were all sent here at the hands of the same teacher meaning its him and not us" Torrie spoke as Mr. McMahon stared

"Cheerleader has a point boss" John mocked, as everyone stared at him

"You little trouble makers want me to believe, your getting in trouble is all on Mr. Flair." Mr. McMahon spoke "…Please! Mr. Flair has been one of my best teachers for over three decades, he would never get a student in trouble on purpose" Mr. McMahon objected

"Please…"Jeff spoke "He is such a fucking baby" he let file language slip out

"I agree" John spoke up as well

Mr. McMahon smiled "I love your honesty, Mr. Hardy and Mr. Cena" Mr. McMahon said, as all the other student stared at him in shock "I love it so much, that I am going to give you two guys three Saturdays instead of the one I'm giving everyone else" Mr. McMahon said catching everyone's attention

"Saturday" Jeff and John asked with confusion in unison

"All eight of you have Saturday Detention tomorrow" Mr. McMahon spoke "You don't show up, I will give you a three weeks suspension so choose what you are going to do wisely"

"That's so unfair…this isn't our fault" the rambling between the teen went on

"Another Saturday added to each of you" Mr. McMahon smirked as all the teen decided to be quiet "So Jeff and John you have a whole four weeks which is practically a month, and the rest of you Torrie, Melina, Randy, Eve, Kelly, and Matt, you all have three Saturday's." McMahon finished "You're dismissed…."

This sucks, Saturday is the only day for us teens to hangout with out doing in school work, which we save for Monday thru Friday and late night homework on Sunday…. Torrie pouted, and continued her inner thoughts Hmmm!!1…and this is the Saturday I was going to use to audition choreographers to choreograph our competition routine…Ugh! And the icing on the cake is…none of the other seven students that are going to be there is in my clique or any of each others cliques…THIS SATURDAY IS GOING TO SUCK!

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