Chapter 6: The Real Me Part 1

The rebel Jeff Hardy and the prep Melina Perez walked around the school talking and laughing.

"This is crazy" Jeff replied

"What is?" Melina asked curiously

"That the two of us are actually having a good conversation, no arguing, no hatred, just a simple casual conversation"

"I know it is crazy" she agreed "Never knew I would have this much in common with you, let alone anything in common with you"

"Same here. Our school, and these stupid rules all of us are missing out on meeting some new people we might actually like" Jeff replied as the two walked into the stair case.

Melina sat on the step as Jeff balance his end on the rail.

"I don't know if you will take this the wrong way Hardy but you don't seem so bad"

"I never said I was" Jeff shrugged

"But everyone else thinks you are"

"You can't believe everything you here Perez"

"So how did you get this bad boy title then?" she asked giving him her undivided attention "I know it just didn't pop up, it has to be a story behind it."

Jeff sighed and stared "My eighth grade year I got into some trouble"

"That's a little vague, you mind elaborating?"

Jeff stared at her and nodded "From the time I was in fifth grade to the eighth grade I was bullied horrifically." Jeff admitted "I was always small, I wore hand me downs, I wore the color black a lot, and I got hell for it. So one night me and a couple of friends got into this big brawl in the park, of course it started off with this asshole who felt he needed to impress his friends or as I would call them his 'followers' by making fun of me and my friends and I don't know something in me snapped that night, I was fed up with being their personal piñata so we got into a fight and…. I pulled a pocket knife out on him and stabbed him"

Melina's eyes widened

"No worries he survived and I spend two years in a juvenile delinquent center. I came out with a new attitude because I knew that wasn't a place I belonged, but everyone else around me then saw me as trouble, or 'the rebel'. And that was a name that has been stuck with me sense. I don't think anyone in this school will ever know the real me…"

"Looks like I do now" Melina smiled, as Jeff smiled back…

"Torrie would you slow down" John said still trying to catch up to the cheerleader from when she stormed away from him earlier.

"No!" Torrie shot "I don't even know why I came with you, you can never take anything serious, you play around too much, and we hate each other so why do I even try to be nice?"

"That was your nice side?" he joked "Damn, I would hate to see your mean side then"

Torrie stopped and stared at him in disbelief "See what I mean? You just proved my point!"

John sighed and rolled his eyes

"Why do you always have to make a joke out of everything? I bet there isn't one serious bone in your body"

"Who are you to tell me that?" John replied "You don't know me. We've been attending the same school for four years and this is your first time ever talking to me"

"The cliques Cena!"

"Fuck the cliques!" he replied "I bet I have more in common with you than the people that are in your actual social group"

"What makes you think that?" Torrie asked folding her arms

"Because we are two of a kind. I may be a clown but I'm no idiot. I see how you shut people down, and look down upon them. It's because you are insecure of yourself"

Torrie's eyes shot open "Excuse me!"

"You heard me! And the reason I make jokes and try to be the center of attention is to hide my insecurities" he admitted as Torrie stared down "I need attention because between my mom and dad going through a bitter divorce and my brothers in their own little selfish world, I need and enjoy the attention I get here; even if it's negative, it's something!"

Torrie stared at him as she could kind of relate "Ever heard the saying 'I laugh to keep from crying?'" she asked softly

"Story of my life" he nodded

Eve stared at Matt as he read his textbook.

"I don't get it Hardy, you have a hot chick in front of you and you'd rather read" she chuckled

Matt chuckled lightly "Sorry" he replied closing a his book

"I bet your parents had you reading and shit at an early age" she smiled "That's why you're so smart"

"Not really, I chose to be this way"

"You chose to be a nerd?"

Matt glared

"Sorry that came out wrong" Eve replied, as Matt nodded understanding where she was coming from.

"Believe it or not Eve I actually use to be normal, I like sports and girls and stuff like that for awhile"

"What happened?" Eve asked

"I chose the right path, after my brother chose the wrong path" he confessed

"What do you mean?"

"When my brother Jeff got into some trouble back then, my dad was devastated. The two years Jeff was in juvenile he spent every waken night crying and it bought a lot of flashbacks from when we lost our mom." He continued "I watched my dad go through so much pain over the years I told myself I'm going to do something to make him proud and happy for once. He is pretty serious about our education so I said I'm going to graduate not only at the top of my class but also get into one of those Ivy League schools"

Eve smiled "That's sweet"

"Yeah so far so good. I'm on the fast track to getting a full ride to Yale University, so he should be proud"

"I bet he is" she smiled touching his hand lightly "Wow!"


"The things you learn in Saturday detention" she joked as the two of them laughed

Matt shrugged "Everyone has a story, but unfortunately in this town not everyone gets to tell theirs"

"Guess we should consider ourselves lucky than…" Eve smiled as Matt nodded

Kelly stood outside of the boys' restroom waiting for Randy to come out.

"Ugh, Orton you've been in there for ten minutes" Kelly said through the thin door

Randy sighed as he finally came out "Happy? He said as the door closed behind him

"What the hell were you doing in there?'

"I had to do a mirror check"

"Oh yeah THE Randy Orton can't walk through the school halls looking a mess"

"Glad you understand"

"I was being sarcastic moron" Kelly shot

"Look some of us actually care about our looks"

"Randy we are in Saturday detention no one is here to see you!"

"Who's the selfish one now?" he said "In case you forgot there are six other people here with us"

"Six other people WHO DON'T CARE" Kelly replied

"How do you know they don't care about me?" Randy asked "What'd they say?"

"You are unbelievable!" Kelly said walking away

"Why do you continued to walk away from me?" he asked following her "This whole day I've been following your ass around"

"Well stop" she shrugged walking faster

"No because I want to know" he said stepping in front of her

"Know what exactly?" she replied as she stopped and looked up at him

"Why don't you like being around me anymore?"

Kelly sighed and rolled her eyes

"I'm still the same guy I was when we were kids" he told

Kelly laughed lightly in disbelief "You are not the same Randy Orton, I use to know"

"I am so!"

"The Randy I use to know never cared what others thought about him. He didn't use to need to always be the center of attention. And he was never a jerk" she shot folding her arms "But, you… the Randy I see today is all of that and more"

"That's because the Randy you knew had everything he'd ever wanted. I great home, best friend, the BEST father" he replied "Today, I have none of that."

"Poor you, the golden child with the rich daddy"

"The rich daddy that's never home!" he firmly replied "I live with a fucking maid, who doesn't even speak English. I have no one! Yet people like you seem to think I have everything!" he shot as Kelly stared at him "And as far as the attention I get from my peers in this school and people in this town for stuff I do and not what my dad do, then yes I will suck every bit of it up! I don't soak all this shit up because I'm 'arrogant' it's because I need it. I loved being told "Great job Champ" or "You're going to go far in life kid!" because those are the words I am suppose to here come from my father's mouth and I don't!" Randy lastly stated "But, hey! You know me better than I know myself right?" he sarcastically asked

"Guess not!" she softly said staring down

Randy nodded and started to walked away but turned to speak one last time: "You are the only one that knows that missing piece of my puzzle, so why don't you finish putting it together and give yourself and everyone else a better judgment of me"…

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